512 Trolley Cafe

first_imgThe 512 Trolley Cafe opens early in the morning to serve hot and cold espresso drinks and fruit smoothies to the Fort Jackson community. The 512 Trolley is next to Palmetto Greens Miniature Golf and the Solomon Center. It is open 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday (7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Family Days). The trolley was made especially for Fort Jackson and is fully equipped with restaurant-quality appliances. Customers can expect to find high-quality espresso-based drinks much like they would find in the big box and specialty coffee houses.last_img read more

Information, Tickets and Travel

first_imgDiscount tickets to amusement parks and local attractions are available. ITT is now inside the base exchange.Hours of operation: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.711 Vandenberg Ave., Bldg. 529Whiteman AFB, MO 65305Commercial 660-687-5618DSN 975-5618last_img

Fish and Game

first_imgA tour of duty at Malmstrom can be a memorable experience if you are an outdoor enthusiast.Elk hunting is found in the mountainous part of the state and Missouri River Breaks country. Early morning and late evening searches of open parks, slides, burned, logged and blown-down places are a good system of hunting. Logging roads traverse much of the timber country, but snow can choke many of them off early in the season.Mule deer and whitetail deer can be found throughout the entire state. Most of the foothill and slope areas along the mountains offer good mule deer hunting. Antelope are also found in much of the state, but competition for permits can be high. Licenses for hunting antelope are awarded through drawings.Since goats live in more precipitous terrain, the goat hunter should expect to do some climbing during the hunt. Bighorn sheep are scattered and hunter success has been quite low. Hunting is usually limited to rams with three-fourths curl horn.Grizzlies can be found in the western part of the state; however, it is illegal to hunt them. Black bear, however, have spring and fall hunting seasons. Black bear typically make their home in western and southern Montana.Hunting seasons for mountain, sage and sharp-tailed grouse are usually open concurrently in September. Mountain grouse hunting is found in most mountainous country. Many hunters use roads in the higher ridges and then work stream bottoms and ridges. Pheasant season usually begins in October. In general, the pheasant is found in greatest numbers along the stream bottoms and throughout irrigated valleys and bench lands below.Turkeys are not native to Montana but have become a fixture of Montana wildlife. Montana has a spring gobbler season and an either-sex fall season for Turkey.Two species of doves are legal to hunt in Montana: the mourning dove and the Eurasian collared-dove. Mourning doves are most common in the eastern two-thirds of the state where there are crop fields, scattered trees and a water source nearby. Mourning dove season opens Sept. 1. The Eurasian collared-dove is found throughout nearly all of Montana, but not many are shot by hunters as they tend to stay in towns. This dove may be hunted year-round.Duck and coot seasons typically begin in late September or early October. Montana is a significant duck “production state,” so there are a number of species of ducks present when the season opens. More common species include mallard, gadwall, pintail, wigeon, shoveler, and in some areas along creeks and rivers, wood duck. Blue-winged teal are common but are not typically in the state by the time the season opens. However, green-winged teal are available mid-season and some diving ducks (such as lesser scaup and redheads) may be found as well. At the season’s end, mallards and common goldeneyes are present. Duck hunting is allowed on portions of several national wildlife refuges and a few state wildlife areas.Canadian geese dominate Montana’s wild geese population and hunting opportunities are available just about anywhere in the state. Snow goose hunting, on the other hand, is mainly limited to Freezeout Lake Wildlife Management Area near Fairfield and other important wetlands along the East Front of the Rocky Mountains.Montana’s vast and beautiful outdoors provides fishing in abundance, not only in numbers, but also in variety. Miles of streams and rivers and thousands of lakes, ponds and reservoirs provide a wide variety of fishing. Brook, brown and rainbow trout are all found in the crystal-clear waters, along with northern pikeminnow, mountain whitefish and kokanee salmon, among others. All bull trout must be released immediately in Montana unless authorized. Cutthroat trout must be released immediately in many Montana waters; check district regulations and exceptions.For more hunting tips, regulations and licensing information, visit the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks website at http://fwp.mt.gov.last_img read more

New Fixie Porteur Project Bike from Fast Boy Cycles

first_imgWe didn’t steal all of Ezra’s thunder, there are a few more pics to drool over on his site, along with his explanation of the design. Check it out, and if you’re not sure what his Cancer comment was, listen to our podcast interview with Ezra for the scoop (Episode #2). 53cm center to center (but a high bb and relatively fat tires! so 31.5″ standover +/-)columbus spirit for lugs tubes (with s bend stays)custom stainless platform rackflashlight mountnitto 65 seat postnitto pearl stemsugino 75 cranksformula k18 hydraulic disc brakeopen pro rims laced to white industries hubsphil BBchris king headsetpanaracer ribmo tiresnitto promenade bars$3250 without saddle or pedals From Ezra, founder and builder of Fast Boy Cycles:Just writing you all a quick one to let you know about a few updates on the Fast Boy Cycles website.FIRST! There’s finally a new project bike.It’s a fixed gear porteur bike, complete with front platform rack and flashlight mount. The front end geometry is designed particularly to lessen the ill effects of having a bunch of weight over the front wheel. The back end is tight and quick with s-bend stays. It can fit tires up to 35mm. I’ve spent some time riding it over the summer, and it’s great! Best of all, it’s priced about $1250 under what I’d charge to build it for you, AND it’s ready to ship.NEXT! The site has been restructured a little to make the ordering info easier to find, and there are some new bikes up in the gallery.It was a good, busy summer. Being cancer-free and married is everything I’d hoped it would be!As always, feel free to email any time with questions or orders. I am afraid that I am STILL not offering bars, fenders, or racks on their own. I am so much more interested in the WHOLE bike than I am in the individual details. As long as I’ve got enough work building whole bikes to keep me busy, that’s how I’ll be spending my time. Hope you understand!Ride safe!All the best,EzraMore pics and specs on the project bike after the break…last_img read more

Dynamic Releases First-Ever Internal Geared Road Bike

first_imgPRESS RELEASE: Dynamic Bicycles, Inc. today introduced the Synergy – the world’s first drop bar road bike using a Shimano internal gear hub. Unlike any other road bike on the market, The Synergy combines Shimano’s Alfine 8-speed hub with the new Versa integrated shift-brake lever to create a lightweight bicycle that delivers the performance of a road bike with the inherent simplicity of internal gearing.Demand for Shimano internal gear hubs has been steadily rising the last few years. However, until now, internally geared bicycles have been limited to using flat or upright handlebars. The Synergy changes all this. With its drop bar design, it takes internally geared bicycles to a whole new level of performance and versatility.Patrick Perugini, president of Dynamic Bicycles comments, “There is currently no other bike like the Synergy on the market, and no bike has ever offered this level of performance using an internal gear hub. The Synergy offers fast, smooth shifting across a wide gear range, and very low maintenance. But most importantly, it’s a lot of fun to ride. It is an ideal bike for fitness riding, event rides or fast commuting.”The Synergy recently received glowing reviews from both BikeCommuters.com and BikeHugger.com. Jack Sweeney of BikeCommuters.com wrote, “The Synergy blends STI-style shifting and an internal gear hub into a sleek, road-worthy package that is capable of some real performance.” Mark Villegas of BikeHugger commented, “The Synergy is an honest performer, and I really think that this bike could be a hit.”With Shimano’s internal gearing, all the gears are tucked away inside the hub of the rear wheel, giving the bike an attractive, minimalist appearance, similar to a single speed or track-style bicycle. Using the Shimano 8-speed Alfine hub – Shimano’s most efficient internal hub – the Synergy offers a gear range equal to 95 percent of a compact double crankset, and 92 percent of a full triple crankset. To control the shifting, the Synergy uses the new Versa integrated shift-brake lever, the first drop bar road lever developed specifically for the Shimano hubs.The benefits of the Synergy’s internal gearing design are tremendous. Wither fewer external moving parts, the Synergy dramatically reduces maintenance and repair costs. It also simplifies shifting with a single shifter controlling the eight evenly spaced gears for smooth, consistent shifts that can be made at any time – while pedaling, coasting, or even at a complete stop.The Synergy weighs just 20 pounds, making it the lightest weight internally geared bike on the market today. It uses a 7005 Alloy frame, carbon fork and many high end components at a retail price of $1,399. The Synergy is available online direct from Dynamic Bicycles and through select retailers. Retailers interested in carrying the Dynamic Synergy can call 1-800-935-9553 for details.last_img read more

2009 Pinarello, Colnago Road Bikes at EuroBike

first_imgPinarello Prince in blue and carbon scheme (above) and the Colnago EPS, available in red/white/black and the metallic blue/white/black shown below.Want more coverage?  Point your peepers here: Bikeradar – Colnago and PinarelloCycling News – Offroad tidbitsEurobike – event website We can’t be everywhere yet, so we’ll take you to those that are.  BikeRadar has pics of the new 2009 Colnago and Pinarello road bikes.  The Pinarello Prince, shown above, is unchanged for ’09 other than a broader variety of color schemes including Valverde’s personal paint scheme, shown above.  All photos here are ©Ben Atkins from Cyclingnews.com.  Couple more pics in the “more” link, as well as links to other sites with some good EuroBike coverage.last_img read more

2011 American Classic Road Wheels, Hubs – All New Carbon Rims and Stronger Micro…

first_imgStarting at the center, the venerable Micro 58 front hub, which weighs in at just 58g, has been improved by moving material around the hubshell. The section between the end cap and flange has been beefed up, and the flange is a little thicker and stronger. Weight stays the same because material was only moved, not added. The new “wave” design enhances the bearing bore strength versus the original straight design.The new rims, which carry accross the Carbon Tubular 38, 58 and 85 and the Carbon Clincher 58 (all shown below),  are made for them in Taiwan entirely to AC’s spec and design. What makes them different is that the carbon layup is specified on the inside of the rim as well as the outside. The outside is your “basic” aero profile and is actually a stock design that you may see on other branded wheels,  but it’s what’s inside that counts.“We used house molds from a Taiwanese manufacturer, so on the outside they’ll look the same as some other wheels, and those designs are pretty well nailed down,” said Shook. “Inside, we created our own molds to control the shape and position of the spoke nipple bed put into a proprietary ring that’s not only our design, but has a specific fiber layup.”“In the upper part of the rim where the brake track goes, there are pre-molded parts we designed there, too.  The critical part was getting the nipple bed shaped just right and the fiber orientation at the transition from the nipple bed ring to the sidewall.  The goal was to make the ring strong enough to have proper nipple extension from the outside of the rim for easy truing but strong enough to meet our standards.”“Their normal rim had a very thick nipple bed, which required internal nipples. I wanted it thinner for two reasons. First, I wanted the rim to be lighter. Second, I wanted the nipple to stick through far enough that we could get a spoke wrench on the nipple.  By pre-molding the piece, I can control the thickness and by controlling the fiber orientation, I can control the strength so that the rim doesn’t just split from the pressure of the spokes pulling on the nipple. The result spreads the forces of the nipple away from the spoke hole better.”“Besides being lighter, the big benefit to the rider is that you can true a tubular deep carbon wheel without having to take the tire off.”The Carbon 58 tubular (and clincher) is the recommended wheel for cyclocross, although lighter, better riders can use the 38. Weights for the 38 are 594g F / 776g R (1370g pair). Weights for the 58 are 612g F / 844g R (1458g pair). Check their full comments on using these for ‘cross in this post.The Carbon 85 Tubular is their deepest wheel ever. Weights are 715g F / 901g R (1616g pair).The Carbon 58 Clincher shies away from the full carbon rim, using an alloy brake track. I asked Bill why they don’t have a full carbon version and here’s his reponse:“Basically, I haven’t seen one yet that’s right, and I don’t think they’re safe yet, so we don’t feel safe putting our customers on them. I don’t think any (full carbon clinchers) can handle the heat from extended braking well enough to be safe.  Some companies are simply beefing up the rim in that section, but it doesn’t solve the problem of heat build up.  Some companies include brake pads that have downgraded braking performance, which isn’t acceptable, and you can’t control what pads the customer ends up putting on their bike down the road.”“The problem is, carbon doesn’t spread heat, so it builds up right at the brake track, which then softens the resin.  Combine that with the high pressure from the tire and it’s a recipe for disaster. There’s two ways to address the problem: use a material that will transport the heat better (alloy) or use a resin that can withstand higher temperatures without becoming soft, which we haven’t developed or seen. That’s why we use a metal rim surface for the brake track.”It’s worth noting that this is only an issue with clinchers because the tire pressure is pushing outward against the sidewall. With a tubular, the forces on the brake track are not directly influenced by the tire pressure. Also, AC’s 2011 carbon tubular rims have a new resin at the brake surface to improve braking.Weight on the 58 Clincher is 836g F / 1044g R (1880g pair).After putting in the design work on the internal rim design, American Classic has agreements that protect this intellectual property from being used by others that manufacture at the same facility.Lastly, there’s the new Carbon TT Disc wheel, made for time trial, triathlon and track use. The newness is an internal flange and honeycomb design so that it won’t rock side-to-side. That means your power goes into forward motion, and it’ll track straight in the corners. Weight is 1325g.On all of the carbon wheels, they’ve started using a new, higher end carbon material, which further refines the look and feel (smoother) of the finished product. For 2011, American Classic did far more than just update their graphics.Their carbon rims are entirely new, from the inside out, and they took the super lightweight Micro front hub and made it stronger without adding a single gram. They also added a new 85mm deep carbon tubular rim to the mix, their deepest rim yet, and made an entirely new, stronger carbon disc wheel for time trials and triathlons. Oh, and their new design keeps the nipple on the outside, so you can true the wheel and make repairs without having to unglue your tire!As always, President and lead Engineer Bill Shook has lots to (enthusiastically) share, so jump on past the break and see what’s new and get the story behind the changes (or check out their 2011 Mountain Bike goodness in this post)…last_img read more

London’s Falsettos Casts Elliot Morris, Albert Atack, George Kennedy & James Williams as Jason

first_img A foursome of emerging stars have been cast as Jason in the upcoming European-premiere staging of William Finn and James Lapine’s Falsettos. The previously announced production, directed and choreographed by Tara Overfield-Wilkinson and music-directed by Richard John, will begin previews on August 30 ahead of a September 5 opening night, for a limited run through November 23 at the Other Palace Theatre.The role of Jason will be shared by newcomers Elliot Morris (Doctor Dolittle), Albert Atack (School of Rock), George Kennedy (Priscilla Queen of the Desert) and James Williams (Jonny English Strikes Again). They join a previously announced slate of stars that includes Daniel Boys as Marvin, Oliver Savile as Whizzer, Laura Pitt-Pulford as Trina, Matt Cardle as Mendel, Gemma Knight-Jones as Charlotte and Natasha J. Barnes as Cordelia.With a book by Finn and Lapine, music by Finn and lyrics by Lapine, Falsettos revolves around the life of a charming, intelligent, neurotic gay man named Marvin (Boys), his wife (Pitt-Pulford), lover (Savile), about-to-be-Bar-Mitzvahed son (Morris, Atack, Kennedy and Williams), their psychiatrist (Cardle) and the lesbians next door (Knight-Jones and Barnes).Falsettos, which combines the off-Broadway tuners March of the Falsettos and Falsettoland, first arrived on Broadway in a 1992 production directed by Lapine, who also helmed a 2016 main-stem revival. That production recently completed a national tour across the U.S.London’s Falsettos will feature scenic design by PJ McEvoy, lighting design by Nic Farman, sound design by Chris Whybrow and musical supervision by Mark Crossland. Elliot Morris(Photo provided by Emma Holland PR) View Commentslast_img read more

Odds & Ends: Jay Armstrong Johnson Set for Star-Packed Benefit of Broadway Concert & More

first_imgJay Armstrong Johnson(Photo: Emilio Madrid-Kuser for Broadway.com) Here’s a quick roundup of stories you might have missed today.Jay Armstrong Johnson & More Set for Star-Packed Benefit of BroadwayA slew of Broadway stars will come together next week to offer up their talents in support of EMC Fine Arts Studios. The special concert, titled Benefit of Broadway, will be held at Teaneck, NJ’s Debonair Music Hall on July 15 at 7:00pm, following a 6:00pm dinner. Stars set to participate include Jay Armstrong Johnson (The Phantom of the Opera), Bonnie Milligan (Head Over Heels), Tony winner Tonya Pinkins (Caroline, or Change), Ciara Renée (Tick, Tick…BOOM!), Adinah Alexander (Kinky Boots) and Ciarán Sheeran (The Phantom of the Opera), as well as Dan Ansaldo, Jordan Auriemma, classical pianist Brielle Perez and Broadway’s Erik Liberman (War Paint), who will perform as well as co-produce, with host Richard Skipper, director Marissa Lynn, music director Brad Simmons and Erin Marie Calev as presenter. Proceeds from the benefit will help create scholarships for New Jersey students in need of support for performing arts training.Casting Complete for Joyce Chittick’s Staging of A Chorus Line at Cape PlayhouseFull casting has been announced for the Cape Playhouse’s upcoming staging of A Chorus Line. Broadway veteran Joyce Chittick (Beautiful) will direct the previously announced production, set to run from July 24 through August 3. Newly announced cast members include Brittany Bigelow as Judy, Kevin Curtis as Richie, Michael John Hughes as Paul, Chris LeBeau as Bobby, Hillary Porter as Diana, Manuel Santos as Al, Brett Thiele as Mike, John Wolfe as Larry, Taylor Wright as Don, Karly Burton as Tricia, Michael Canu as Mark, Kyra Christopher as Bebe, Leana Rae Concepcion as Connie, Madison Finney as Val, Evan Pouch as Tom, Sarah Sigman as Lois, Amanda Torsilieri as Vicki, Richard Westfahl as Roy and Daxx Jayroe Wieser as Greg. They join the previously announced Sara Esty as Cassie, Tracy Jai Edwards as Sheila, Darien Crago as Kristine, Kim McClay as Maggie and Jeffrey Schecter as Zach.London’s Queen’s Theatre to Be Renamed Sondheim TheatreProducer Cameron Mackintosh has announced that in honor of Stephen Sondheim’s 90th birthday next March, London’s Queen’s Theatre will be renamed the Sondheim Theatre, making Sondheim the only living artist to have a theater named in his honor both in the West End and on Broadway (Beautiful currently plays Broadway’s Sondheim Theatre). Following the London theater’s renovation of wartime bomb damage and a major restoration of the auditorium and the complete backstage, the newly named Sondheim Theatre will continue as the home of world’s longest-running musical, Les Misérables, as it enters its 35th year.P.S. Hear current Chicago star Ryoko Yonekura sing “Roxie” before the newly recorded version of the song is released worldwide on July 26. Jay Armstrong Johnson Ryoko Yonekuracenter_img Star Files View Commentslast_img read more

Starry New York Premiere of Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Receives Extension

first_img The acclaimed New York premiere staging of Halley Feiffer’s Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow has been extended by MCC Theater. Originally announced to run through August 3, Trip Cullman’s celebrated production will now conclude its engagement at the Susan & Ronald Frankel Theater on August 17.Feiffer’s contemporary reimagining of Chekhov’s Three Sisters follows the joys and heartbreaks of one lovably dysfunctional family over the course of several pivotal years in a world that proves to be eerily similar to the one we live in today.The cast of theater vets includes Tony nominee Steven Boyer, Sas Goldberg, Greg Hildreth, Ryan Spahn, Tavi Gevinson, Ako, Rebecca Henderson, Matthew Jeffers, Gene Jones, Alfredo Narciso, Chris Perfetti and Ray Anthony Thomas.The play features scenic design by Mark Wendland, costume design by Paloma Young, lighting design by Ben Stanton and sound design by Darron L. West.Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow is presented in association with Williamstown Theatre Festival, where the play made its world premiere. Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Related Shows View Commentscenter_img The cast of “Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow”(Photo: Joan Marcus) Show Closed This production ended its run on Aug. 17, 2019last_img read more