Cesc Fabregas: “It annoys me when people say I’m trying to get Lionel Messi at Chelsea”

first_img Upd. at 19:44 Sport EN Cesc Fabregas spoke openly, honestly and refreshingly with ‘Al Primer Toque’ on Thursday night. He spoke about his time at Barcelona, his summer move to Chelsea and Lionel Messi’s happiness at the Catalan club. Here are the best parts of his interview. CET On national team rifts: “In the end, we all wanted to win. It had been tough after some of the matches between Madrid and Barça. When you have to be teammates with people that usually are your rivals it is difficult, but we managed it OK. Now there is a really good group with the national team. Everything is fine with Ramos and me now. We’ve been teammates since we were 16 and we’ve always got on well. We spoke. Everything is good.” On Messi staying put: “Messi is happy at Barça and Barça are happy with him. I feel bad that they say I could mediate the arrival of Messi at Chelsea. Who am I to talk of contracts? I am just a player. He’ll do what makes him most happy. As his friend, colleague and a footballer, if I had the opportunity to play with Leo again, I would welcome it. I don’t know Luis Enrique. I know Leo and I doubt that he is thinking of what they are saying because he’s an easy-going guy and I have never seen anything like that in the three years we played together.” On linking up with Jose: “A few months ago I could never have imagined myself at Chelsea, especially because of my past with Arsenal, but that’s football. When I decided to leave Barcelona I looked for the best option for me, thinking of myself. I spoke with Mourinho and in 10 minutes I’d made my decision. He convinced me. It was the week after the final game of la Liga, I called Bartomeu and Zubi and within three days it was done.” Positional problems: “Xavi’s position is the one I like the most. At Arsenal I played as an attacking midfielder, but the manager gave me a lot of freedom there. At Barça I started there, until they started to move me about. That was difficult because I was used to having more freedom on the pitch.”  On the Ballon d’Or: “All three could win it. The best in the world, the most talented is Messi. They say he’s had his worst year but he’s only scored three less goals than Cristiano, who was at his best. Tactically and in football terms, Messi is better. Messi participates more. For me, in my team, I would always prefer Leo.” 09/01/2015 Tough at Camp Nou: “Barça is the most difficult place to play for a footballer. It is the biggest challenge. It is not enough just to win, it is about how you win as well.” last_img

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