AIFF asks panel members to meet de Matos

first_imgNew Delhi, Feb 24 (PTI) Unfazed by the criticism of a member of the committee tasked to recommend a coach for the Indian U-17 team, All India Football Federation today asked all the members of the panel to meet Portuguese Luis Norton de Matos who has emerged as the “number one choice” for the job. AIFF General Secretary Kushal Das said all the members of the advisory committee constituted to recommend Indian teams head coach for the U-17 World Cup to be held in six cities from October 6-28 has been told to meet de Matos who is expected to be in India on February 28. “All the advisory committee members have now been told to meet Luis Norton (when he is here in India),” Das told PTI today. Indian football legends Baichung Bhutia and I M Vijayan, another former India international Abhishek Yadav (also Chief Operating Officer of the U-17 team) and AIFF Technical Director Savio Madiera were among the members of the special committee to shortlist the coach. Other members are Das and Kishore Taid, Head of Operations and Strategy of the AIFF. De Matos, a former Portugal international and ex-coach of Benfica reserve side as well of Guinea-Bissau national team, has been declared by the AIFF as its “number one choice” from among the shortlisted candidates and he is expected to meet Sports Secretary Injeti Srinivas and AIFF President Praful Patel on February 28 to chalk out his contract details. A member of the committee constituted by the AIFF to recommend the U-17 team coach has alleged that the federation has “bypassed” the panel in naming de Matos as the “number one choice”. The AIFF, however, defended its decision with Das saying that he (de Matos) was best suited for the job. “We have never recommended any coach as number one choice. AIFF has bypassed the committee constituted by the president to select the coach of India U-17 team,” a member of the committee had said. “There were more than 70 applications and we had pruned it down to eight and then to three-four candidates. We were to have a final meeting to select the coach. But this final meeting never happened and the AIFF on its own has now named one coach (de Matos) as their number one choice without consulting the committee. This is not right,” he added. Defending the AIFFs decision, Das said, “Its an advisory committee, not a selection committee. We identified 7-8 candidates and we were asked to do skype interviews. The interviews were done by me, Kishore and Abhishek. After the interviews, we identified Luis Norton de Matos as the most suitable candidate to come for the interview in India with Secretary Sports and the AIFF President.” Das said de Matos will come for an interview around February 28 but no selection of the coach has been made yet. “The kind of profile this person (de Matos) has, he is the best choice for us. We talked to Portugal national coach Fernando Santos and asked him about de Matos. Santos said he (de Matos) is not a good coach but a very good coach. We asked the Portugal FA and they also recommended him (de Matos) very strongly. We went to FIFA and its technical side gave the recommendation.” PTI PDS ATK ATKadvertisementlast_img read more

Spending time barefoot may boost kids’ balancing, jumping skills

first_imgBerlin, Jul 11 (PTI) Children and adolescents who spend most of their time barefoot tend to develop motor skills differently and are better at jumping and balancing, scientists say. The study, published in the journal Frontiers in Pediatrics, is the first study to assess the relevance of growing up shod vs barefoot on jumping, balancing and sprinting motor performance during different stages of childhood and adolescence. The study shows that habitually barefoot children are noticeably better at jumping and balancing compared to habitually shod children, particularly from 6-10 years of age. While these beneficial barefoot effects diminished in older adolescents, the research nevertheless highlights the importance of barefoot exercise for motor development as children grow and mature.”Walking barefoot is widely thought to be more natural, and the use of footwear has long been discussed as an influencing factor on foot health and movement pattern development,” said Astrid Zech, a professor at University of Jena in Germany.”A few studies report that barefoot situations change biomechanics in children and adults during running and jumping – but only limited knowledge exists for the clinical relevance of this finding,” said Zech. “We wanted to investigate, for the first time, whether changes in foot biomechanics due to barefoot activities are actually relevant for the development of basic motor skills during childhood and adolescence,” she said.Researchers assessed three motor skills – balance, standing long jump and a-20 metre sprint – in 810 children and adolescents from 22 schools across rural Western Cape South Africa and urban areas of northern Germany.advertisement The two groups were selected to represent different footwear lifestyles: children from South Africa are habitually barefoot, while children from Germany wear shoes most of the time.The habitually barefoot participants scored significantly higher in the balance and jumping tests compared to the habitually shod participants. This difference was observed in both test conditions (barefoot and shod) and across all age groups (6-10, 11-14 and 15-18 years), but particularly evident in 6-10 year-old children. The habitually barefoot children also performed better when barefoot than when shod.”Most of the primary school children in our study (South Africa) go to school and perform sport and leisure activities barefoot,” said Ranel Venter from Stellenbosch University, who led the South African research team. “Our finding that these children performed better in balancing and jumping supports the hypothesis that the development of basic motor skills during childhood and adolescence at least partly depends on regular barefoot activities,” said Venter.Overall, the researchers’ work emphasises the benefits of barefoot physical activities for motor development.”Physical education classes, exercise and sport programs, and reactional activities that aim to improve basic motor skills could benefit from including barefoot activities,” said Zech. “Parents could also encourage regular barefoot time at home,” she said. PTI MHN MHNMHNlast_img read more

Rudolph, Gundy Point to Brady, Manning When Talking About Success

first_imgPeyton Manning was not a very good thrower of the football, and towards the end of his career, he was flat out bad. Hospitalized ducks were offended by some of Manning’s throws throughout his career, and yet he remained one of the best in the business for nearly 20 years. Why? Because he was better prepared, more accurate and three steps ahead of his competition.Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph has taken a page out of Manning’s metaphorical playbook, said Mike Gundy after Rudolph threw for 497 yards on 32 passes against Pittsburgh. While Rudolph doesn’t have the strongest arm in college football, he always knows where the ball is going and why it’s going there.That’s how you have a 51:7 TD to INT ratio over the last 23 games.“He prides himself on being the Peyton Manning, Tom Brady of college football,” said Gundy last Saturday. “That’s what he prides himself on, and he backs it up. Most people that are that committed that have some skill are going to be successful. His leadership and ability to be humble has been awesome.”“He’s a workaholic,” Gundy added this week. “The guy’s crazy. Over his footwork, his release, his study, the game plan. I meet with him on the night before games, usually Friday nights and he goes over the game plan. He knows it front and back. He understands down and distance. He understands hash marks. He understands blitz. He understands everything like a coach.”He’s got physical tools to boot. Rudolph has clearly improved his accuracy, and his arm strength has always been a plus. He possesses all the tools you could want a college senior to possess.“And he’s totally committed to being a student of the game,” said Gundy. “He wants to play this game for 20 more years and when you’re that committed to something in life, it’s extremely difficult to not have success.”Rudolph agreed with his head ball coach, noting that preparation for Saturdays is vital to whatever success he finds in his final year in Stillwater.“Peyton Manning has said so many times, ‘If you put the work in, you put the time in during the week, there’s no such thing as pressure,’” said Rudolph on Tuesday. “You do everything you can and go react to the defense. That’s the way I approach it. You control what you can control, and you’ll put yourself in a good spot.”There has been and will be much debate over the next year over whether Rudolph can be successful as a NFL quarterback. There are so many variables that go into that that it’s not even worth predicting.What I know is that he’s given himself a chance, and he’s turned himself into one of the all-time greats in Oklahoma State history by trying to become like the all-time greats of the sport. Is Mason Rudolph ever going to have the success Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have had in the NFL? The odds are heavily against it, but it won’t be for lack of preparedness.If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img read more