To avoid being Shanghai Longfeng several practical methods of K

: the use of IP to avoid the use of independent space domain

skills Keywords:

often some webmasters cheap, hanging on the same IP with other sites, if the other site is cheating on K, you will be involved, by the station’s K search engine will be very offensive, and some Adsense is to buy some cheap virtual space, Hongkong, foreign the result, some websites play half a day don’t open, "super slow, not only the user will leave immediately, the search engine spiders will identify your site no longer close to. There is a two level and avoid the use of free domain name, the same reason, the master with two level domain name is K, you is not where to go, and the domain name search engine on the move limits included, on the same starting line, site of the suffix贵族宝贝 than.Org and.Net,.Gov or worse a grade. read more

The old webmaster teach you how to do a single page website optimization

(three) to the anchor text in a single page.

no matter for any website, is a whole composed by the page, we want to site overall weight, you first need to optimize the weights we web pages, so as to achieve a process of accumulation, so that our site will usually have a very good ranking. Today I want some skills and is the single page optimization we explained, hoping to help you.

for this topic page keywords appear density, there are also many online related articles, but also talked about all kinds of density. But from the author do stand a few years of experience, in fact we don’t have to pay more attention to the density of this problem, because most of the time we will naturally have some site keywords when writing, we can turn to the anchor text link. Need not to add keywords, or to reduce the keywords. At least the author’s site is doing, but the effect is very significant, we can refer to as if said to be a location for the keyword density, the author suggests that is between 15%-30% better. Not too close, can not be too thin, mainly according to the different types of website industry to customize the. read more

How can we shorten the keyword ranking cycle

3. website operation

is here to tell you that is to be very cautious in the railway station, a month before we do Links, if our new online a month to do a lot of Links to accumulate weight this method is obviously cheating, is going to be search engine punishment, but here we see the first if, before our new line uses the first operation, made specific anchor text links, so our new station can be appropriate to do some Links, a month can do about 10, but still can not be too high.

many owners see this title that I say is some non normal means black hat, I’m here to share with the optimization process is normal, not black hat, when we are in optimization of a wide range of issues, such as have a keyword through the optimization means we can put normal come up for a month, but because many of our webmaster at the time of the operation ignores many factors or a lot of normal operation, so as to make our keyword ranking period is greatly increased, originally a month can do but to do two months, today to share our should pay attention to what factors can we guarantee our keyword ranking cycle can be normal. read more

Friends of the chain trap station Sunzhao cheating still emerge in an endless stream

was furious, wood! Wood! This is a cheating era, have! Have! First at the beginning of his statement found after a fact fury mentality, here to tell a truth! This morning, as usual, the first to see the friends of the chain, this man has a habit, no matter what, love love love the sea from Shanghai about the web site name, and then point in, this is also to the other side of the station to send a love Shanghai traffic go. It is the love of Shanghai "people." the station, because of careless wrong, make another name directly enter the point, out of curiosity, went in to see, well, this station very cattle! Do not know what the reason is, I have to see the doings of ghosts and gods chain, not fortunately, a look is really scared me, what? Not to say, directly above the read more

How to establish the correct Shanghai Longfeng thinkmap better operation site

(2) when we are ready, it is according to the information design sketch, judge

when we are familiar with these from our company, we need to understand the Internet search engine (love Shanghai, 360 search and Google) some of the existing websites and information. Do a judgment. Do those contents. The content of their own to do no advantage. And through micro-blog, forum, B2B can go to learn about this industry. Then make the analysis

(1) to establish new sites, first we have to understand the industry you do read more

New sites to quickly through love of Shanghai

as a new station, how quickly we spent love Shanghai period? Then we’ll discuss.


love Shanghai period, I think many webmaster friends should know. A new sites after finally being loved in Shanghai included, then it will face the Shanghai study period is love. This time a month, more than three months, it mainly depends on the content of the website is collecting or is highly repetitive. But such cases are very rare, but in the end will be included, but the ranking is not very ideal. If the site is long in this state, Shanghai love will not come again, give up this station, because there is no vitality of the station it is not the love. The Shaoxing Shanghai dragon this blog to say, half a month after the home page, and the ranking is also good, but after a page is not included, the snapshot has been included in the first time, no longer updated. But no matter what you do, love the sea does not give you face. But if you look at your web log you may find love Shanghai has grab your page spider, also included your page, just not put out, this is love Shanghai study period. read more

Hidden disaster Shanghai dragon Er to make four major operation secret


not knowing the situation is worrying, in which, only know that they have certain products, but do not know exactly the same phenomenon mean content has civil strife, product ceaselessly, add the product page, too much repetition of the content of the product, its not understand "Shanghai dragon" but, more immersed the greed, suffering from civil strife can become more than an

three. Competition disaster

. Two step "inverted

The pain is : what do you mean?

some people say do Shanghai dragon with drinking a wool ah? I do not drink or not so bad in Shanghai dragon! Of course the slag not to criticism you mean Jane, for Shanghai dragon here is about to say may have turned, but the fact is very clear, probably means to know how much their drinker, you know what you can drink, in what kind of degree is still not drunk, so is the Shanghai dragon, we in the optimization of the site, is to know the enemy, know a lot of market trend, Shanghai dragon and Phoenix Er don’t know their actual optimization level, do not know their true situation the industry, do not know the true advantage of your website, I do not know that the three second, as a Shanghai dragon like in the optimization on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, only know that he is a blind man, but not Know what to touch, go hard, the optimization of shallow, no pain is not ruthless! How much does Shanghai dragon Er is not all suffer in this read more

All kinds of tragedies to bring Shanghai dragon ER server attacks after repair

(Figure 1) to the data


server was php-dos attacks, the problem has been exploited by hackers in PHP vulnerabilities, thus launched php-dos attacks. The server continues outward, flow in the 100M (see Figure 1). The room directly to my server is frozen, so they re thawing application, after a few hours after thawing, complete. This thought was resolved, can not think of the distance is how also can not enter, then found himself confused, the original technology is not high and I went to the Internet to find some successful cases. Data shows the IIS off, and then into the distance. I will submit the closure of a IIS application, after the closure, into the remote can enter into, when the table is blue. Thought: God, this is not playing me. And for the next reboot the server room. After several setbacks, finally entered into the distance, directly to the PHP program to fill loopholes. These vulnerabilities in the code, but not out of my own research, I am just a grassroots administrator, a step from the Internet, connected with the experience summed up by people with me. Hey, what pays off, the attack was a fix. All the normal site. read more

A work of Shanghai dragon must not take a shortcut

, working very hard to work, but there is no effect, so he thought of a way, this is not a mass that many, the investment to buy a well, he wanted to mass is a product by Shanghai dragon master with some engineers from research, can give yourself to result in he is made to believe that these so-called Shanghai dragon master, and his interest again, he bought a message through the website, the new registered domain name, buy space, he is very happy. Then less than 2 months, the job ranking really as he imagine the very influential, ranking since the row to the front fourth, this is the best ever, he felt a sense of accomplishment, so second months and bought a large mass, do a lot of website of not less than 20, and the ranking lasted for more than 2 months Too much. He felt his investment finally returns, but dream is not long, up to third months of the end of the month, not only completely without ranking, and even included also disappeared, he hurried to the Shanghai Phoenix Forum seeking reasons, a result, he was aware of a Shanghai the term is called Dragon: black hat read more

Foreign CPM, what trash flow can make moneyWe have always been closer to failure the N trap of grass

, first of all, of course, is to publish the address, but the invitation to write, remember, oh, it is not easy to turn over an east side, it is not easy to find a foreign union that supports the flow of China. Come on.

, a domestic college student team, has dreamed of building a LinkedIn in china. In this "magnificent dream" inspired, they are planning a complex product architecture, algorithm and implementation process, and, in their initial plan, the target user defined product was 1 hundred million, the company long-term valuation of $10 billion. read more

Don’t lose in the starting point the preferred server detailed website construction

server quality

two: judge

A: the traditional judgment technique in general is the site IP PING (Ping -t, IP address) by time, to determine the stability of the server, and the speed of data transmission. Another point we can also see the type of Web Hosting: win or Linux, but after a disguise, not necessarily to identify the real system.

: a

IDC service provider server

has done so long that binary website optimization analysis of a conclusion: many part of the site was down the right search engine of the factors is not the site within the chain and the advantages and disadvantages, but lose at the starting point, website operation server suck. The Shanghai dragon can do optimization to improve the ranking of the website, the fund should also be relatively abundant, so there is no "lucky choice" server case. In contrast, individual owners, often in order to save dozens of pieces of hundreds of pieces of money and put an end to the server site "money", but the final The loss outweighs the gain. So how to optimize the site construction and selecting a server? High quality and inexpensive is our standard: read more

A flurry of grassroots series go to your sister Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai dragon? He will let your mother don’t know you!

Hello, my brother is the grassroots, grassroots today continue to bring a flurry of series for everyone, the grassroots flurry in the series, we’ll laugh about Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon is enchanting, countless stationmaster Jingsheyao, bending, but also every day Lulu, and there’s a law? The law? Hey, what is Shanghai dragon? Make people happy, sad. We wish to search engine, big brother, one of their own. Even we want to please Baidu eat what, but no chance, ah, well, my roots, lowly, resignedness teenager. read more

Friendly search engines do not lie gun site

stable website is the website does not often appear, or visit the web page open speed is too slow. This not only control server space and supervisor factors contained therein. The main volume is the website itself, we can not affect the page quality, try to narrow the whole website, this website can enhance the access time to a certain extent. But we have to do is to do a good job in monitoring, timely solve the irresistible factors caused by the instability of web site.

network marketing, and do website of Shanghai Longfeng the first key is the site itself to the search engine friendly, no search engine can not read the phenomenon, resulting in spider after the station without". read more

Do site optimization must pay attention to the details of the multiplier

second, the content of the site and layout optimization

want to do a website to make the website can be popular, a stable space and server is the basic configuration. If the site often change it on their own servers and host, will cause the website to change frequently, which is not conducive to the search engine to record site traffic. Generally speaking only when the site frequently encountered not open can not browse the situation, will need to make changes to the host or server, in exchange for better server. So for the website optimization, not blindly, do other things as well, and the server space is generally do not need to change the. read more

Hefei Shanghai dragon on how to optimize the user experience

believe that every webmaster in the process of optimization in the pursuit of a good user experience, we also know the user experience for the website ranking is to a certain extent, also love Shanghai more and more emphasis on the importance of user experience, but what is the user experience? The user experience (UE) is a user access to a web site the psychological feeling, the user is the main body, the user experience is the user’s subjective feeling, which is why many webmaster said user experience is not a good reason to do. User experience in e-commerce website function is more obvious, it is related to the conversion rate of traffic to the site, the user experience is not good website, even though there may be traffic, conversion rate is very low, so we should how to do user experience read more

Dragon training market in Shanghai the what to take to save you

YY now every Shanghai dragon training institutions that they are YY the first Shanghai dragon training structure, and in order to become the market leader, to create a reputation in the industry, also began to play their own slogan. Here is a look at these resounding slogan:


, Shanghai dragon training market as "feudal hegemony"

only a short while ago, Shanghai training institutions such as the dragon like bamboo shoots after a spring rain began to appear, along with the Shanghai dragon training market is smoke, flames of war. Every training institutions are not a sign of weakness, with their special skills, "a city take cities and seize territory, seizing their. Your training fee is 299, do the low-end market, his training costs 899, do in the end market; then I will come 2080, occupy the high-end market, build Shanghai Longfeng luxury industry. This is not the most expensive, only more expensive. This is a tactical problem you understand? Whether do low-end, high-end market in the end or between each other to avoid war, so the parties have sent their spy, spy drones, and occasionally also posing as internal students to give you a slander, let your military instability. Anyway, the governors are sent their veteran soldiers and able captains under the banner, resorted to recruiting to exhaust all the skills ". read more

What are the types of flow and flowLinktech joint purchase network adjustment Commission ratio!

often like to advertise themselves.

2, directional flow.

station basically depends on >

The three types of

1, propaganda traffic.

is not arbitrary traffic, then it must be directional traffic.

this flow is the ability of individual traffic, that is, a traffic can not be any site for traffic publicity, such as hanging , people are earned, Trojans, plug-ins… That is to say, to rely on the outside free power to get traffic, this is propaganda to traffic.

League address:

doesn’t want to see it himself, but he plays it. read more

The development trend of classified information stations failed the tragic history of entrepreneurs

I think the most important three points of entrepreneurship are sorted by weight, followed by business models, execution, and capital. A business model is, what are you doing, the entire business plan down many important links, these links are in place to achieve profitability; execution can also be understood as a team, you can make your team, will your business model perform well to let the idea into the actual; finally is money, money is not everything, no money is totally unacceptable, everybody knows. read more

Women’s technology has quietly risen. How will women’s influence develop under the age of TrumpAdSen

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Femtech focuses on female health issues, including reproductive problems, menstrual tracking, pregnancy and lactation care, women’s sexual health, and reproductive health care.

market are male products: Viagra, aphrodisiac, fitness apps, and the like. But fortunately, now there is a plate for women – Femtech, also known as female Technology female technology. This plate has attracted a lot of interest from VC. Those who think femtech is just a niche market should look at the data: it’s about 49.5% of the global population. read more

Social APP into the center into a trend, send school interpretation of alternative acquaintances soc

"upper faction"


7 induce user clicks with false ads such as pornography and violence. It is forbidden to advertise in video, friends, chat and similar websites. If it is found to be illegal by examination, all data will be regarded as invalid data.

9 in the Skype ad, Skype promotion page, add third party promotion. In particular, the advertising situation of competitors who join the advertiser is regarded as a serious violation.


, although UC was bought by Sina, he left Sina alone. Then start his business, or to do social networking. read more