E Wants To Be The Future of Networking

first_imgIn this web-enabled world of ours, you have to wonder why business cards are still so popular. Shouldn’t there be a better way? A number of startups have attempted to address this problem with ingenious solutions that range from iPhone apps to custom URLs. Others are calling for the use of QR Codes for mobile data exchange. Unfortunately, no one service has hit the sweet spot just yet, but newcomer “E” thinks they have it figured out. Will “E” succeed where the others have failed? Or is this one industry that refuses to become digitized?HelloMyNameIsE.com You have to appreciate E’s creative URL – it’s memorable, but also makes you curious. E? What’s E?, you wonder. When I first encountered the URL, it was in a tweet which read “I’m now using E to add friends to my Twitter account. More info on http://hellomynameise.com.” Did I click though? You bet. “E,” as it turns out, is a new spin on digital contact exchange. Instead of using paper business cards, you use your phone to exchange data. At first, you may think that sounds very much like mobile contact service Dropcard, but it’s not. The only similarity between E and Dropcard is that they both allow you to customize your profile online and share it with others, but the similarities end there. To use Dropcard, you either text or use a mobile app which emails your contact info to the person you just met. With E, you go to a mobile web URL that lets you exchange a passcode with your new contact. The passcode is simply a five-digit code which is entered into the mobile web app itself. They show your theirs, you show them yours…that sort of thing. Once connected, you don’t receive an email message with their contact info like with Dropcard. E goes a step further and actually adds that contact to all the services you’ve already integrated with E. Service IntegrationAt the moment, E allows you to integrate Twitter, PICNIC (a network for the PICNIC conference), and Soocial. However, Delicious, European social portal Netlog, and LastFM are listed as coming soon. After you integrate these services with E, when you add a contact they’re immediately added to all those other web services, too. And thanks to Soocial, an address book solution, E contact info can also synchronize with your email address book in Gmail, Highrise, your OSX address book, or the address book on your phone itself. Barriers To AdoptionE faces one of the typical problems that many web 2.0 startups do – they don’t work for you until a lot of people are using it. Just because you have a profile on E, that doesn’t mean that those you meet do. And unlike a service like Dropcard, there isn’t a way to use E without the other person’s involvement. In addition to the service itself, the developers of E came up with a crazy but interesting idea for a hardware device called the “Connector.” With this device, you can exchange contact info with others just by touching the two connectors together. While gadget junkies and shiny object collectors may find this device appealing, it could easily remain a niche gadget that ends up sitting on the shelf next to your Chumby and Nazbaztag. To cross the adoption barrier, those at E would be smart to sponsor events where everyone gets a Connector at registration. After a few high-profile events, they would have industry movers and shakers on board, and that’s always a good place to start. Sponsoring events may be just what the company is planning, though, since their site mentions that the “Connector will be released at large events in the near future.” Will It Work?At present, the E service is very basic. Twitter integration is the only service of note that works yet. (Soocial looks great, but is in private beta). The profiles themselves are also not as flexible as those with Dropcard are. You can easily add and remove services with Dropcard, but with E, I wasn’t even able to add a second company that represents my second job. The services section of the web site is confusing – it doesn’t allow you to do anything more than customize which services are connected. The actual profile information is entered under “Settings,” so you can’t specify that only personal contacts get your home address, for example. It appears to be all-or-nothing. E still has far to go to become a truly successful digital contact exchange service, but at least they’re trying something different. Because they operate via mobile URL, not an app specific to any one device, they’re better positioned for more universal adoption that a service that designates itself as iPhone-only, for example. The service is in private beta testing now, but you have the opportunity to make an impassioned plea as to why they should invite you on the signup page here. (If you get in, feel free to add me: 17975.)Check out the video below to see E in action:Hello, my name is E from Renato Valdés Olmos on Vimeo. Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#Features#Product Reviews#web Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… sarah perez 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Bill to make La Presse a notforprofit passes after Quebec invoked closure

first_imgQUEBEC – The Quebec government has rammed through legislation aimed at allowing Montreal-based La Presse news group to adopt a not-for-profit structure.Seventy-six members voted in favour of the bill Thursday evening against 24 who opposed it. Liberal members were joined by the caucuses of the Coalition Avenir Quebec and Quebec solidaire, while the Parti Quebecois and independent member Martine Ouellet voted against it.Government house leader Jean-Marc Fournier said the government was justified in doing so because of the refusal by Ouellet to support the legislation.Before closure was invoked, the bill had required the unanimous consent of all members of the legislature to be voted on because it was tabled late in the session.Premier Philippe Couillard said it was urgent to pass the bill to “protect the pension funds” of the retirees of La Presse.The structural change announced last month needed the Quebec government to repeal a provision of an act adopted in 1967 regarding La Presse’s ownership.Power Corporation of Canada, whose subsidiary Square Victoria Communications Group owns the 130-year-old publication, will grant $50 million to the not-for-profit venture.Power Corp. would no longer own the media company or have any ties with the new structure.Traditional media in the country are grappling with the loss of advertising revenue, resulting in mass layoffs, publication closures and a shift to fewer print editions and more online publications.Nearly a year ago, La Presse announced it would end its print edition in 2017 and publish only on its website and tablet edition.The organization urged the federal government to financially support the written press through philanthropic models and direct assistance when it made its announcement.Ottawa indicated it would do so in its last budget, tabled in February.The Liberal government proposed $50 million over five years to support independent, non-governmental organizations that will spur on local journalism in under-served communities.The budget also said the government will spend the next year exploring models that would allow private giving or philanthropic support for non-profit journalism and local news.La Presse president Pierre-Elliott Levasseur said last month the decision to become a not-for-profit entity had to be made.“I don’t think there’s a person in Quebec or in the rest of Canada who’s going to give money to La Presse in the form of a donation knowing that Power Corp. is the owner,” he said last month.“So I think what we’re doing is opening the door to donations from large companies, from large donors, as well as the average citizen who understands the role La Presse plays in society.”Companies in this story: (TSX:POW)___La Presse’s parent company holds an investment in The Canadian Press as part of a joint agreement with Torstar and a subsidiary of the Globe and Mail.last_img read more

Indiecan20k has come to you

first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment NWT – This just happened! Indiecan20k has come to you! Many thanks to Kirsten Carthew for co-mentoring the film that we will select. A bug thanks to the all the NWT Indiecan20k Sponsors for agreeing to come on board to support this very important initiative! Advertisement Facebook Login/Register With: Twitter Advertisementlast_img

Who Needs Bryce Harper When You Have Aaron Hicks

17J.D. MartinezTigers/D-Backs/Red Sox9.14.88 playerTeamTOTALper 600 plate app. 7Matt ChapmanAthletics9.36.06 Aaron Hicks is climbing the WAR chartsThe top 20 MLB players by wins above replacement per 600 plate appearances, 2017-18 12Christian YelichMarlins/Brewers11.25.11 8Jose AltuveAstros12.56.04 13Andrelton SimmonsAngels10.45.07 9Francisco LindorIndians13.25.51 5Anthony RendonNationals12.46.32 1Mike TroutAngels16.38.95 4Jose RamirezIndians14.56.61 2Mookie BettsRed Sox15.16.91 3Aaron JudgeYankees13.06.79 16J.T. RealmutoMarlins8.94.88 15Kris BryantCubs9.25.01 6Justin TurnerDodgers9.56.08 It once seemed inevitable that the New York Yankees would sign Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper when he became a free agent at the end of this season. Though Harper has been injured and inconsistent since his 2015 MVP year, he’s still a rare talent who will hit free agency just entering his physical prime at age 26 — and the Yankees are one of the few teams able to afford him.But the Yankees may no longer need Harper’s services in the outfield. They’ve found a new star to join Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and the rest of their big names, a star who may not be as well-known but who has turned into one of the game’s best players: Aaron Hicks.The underrated 28-year-old is in his prime and under club control through the 2019 season. Hicks avoided arbitration by settling for a modest one-year, $2.85 million deal last offseason. He’ll be a relative bargain next year, too.Hicks homered Saturday and later provided the walk-off hit against Baltimore to clinch a playoff berth for the Yankees. He left Monday’s game in the fourth inning with hamstring discomfort, but he told reporters he isn’t concerned and should be able to return in a few days.Through Sunday, Hicks was tied for 17th in position player wins above replacement at 4.9 WAR, according to FanGraphs. (Harper was tied for 38th.) WAR is an accumulative stat, so when we adjust for playing time,1Hicks missed significant time in 2017 because of an oblique injury. Hicks ranked 11th in baseball in WAR per 600 plate appearances since 2017. By that measure, he placed ahead of stars like Christian Yelich, J.D. Martinez and Kris Bryant in terms of overall performance per playing time. Hicks projects to finish 2018 as a 5-WAR center fielder, a star-level player. He blends one of the game’s strongest outfield arms (reaching 105.5 mph with a throw in 2016) at a premium defensive position with one of the most disciplined bats in the majors and burgeoning switch-hitting power.Of course, prior to last season, he had been a major disappointment. The Twins selected Hicks — a two-way star at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, California — 14th overall in the 2008 draft. He made multiple top 100 prospect lists. But in his three years in the majors with Minnesota, covering 928 plate appearances, Hicks batted just .225 with a .306 on-base percentage and .349 slugging mark. It was good for an OPS+ of 81, meaning he was 19 percent below the average major league offensive performer.On Nov. 11, 2015, the Twins ran out of patience and traded Hicks to the Yankees for John Ryan Murphy, a replacement-level catcher with a career on-base mark of .269. Murphy is now a backup in Arizona.“In Minnesota, I feel like I was just trying to hit for a high average. That’s pretty much all I was trying to do,” Hicks told me in July. “I didn’t worry about home runs or anything like that. I just tried to get on base and have a high on-base percentage and hit singles: up-the-middle, opposite field.”The approach was generally ineffective for Hicks. When he arrived at Yankee Stadium, which has one of the shortest right-field fences in baseball, his entire philosophy changed. With the Twins in 2015, Hicks pulled batted balls at a 35.8 percent rate. Hicks has increased his pull percentage to 42.9 percent last season and to 45.1 percent this season, making him the 28th most pull-oriented hitter in the game.“When I came here, they wanted me to use my athleticism to hit the ball in the air more,” Hicks said. “Hit for more power. … The [Yankees major league] staff has been amazing as far as being able to elevate my game, different approaches in how to attack the baseball, and how to become the type of player I want to be.”The Yankees as a team focus on power and pull. That philosophy may be why the Yankees (251 home runs through Sunday) could challenge the 1997 Seattle Mariners’ single-season team home run record (264) despite having only one player (Stanton) with more than 30 home runs this season.Hicks doesn’t have the raw power of some of his teammates: His average exit velocity of 87.3 mph puts him in the middle of the pack in the majors, ranking 195th out of 336 batters. But he said his focus on power and pull has a side benefit: He’s become more selective at the plate. Hicks ranks fifth in baseball in walk rate on the season at 15.8 percent, a slight increase from his 14.1 percent mark last year and a large gain from 2016 (8.3 percent) and 2015 (8.7 percent). In the second half of this season, Hicks leads baseball in walk rate at 19.6 percent.“When I try and get the ball in the air, I swing at less stuff, because if I can’t hit a pitch in the air, I don’t swing at it,” Hicks said. “Naturally, I start to walk more. … If I’m getting pitches I can’t do damage with, I’m not going to swing until I have to with two strikes.”Only two major league players have walked more frequently and hit more home runs than Hicks this season: Harper and Mike Trout.Hicks swung at 23.8 percent of pitches classified as out of the strike zone in 2015 and 24.4 percent in his first year with the Yankees in 2016. That rate dipped to 21.5 percent last year and 19.4 percent this season. Among qualified hitters, only Joey Votto, Alex Bregman, Andrew McCutchen and Mookie Betts are swinging at fewer pitches out of the strike zone. Those players are either MVP candidates (Bregman, Betts) or have won MVP Awards (Votto, McCutchen). Trout ranks seventh.Pitchers have thrown Hicks — an excellent fastball hitter — fewer and fewer four-seam fastballs, from 34.8 percent of offerings in 2016 to 31.2 this season. Yet Hicks is slugging .525 against curveballs and holding his own against changeups.The Yankees have unearthed a star. While the club could still pursue Harper, Hicks gives it an alternative. He allows New York to invest $400 million elsewhere this winter and beyond.Check out our latest MLB predictions. Among players with at least 800 plate appearances since the start of the 2017 season.Source: FanGraphs 18Nolan ArenadoRockies10.64.82 19Giancarlo StantonMarlins/Yankees10.84.73 20Lorenzo CainRoyals/Brewers9.74.72 WAR 10Tommy PhamCardinals/Rays9.65.38 11Aaron HicksYankees8.25.30 14Alex BregmanAstros11.05.04 read more

Verizon wants to be your kids first wireless carrier

first_img Mobile 0 Don’t hold your breath for Verizon 5G Home service SOPA Images Verizon says it has just the plan for parents mulling a first smartphone for their children. The new Just Kids plan is designed to give parents “peace of mind” when taking the plunge. Angie Klein, vice president of marketing for Verizon, said the plan addresses a major pain point in deciding when that’ll happen.”Kids are wanting phones earlier and earlier,” she said. “But parents are leery and want to make sure they’re not exposed to things they aren’t ready for. And that’s where our plan comes in.”The plan, which limits data to 5G or 4G LTE service, also includes the company’s suite of parental controls, called Verizon Smart Family Premium. Verizon usually charges $9.99 per month for the app that lets parents manage screen time and set limits on what kids can see via content filters, and that includes location tracking so parents can keep tabs on their kids’ whereabouts. The 5GB of data included in the plan is another way parents can limit how much their kids use the phones. And they don’t have to worry about overage fees. Safety Mode, which slows down service when it reaches the 5GB limit, ensures that parents’ aren’t socked with any surprise fees at the end of the month. verizon-cost-chart Verizon The Just Kids plan is part of Verizon’s mix-and-match data plans, which allow you to select different tiers within the same family plan. In order to get the plan, you need at least one device on an unlimited plan. Prices for Just Kids range between $35 and $55, depending on the number of unlimited lines signed up to the account. The service will be available starting April 4. Post a comment Share your voicecenter_img Verizon 1:45 Now playing: Watch this: Tagslast_img read more

Grasshopper swarms have Las Vegas feeling antsy

first_imgA pair of grasshoppers take a break from the swarm that’s taken Las Vegas by storm. Bridget Bennett/AFP/Getty Images The Great Grasshopper Invasion of 2019 has begun. Thanks to unusually wet weather a few months back, Las Vegas is being inundated by grasshoppers as the insects migrate across Nevada. But numbers aside, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.Nevada state entomologist Jeff Knight told CNET sister site CBS that the number of “adult pallid-winged grasshoppers traveling north to central Nevada is not unprecedented and they pose no danger.”  I’ve lived in Henderson for 19 years and have never seen such a thing! Hundreds and hundreds of grasshoppers!! There all over the Las Vegas Valley 🦗🦗🦗 It’s an invasion! 😳 pic.twitter.com/mreb51EQ87— Skim The Rail (@SkimTheRail) July 28, 2019 Tags Villainous Game of Thrones Night King gets insect named after him Terrifying wasp bursts out of chests like the Alien Xenomorphs Harry Potter and Game of Thrones inspire new spider names The bright lights of Las Vegas seem to have attracted some unwanted visitors, with an invasion of grasshoppers – the massive swarm so big, it could be seen from space. https://t.co/TWh1KQycs4 @AmeliaBrace #7NEWS pic.twitter.com/TmujDnVULR— 7NEWS Sydney (@7NewsSydney) July 28, 2019 Just insane – @FOX5Vegas @8NewsNow @News3LV @KTNV @VitalVegas @themelissavegas @LasVegasLocally @VegasLifeBaby @VGKim75 @WinstonDaDoodle @BarkAndreFurry pic.twitter.com/WhjGEbbSPU— 365 in Vegas (@365inVegas) July 26, 2019 3:04 THEY LIVE! Grasshoppers made life uncomfortable for visitors to downtown Las Vegas on Saturday night→https://t.co/JiJnrREbFL pic.twitter.com/c9TUemiIYD— Las Vegas RJ (@reviewjournal) July 28, 2019 Grasshoppers are usually attracted to ultraviolet light sources. But considering the amount of neon and other bright lights at casinos that keep Las Vegas humming with tourists at all hours, it’s not a big surprise that grasshoppers would be attracted to those lights as well.Knight also added that grasshoppers don’t carry disease, don’t bite and probably won’t damage anybody’s yard for the few weeks of the migration. Sci-Tech More insects Share your voice We need to use the Fire Mantis to destroy the grasshoppers and retake control of the city pic.twitter.com/ECZ2H2SGMo— Las Vegas Locally 🌴 (@LasVegasLocally) July 27, 2019 Once again, I’m lying in bed, trying to fall asleep, when I see all these gruesome videos of GRASSHOPPERS in Vegas. These bugs are just not going to give my fragile, phobic brain a break, are they? pic.twitter.com/LX1pl5Gd1j— Jacqueline E. Smith (@JackieSmith114) July 28, 2019 Whole roasted crickets infest snack time Now playing: Watch this: Even the grasshoppers are getting in on the action 🎰 at Slots A Fun #lasvegasgrasshoppers pic.twitter.com/KCfl0UsZBv— David Guzman (@davidguzman1985) July 28, 2019 3 But that doesn’t mean large swarms of grasshoppers don’t creep out the tourists trying their luck in Sin City.”It was crazy. We didn’t even want to walk through there. Everybody was going crazy,” Diana Rodriquez told CBS affiliate KLAS on Saturday. “We were wondering, like, what’s going on.”Here are a few videos of the 2019 grasshopper invasion circulating on social media, if you dare to watch.  Comments DID YOU KNOW: Grasshoppers are attracted to ultraviolet light, and will swarm around UV lighting. Have you seen any swarms in your neighborhood? Share your photos and videos with us! Read more: https://t.co/LVemnjJuZK📸: Olivia Marin/Facebook pic.twitter.com/cZxOrs1w60— FOX5 Las Vegas (@FOX5Vegas) July 26, 2019last_img read more

Budget 2017 Heres what Finance Minister Arun Jaitley doled out to each

first_img(In Crores of Rupees) 10Ministry of Railways450004615555000 (In Crores of Rupees) 4Social sectors168100176225195473 Sl No.SectorsBE 2016-2017RE 2016-2017BE 2017-2018 6Ministry of Human Resource Development723947359979686 3Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation140101651220011 1Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare444854807251026 5Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation541152856406 2Rural Development102543114947128560 17Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation620147566887 Here’s a snapshot of the sector-wise allocation in Budget 2017-2018 tabled in Parliament by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Wednesday (February 1). ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONSALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONSALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS(In Crores of Rupees)ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONSSl. No.Name of the MinistryBE 2016-2017RE 2016-2017BE 2017-2018ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS1Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare444854807251026ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS2Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region243025242682ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS3Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation140101651220011ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS4Ministry of Health and Family Welfare382063968848853ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS5Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation541152856406ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS6Ministry of Human Resource Development723947359979686ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS7Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises346554636482ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS8Ministry of Minority Affairs382738274195ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS9Ministry of New and Renewable Energy503643605473ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS10Ministry of Railways450004615555000ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS11Ministry of Road Transport and Highways579765244764900ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS12Ministry of Rural Development8776597760107758ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS13Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship180421733016ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS14Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment735073537763ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS15Ministry of Tribal Affairs482748275329ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS16Ministry of Urban Development245233255034212ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS17Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation620147566887ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS18Ministry of Women and Child Development174081764022095ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONSALLOCATION FOR WELFARE OF SC, ST, OTHER VULNERABLE GROUPS, WOMEN, CHILDREN AND NORTH-EASTERN REGIONALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONSDescription of the AllocationBE2016-2017RE 2016-2017BE 2017-2018ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONSIAllocation for the welfare of Scheduled Tribes across all ministries240052560231920ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONSIIAllocation for the welfare of Scheduled Castes across all ministries388334092052393ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONSIIIAllocation for the Welfare of Other Vulnerable Groups187318921976ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONSIVAllocation for North-Eastern Region across all ministries291253218043245ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONSVAllocation under various schemes for the welfare of women across all ministries9077096332113327ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONSVIAllocation under various schemes for the welfare of Children across all ministries657586624971305ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONSSector TotalsALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS(In Crores of Rupees)ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONSSl No.SectorsBE 2016-2017RE 2016-2017BE 2017-2018ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS1Agriculture and Allied sectors485725282158663ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS2Rural Development102543114947128560ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS3Infrastructure348952358634396135ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS3aof which Transport216268216903241387ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS4Social sectors168100176225195473ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS4aEducation and Health112138114806130215ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS4bSocial sectors with welfare orientation559626141965258ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS5Employment Generation, Skill and Livelihood121411487017273ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS6Scientific Ministries334673435937435 1Agriculture and Allied sectors485725282158663 ALLOCATIONS OF IMPORTANT MINISTRIES, SECTORS and VULNERABLE SECTIONS VIAllocation under various schemes for the welfare of Children across all ministries657586624971305 12Ministry of Rural Development8776597760107758 13Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship180421733016 8Ministry of Minority Affairs382738274195 3Infrastructure348952358634396135 16Ministry of Urban Development245233255034212 5Employment Generation, Skill and Livelihood121411487017273 3aof which Transport216268216903241387 15Ministry of Tribal Affairs482748275329 Description of the AllocationBE2016-2017RE 2016-2017BE 2017-2018 IAllocation for the welfare of Scheduled Tribes across all ministries240052560231920 14Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment735073537763 Sector Totals ALLOCATION FOR WELFARE OF SC, ST, OTHER VULNERABLE GROUPS, WOMEN, CHILDREN AND NORTH-EASTERN REGION 11Ministry of Road Transport and Highways579765244764900 4Ministry of Health and Family Welfare382063968848853 2Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region243025242682 6Scientific Ministries334673435937435 IVAllocation for North-Eastern Region across all ministries291253218043245 Sl. No.Name of the MinistryBE 2016-2017RE 2016-2017BE 2017-2018 9Ministry of New and Renewable Energy503643605473 18Ministry of Women and Child Development174081764022095 VAllocation under various schemes for the welfare of women across all ministries9077096332113327 IIAllocation for the welfare of Scheduled Castes across all ministries388334092052393 4aEducation and Health112138114806130215 4bSocial sectors with welfare orientation559626141965258 7Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises346554636482 IIIAllocation for the Welfare of Other Vulnerable Groups187318921976 Source: Expenditure Profile and Expenditure Budget 2017-18last_img read more

Rahul Kaul the King of luxury cruise parties

first_imgWe have seen parties in hotels, gardens and other places. But to get the unique experience of life, you must try a cruise once in life. You can see the beauty of the sea, lights and music and that too in the middle of the Ocean.We came to know about one dreamer who is known for giving such experience to the celebrities of Bollywood and Hollywood and even entrepreneurs and experience of a lifetime. Rahul Kaul, a guy for him, meaning, is different it’s more lavish, stunning and experience which people remember for a long time.Rahul Kaul is the first person in Dubai to bring the concept of cruise party. He changes the idea of the parties in Dubai. He is currently the first choice of every entrepreneurs and celebrity when it comes to cruise party. He is known for giving stunning programs, and all and his arrangements are a class apart than others in the competition.Rahul Kaul has won many prestigious awards for organizing top parties in Dubai. As Dubai is the place of top people and many dignities comes to Dubai for vacation and for a business purpose too. His way of organizing parties is making lots of Bzz, and he has made a fantastic group of people in which he is having all the top names on the list.Bollywood or Hollywood you take any big name. He manages parties for all in recent years. World-class DJ’s, tasty Cuisine, lighting and many more things are part of his parties.Other than the business, he has another side too, and it is beautiful. He loves to work for society; it doesn’t matter where you are. He recently helped 2500 families in Nepal at the time of the earthquake. He also won an award for helping people in such a considerable number.If you are a party lover, then visit cruise ship party of Rahul Kaul. I guarantee you will never forget then a moment of the parties in your life.IBT does not endorse any of the above content.last_img read more

August Wilsons Play Fences Comes to Baltimore

first_imgBrayden Simpson is one of the stars of ‘Fences.’On October 21, the Pulitzer Prize winning August Wilson drama “Fences” comes to the Everyman Theatre in Baltimore. The play, set in 1950’s Pittsburg, tells the story of a working-class black man named Troy Maxson and his family. “Fences” is part of Wilson’s 10-play Pittsburgh Cycle – a series of plays dedicated to portraying varying aspects of the black experience.The Everyman production is directed by Clinton Turner Davis, who worked backstage at the original Broadway production of “Fences,” which featured James Earl Jones.The AFRO sat down with Alan Bomar Jones, who plays Troy, and Brayden Simpson, who plays Troy’s youngest son Cory.In the play, Troy is a strong man who makes hard choices. Those choices have painful consequences for those closest to him – especially Cory. Because of that, Jones and Simpson must capture the often contentious relationship between father and son. The duo said that the chemistry necessary to bring that relationship to life was there almost from the beginning.“When I first met him, the first thing that struck me about him was that he was very controlled as an individual,” Jones said. “When I’m in the mode of what I feel on stage, I automatically raise my voice and start projecting. So I did that, and he gave it back. Even though we were reading, we were constantly making eye contact and I just started feel like ‘man, if I get this, I hope he’s my son.’ It was like, everything I did, he gave back.”“When we read, there was a very strong, immediate connection,” Simpson said. “Those two energies coming together made that magic.”Jones said this was his third time stepping into Troy’s shoes, although the last time he did it was over 15 years ago. He said the added time means he can bring even more life experience to the role.“I would say that I have more experience to add to Troy today. I’m not a father but I father a lot of young actors and people that I run across. I have more grit and more gut to add to him [than I did] 17 years ago when I was in my 30s.”And does he think that Troy, who eventually ruins his marriage to his faithful and goodhearted wife Rose, is a bad person?“Troy is a good guy in his own mind,” Jones said. “He is from a generation of ‘this is the way a household is kept.’ So in his mind, he thinks and he feels that he is good so therefore he really is a good person.”Simpson, a Maryland native who graduated from the Baltimore School of the Arts, said he has wanted to play Cory since he was 14 years old. He said that his character struggles to become his own man – in spite of his father and because of him.“It’s that story that we know of a young boy trying to become his own over an overbearing father dominating his life. It’s something that we’ve seen in tropes over and over and over. I don’t think Cory is Troy but I think that Cory has more Troy in him then he recognizes.”Everyman has a special arrangement with six Baltimore City high schools where they will bus students over to see five different shows, at no cost to city schools. After the shows, actors go to the schools and discuss the plays with the students. Simpson said he is most excited about that.“We don’t know how many kids we’re going to inspire to do anything – become a literary agent, become an actor…Even if you’re going to be a lawyer, you need to have an artistic foundation. That’s what this play does. This play touches on not just American culture, but African American culture. You watch your history unfold.”Fences runs until Nov. 22 at the Everyman Theatre, 315 W Fayette St, Baltimore, Maryland 21201.last_img read more

Genome sequencing shows maize adapted to highlands thousands of years ago

first_img Explore further Precision breeding needed to adapt corn to climate change (Phys.org)—An international team of researchers has found evidence showing that maize evolved to survive in the U.S. southwest highlands thousands of years ago. In their paper published in the journal Science, the group outlines their genomic study, which revealed the genetic changes that allowed the plant to live in the harsher environment. Maize diversity from the Native Seeds/SEARCH collection. Credit: Native Seeds/SEARCH © 2017 Phys.org Unit where maize was recovered at Turkey Pen with side columns excavated. Credit: R.G. Matson Citation: Genome sequencing shows maize adapted to highlands thousands of years ago (2017, August 4) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2017-08-genome-sequencing-maize-highlands-thousands.html The researchers suggest that learning more about how maize evolved to survive in the colder highlands offers insights as climate change forces many crop plants to do the same to survive in new conditions. They also noted that one type of maize high in carotenoids, which is now used to make popcorn, evolved in the southwest part of what is now the U.S. and not in Mexico. More information: Kelly Swarts et al. Genomic estimation of complex traits reveals ancient maize adaptation to temperate North America, Science (2017). DOI: 10.1126/science.aam9425AbstractBy 4000 years ago, people had introduced maize to the southwestern United States; full agriculture was established quickly in the lowland deserts but delayed in the temperate highlands for 2000 years. We test if the earliest upland maize was adapted for early flowering, a characteristic of modern temperate maize. We sequenced fifteen 1900-year-old maize cobs from Turkey Pen Shelter in the temperate Southwest. Indirectly validated genomic models predicted that Turkey Pen maize was marginally adapted with respect to flowering, as well as short, tillering, and segregating for yellow kernel color. Temperate adaptation drove modern population differentiation and was selected in situ from ancient standing variation. Validated prediction of polygenic traits improves our understanding of ancient phenotypes and the dynamics of environmental adaptation. Journal information: Science Sampled cobs from Turkey Pen Shelter. Credit: Bruce Benz Maize, more commonly known as corn, originated in Mexico and made its way to what is now the southwestern U.S. approximately 4,000 years ago. In doing so, it quickly became one of the most important crops in the North America. But, as the researchers note, it did not make its way into the highlands for another 2,000 years, a development that has puzzled archaeologists. To better understand why the delay occurred, the researchers studied samples of 2,000-year-old maize cobs found in a cave back in the 1970s in Utah’s highlands. To learn more about its physical attributes, they sequenced the genome of 15 of the cobs and compared the results to other maize lines. They report that the maize plants around the cave area were not as tall as other maize plants that grew at lower elevations and that it had more branches—in short, they describe the plants as more bushy than other maize plants, a trait that allowed the plant to thrive in colder places. They also found evidence that the plant flowered earlier than most other maize plants, an attribute that would help it produce seeds before the earlier frost at higher elevations.As the plants evolved to withstand the harsher environment, early people living there began to introduce maize into their diet, just as other early people had done in the southwest lowlands thousands of years earlier. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more