J.C. Penney became the most noble baby shop search results first

is not a New York Times article, perhaps the noble baby never punish J.C. Penney, but J.C. Penney have achieved the goal, to complete a perfect Shanghai dragon.


their Shanghai Dragon technology is very terrible? Online search expert Doug Pierce said the noble baby to draw the bottom line of Shanghai Longfeng area is very broad, there are hundreds of consultants can increase the ranking of a website through legal means, which is also called the Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization), but he thinks J.C. Penney do so far, this is the first time he saw such a large and successful Shanghai dragon. read more

Medical search conflict monitoring and URL standardization promotion

problem in the URL standard on the

is usually the end of the month will be the hospital summary, visit URL with parameters such as www.xxx贵族宝贝/? ABC visits this link this month brought 50 consulting 18, www.xxx贵族宝贝/? EFG access is 100 consulting 45, then give the corresponding bonus edit promotion personnel according to the number of access to dialogue, in fact this do this very many unfair.

? ? Why is a

these links, but access to the landing page is the home page, when editors published an article in the third party platform, visitors visit the web site through a link with a parameter, we can see that know which edit articles brought to visit. This detection is very intuitive and although there is some truth, but I think it is unfair and unreasonable. read more

How to let the spider Qi more love on your station

four, web browsing speed to pass

spider is through the station path (such as column navigation, internal links, site map, etc.) when crawling, meeting the wrong page or death, will give the spider left a very bad impression, if serious will lead to site K, right down, such as snapshot not update. So we must do a good job in the chain, and resolutely eliminate death.

, there must be rules and continue to update the site

may be a lot of new friends want to through the site a little income to their own as soon as possible, many more friends will add a lot of advertising in the absence of traffic and user groups for this case, the user experience is not good, especially on pop and brightly coloured advertisement, so much will let users off to causes the next not browsing on to your site, and spiders do not love the new advertising, not to mention the popups. read more

The new site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy

if you are ready to build the website or you are a beginner, then Kobayashi advise you to watch carefully.


by Baba Shanghai Longfeng original 贵族宝贝baba Shanghai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon dragon "

The new

site layout of the site must be clear. Webmaster to do all kinds of web page design, website navigation map, internal links, website title and so on, which has a lot of influence on the optimization. And after optimization, the site layout will not easily change.


space directly affects the size of the web page loading speed, according to the webmaster website content to choose the size of space, if the choice is undeserved, really too slow, when you love Shanghai spiders to crawl sites, for your impression of the site has a certain degree of decline. read more

How to stabilize the search rankings and flow three times

yesterday and a website optimization company of friends with me, he had a lot of customer sites have been K off, I just laugh. A lot of serious thought Webmaster Station was K, you click on the software that rely on the position of K that you blame. Good today the words a little bit more, to share how to stabilize our rankings and flow:

two: determine a goal, to optimize the program for the center to carry out

: a stable state of mind is the root of all

Why is the

search three times? The author is three fans, Three Kingdoms have seen several times, now the search market is very close to the Three Kingdoms period, used to describe the instability is appropriate. Shanghai love like Cao Cao, a single large, most of the users search market share is established; Sogou III Wu Sun Quan, did not change radically but also independent lives of any party, not the real thing and Cao Cao grab, but always do not forget to take its place; 360 is later Shu Liu Bei, has been all the seemingly unremarkable, but always love Shanghai’s heart, is the rapid rise of a chance, let Cao Cao heart feel pain. read more

Mall website five big website optimization method

reviews the classification of existing products, the product classification process of entire website showing the tree structure, clear conditioning. Not only for site visitors, but also conducive to spider crawling. < >

artificially increase the website SKU

for website optimization believe that many webmaster have their own ideas and routines, or blog or forum, the purpose is to improve the site in the search engine ranking and site traffic.

two, artificially increase the amount of information to the website read more

Keywords sprint to the Google home experience

standard network, in 2010 June began operating on-line, we present in the search engine keyword reference is the "standard", today in the query keywords ranking site ranked in the first page, for the company’s staff is concerned, this is undoubtedly to us this time work for sure. Below I from a website promotion personnel perspective to share their experience and we summarize.

Our website:

this time the search engine algorithm in the constant adjustment, our website in Google ranking also finally referred to the home page, I hope all the webmaster can through their own. read more

The website is down right how to do

?The use of

2. will be the site of injury will use 301 to the lowest

website to submit

1. set 404 page website

website there is a directory revision, but the name remains unchanged. I believe more and more such revision of the situation. For example, a catalog of our website, the path changed, before the www.fdy Shanghai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon dragon, and later changed to another directory to the www.fdy贵族宝贝/news/ of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, this time on the need to use the directory to jump 301. However, only 301 jump after the website damage reduces read more

Keywords website optimization ranking four steps


The structure optimization of the website

site internal structure optimization is to do the site internal optimization can be very good to promote the site included rate. The station reasonable structure can attract the love of Shanghai successfully crawling. Check the web site, the general is to look at the website structure is not consistent with the tree network structure flat. The home page to page is not very smooth, between the upper and lower levels return to reasonable, mutual recommendation between pages. read more

How to optimize the project page


Sina "Gerrard"

four, all links to the content page back chain

in order to meet the needs of users, we must try to expand the thematic pages, so as far as possible to meet most of the needs of users, such as pictures, video and so on, can it all, you can see the portal page, which is not god horse are piling up. In fact, we can put the topic page as a search engine search results page, for example, we search for "Beckham" when in Shanghai, will Beckham introduction, Post Bar, pictures, video, news and so on all about Beckham, and our special page can like this to set the content to look at sina, "Beckham" the topic is not so. read more

Analysis of love Shanghai to share code to search ranking impact

share: rapid increase in external links and search engine ranking.

er from Shanghai Longfeng view code share the use of words, the ultimate aim is to improve the user experience. Users love this page will share with their friends, so as to increase the chain to the site, then it will produce a series of indirect benefits flow increased, exposure rate is high, the search rankings etc.. Sharing behavior to increase the chain site is in line with the search engine on the page importance that "such as pointing to the same page links enough that this page is popular with users, is one of the most important pages", although the search engine will also consider the link quality and relevance, but to a large extent really friendly search engine. I believe that many owners in order to improve the user experience and to share code, rather than the use of shared code to do some manual operation of cheating. < > read more

A summary of Qingdao site optimization workers years of experience


first step: site layout adjustment, with more than

link system

fourth steps: setting the keywords, keyword sequence from high to low, the long tail on the main keywords, among the best to use, separate

the third step: check whether the home page picture or Flash greater than the text module, if you add some suggestions to the home page and the news system introduction of companies such as

No.The fifth step is to set the

first of all, this article from the Qingdao science and Technology Forum original original letter first, I am also without any exaggeration, wise remark of an experienced person, of course, if there is no accurate place please. read more

For Links friendship link is not far


these days I started to optimize our company’s website, is a type of entrepreneurship website, web based data line, every day there are hundreds of IP, but is PR and love Shanghai low weight! So, need to find some Links with a belt, so as to promote the keyword ranking rise and ZhengZhan weight lifting PR! Site 1, love Shanghai weight is also 1, but in addition there are a lot of a home page column page links page to PR, a little low and others talk about others some can also reluctantly agreed, but to use my pages to exchange with others home, it has a certain difficult, requires a certain skill! Now I for a total of 30 links, officially began to exchange should be three and a half days, today for 14, is more than PR1, how I do it, the following And you probably say that, actually what, are some details, do the read more

Several types of tools highlight the advantages of Shanghai Dragon

(1), love Shanghai recently included, within 24 hours, within a week, included a month can see clearly, help us analyze the love of Shanghai included, once an article is included, we can take a lot of measures, such as re published again in high traffic blog in.

3, love station network, mainly for the love of Shanghai developed a Shanghai Longfeng tool.

(3), the chain powerful analysis tools. Enter a URL, this tool query external links, and display all of the information of these links, PR value, snapshot update, link anchor text etc.. Is used to study Links tools. read more

Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis site decontamination cleaning let the perfect optimization

in search engine rankings, how will the site long time stay in front and be crushed? Surely not many people dare so sure. Why? Website ranking will potential site of life and death, how many people have tried every day a gamble high? The search engine home page is only the number of ten fingers, how to appear vividly in? In the search engine rankings, with a common performance: the degree of optimization, the optimization of the more perfect, more the search engine has given weight to behoove. Of course there are exceptions, some sites with the time factor, but also has a higher ranking in a field. But after all, this website also is only a few, new station to go? Is only the time to accumulate weight A5 (贵族宝贝 Shanghai,.Admin5贵族宝贝)? Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis is always good service. Write this article today, hope that more people can get benefits, three months ago made a net of paper, the results did not always flow, after the diagnosis of A5 after discharge, increased more than 2000 IP every day now. Draft forget who dug the well, to write this article, said to share with read more

Share Bookmarks using web site favorites to enhance the experience of the chain

Share Bookmarks using web site favorites to enhance the experience of the chain

1, the same ID not only a collection of web pages to multiple domain web pages, if the deleted ID then in front of the work for nothing.

4, not only the front page of the site, should be of the same site multiple pages, sub pages have collections, the increase of the chain to be as natural as possible, the chain has focused on the home page search engine used to think this is cheating.


keyword search, "web site favorites" (made a super company, you can go to Shanghai to see love) will see a large number of sites, first we put these sites collected, then arrange, filter out not publicly or others unable to view the site, because it did not point to we use the chain optimization. read more

Talk about internal web site optimization need to pay attention to a few points



two: the construction of efficient service platform

chain is built our own website through the bridge. If our site compared to a suite, so the chain is in the room to the door. Our information is not possible, the one-time display on a page, we need through chains to improve and complement our information. So to the user a more thorough and comprehensive understanding of your website, then you must.

each user to open our website, you can quickly find what you want, rather than a long time could not find the subject, do not search content. The spider is the same, it love part clear, but not love too deep level. So, we build the website structure and directory, must spend idea: to our theme plate reasonable planning, clear display column. read more

Shanghai Longfeng promotion software useful

is listed in the screenshot above Lanzhou Shanghai dragon small search "Shanghai dragon promotion software" in love in Shanghai when the love Shanghai auction website promotion. From the picture we can see today’s promotion, the results "," can make your website fast rankings "advertisements in 1 hours, what do you think of these for you? We all know that the Shanghai dragon promotion website is almost free, as long as you put a key optimization to love Shanghai search the top of the rankings, is very difficult to fall down, unless the competitors as hard or other factors because your site is down right. On the other hand, for the love of Shanghai for promotion in these years due to the numerous and single click on the price is rising as high, even if your operation is good, every day there are a lot of advertising fees. These "enterprise" now that is "professional tools" can quickly rankings get free long flow, why to do to promote their software? Did you see? They don’t use software or there is a risk. If so, you will use read more

Seize the core of optimization reasonable construction site

Hello everyone, today I’m going to talk about issues related to the new site. In the establishment of the process, how to do with the limited time to create the largest profit? I just saw the three words look at my website ranking, prompted me to put my thoughts to share with you here, I’m going to tell, how to seize the key, optimize the website keywords.


second, seize the key chain source, not blunderbus. The chain reasonably is very important for the construction site. Want to let others see and acknowledge your website, not some good outside chain is not enough. Of course, the construction process of the chain, are likely to encounter some difficulties, such as soft outside the chain of good quality but can not write, no forwarding you write something, such as some forum show the signature, some rules of the forum, is very strict, not with URL, such as the chain is not high quality of your hair. A lot of the love of Shanghai are not included. These difficulties we everyone will encounter, so you can insist on your own, there is no shortcut to success, especially for Shanghai dragon words. I want to say is, after a period of time, you will find some places outside the chain, then we must seize the chain is the key source of these. Every day outside the chain of several high quality, better than every blunderbus much better. Remember, you want to let people recognize your site, make your site spider love love Shanghai, it will take a good website optimization. When the number of the chain you have a certain foundation, and is also very stable, your return is the site of the flow will gradually increase, because you will find many similar search keywords, will also appear in your read more

Shanghai dragon encounter optimization suck speed too much to handle

Before the

we all know Shanghai Longfeng optimization as part of network promotion, is an important link to connect with the user’s site, is very important to speed requirements. However, in the daily work, we have not noticed suck speed, impact on the efficiency of your work, patience and other obstacles brought about, or even directly affect the optimal level of Shanghai dragon. Due to differences in net and the increase of network service providers, and service providers in different parts of the speed are different, the value of enterprises in an equipment and awareness of network restrictions, the speed of the overall presentation of suck state, but also can meet the basic optimization of Shanghai dragon. read more