The promise of ‘the good life’

first_imgEvery year, October 17 is observed by United Nations’ member countries as International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. According to the most recent UN estimates, 1.3 billion people still live in multidimensional poverty; meaning, they are not just poor in terms of income, they are also lacking in health, education, and living standards; and they risk falling behind further when faced with conflict, sickness, unemployment, or natural disasters.The theme for this year’s observances is: “Coming together with those furthest behind to build an inclusive world of universal respect for human rights and dignity”. This year’s theme is quite fitting, since there is still an extremely huge gap between those who are considered below the poverty line and those who are considered to be above.The UN has noted that, in the 25 years since the first International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, human development has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, and has increased economic and social opportunities for many more across the world. Yet, while hundreds of millions of people have moved above the poverty line, development has not been able to reach everyone.According to the UN, on average, a child born today in a country with very high human development can expect to live almost 20 years longer, and be in school seven years more than a child born in a country with low human development. These statistics represent lost opportunities for millions.In Guyana, too many of our citizens are still considered living below the poverty line, and many more are still waiting to access the opportunities that would allow them to lift themselves out of poverty.President David Granger had said before that Guyana has enough resources to banish poverty forever. However, after three years of gaining political power, the nation is still waiting to see what concrete plans and programmes would be put in place to address poverty and to create “the good life” for all, which was promised on the campaign trail during the May 2015 polls.Just recently again, during his special address to the National Assembly, the President regurgitated this same promise of providing a “good life” for all Guyanese. He said his vision is to create a good life for all Guyanese based on happy communities, happy households and happy people.According to the President, “The ‘good life’ entails providing every citizen with opportunities to be the best that they can be. The ‘good life’ is about securing sustained economic prosperity, ensuring citizens’ access to quality public services, and promoting social cohesion… eliminating extreme poverty, and removing social, ethnic and geographic inequalities.”All of these promises sound very well to the ordinary man; and we are certain that the President means well. However, one cannot ignore the present realities our country is faced with. The President’s remarks come at a time when there is a pending increase in tolls at the Berbice River Bridge, when sugar workers are facing extremely tough times due to the downsizing of the sugar estates, when bauxite workers are uncertain about their future with the impending closure of Rusal, when miners are complaining that they are being pressured by the authorities, and so on.It should be noted, too, that the economy is performing very poorly, and there is hardly anything being done to create job opportunities or generate wealth in the society.That said, with First Oil expected in 2020, there is some hope that there would be a turnaround of the economy, and citizens would begin to enjoy the many benefits of the emerging oil and gas sector. Given the many concerns being raised with respect to the management of that sector, the President has assured the National Assembly that Government is strategically positioned to manage the oil and gas sector. In fact, he said steps are being taken to ensure that “the revenues which accrue from the sector will not be squandered, but instead will be invested strategically in building human and institutional capacity, addressing our infrastructural deficit, and providing economic security for future generations”.With the promise of oil money, our hope is that the Government, with the involvement of other stakeholders, would intensify their efforts towards eradicating poverty and ensuring that the promise of a ‘good life’ actually becomes a reality, rather than mere political rhetoric.last_img read more

No Cabinet decision on Harmon

first_imgNo decision has been taken as it relates to trimming some of the duties and responsibilities of Minister of State Joseph Harmon after hours of discussion at Cabinet on Tuesday.The Alliance For Change (AFC), the small partner in the coalition Government, has called for Harmon to be stripped of some of the portfolios he holds in light of recent controversy involving the Minister.A Cabinet source told Guyana Times late Tuesday night that the matter came up for discussion, and Minister Harmon was given the opportunity to defend himself before the Cabinet, but no decision has been taken.“Well, I can tell you that Mr Harmon has the chance to sort of defend himself before Cabinet… That’s what happen (Tuesday), I really can’t go into details, but what I know is that Cabinet will now have to examine and analyse the various submissions before any decisions can be taken,” the Cabinet Member stated.Asked whether it was indicated how soon a decision could be taken, the source said: “I won’t be able to say.”On Sunday last, Harmon broke his silence after three weeks of sensationalised articles published by the Kaieteur News in an apparent smear campaign against him. He noted that he was not concerned by the current “organised campaign to damage his reputation” as it would not affect the way in which he performed his duties.In what appears to be a move aimed at tarnishing Harmon’s political career, Kaieteur News has been publishing a series of articles about the Minister’s decision to appoint businessman Brian Tiwari as his personal Adviser on Business Development and instructions he gave to the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) to halt a seizure of several vehicles from Chinese logging company BaiShanLin. The articles were skilfully designed in a manner to portray the Minister as corrupt.President David Granger had described claims of corruption against Harmon and his Government as “outrageous”, and stated that it was difficult for him to accept a blanket criticism of the entire Administration because of one incident.Following a retreat on Sunday, the AFC released a statement in which it called for Harmon’s powers to be trimmed. The AFC had explained that the concentration of the powers of the office of the Cabinet Secretary, the Minister of State in the Ministry of the Presidency and the effective Head of the Presidential Secretariat in a single person was a matter of concern and the powers should be separated.The statement continued that the “current difficulties which the Government has encountered in the continuing revelations arising out of the appointment of the Advisor on Business Development, and the issues surrounding this, have their roots in the concentration of the powers… The responsibilities of each of the above portfolios are substantial and of critical importance to the smooth operations of the Government and would benefit from separate appointments.”However, the Head of State on Monday told reporters that he did not believe Harmon’s duties and responsibilities were at all too burdensome.“I don’t think that they are so burdensome that he cannot take all three responsibilities. I am standing by the duties which were assigned to him last May and this is what we have been working with for the last 11 months and this is what was explained to the Cabinet retreat in January,” the President said.Moreover, he posited that he was surprised that the AFC now seemed to find fault in the distribution of duties and responsibilities among Cabinet members.“We had a retreat of the Cabinet earlier this year and we put out a very clear statement on the responsibilities of all 14 Ministers and the Ministry of the Presidency. So there is a book and it is stated, and nobody made any objections to the duties which were assigned to the Minister of State then and it would be surprising that after two months, people feel that the duties are being misused or they need to be trimmed,” he explained.Minister Harmon has been one of the most proactive and competent ministers within the APNU/AFC Administration and has been a target of Kaieteur News’ vendetta because of his association with Tiwari, the cousin of Glenn Lall, Publisher of that newspaper.last_img read more

Bandits dressed as Policemen break into sugar worker’s home

first_img−cart off with cash, m in jewelleryA West Berbice man is alleging that Police ranks attached to the Fort Wellington Police Station broke into his home on Monday and carted off with a number of articles, cash and $2 million worth in jewellery.Amzad Hoosain displaying the empty pouch which he claims the jewellery was taken fromThe Blairmont Estate cane harvester, of Cotton Tree Village, in Region Five (Mahaica/Berbice) says he was not at home when the perpetrators entered his home.According to Amzad Hoosain he had gone to the back of the yard and upon his return, he found that his front door was broken.His father, Saffie Hoosain 76, told this publication that four men dressed in blue shirts and blacks pants walked into the yard situated at Lot 15 Cotton Tree Public Road and asked for Amzad. “I tell them that he not at home and they go upstairs and broke the door.”The senior Hoosain said the men went to the second story where his son lived, taking with them two spades.“But they did not use the spade to break the door; they kick it down and one of the bolt fall out and two dem go in; one stay down here and the other one went up the step. They open up the back door and the veranda door,” he related.Hoosain told Guyana Times that after a while, the men came out of the house taking several items, including two cutlasses.Meanwhile, Amzad said he discovered his door ajar and a pair of footwear missing along with a neck tie, two cutlasses, two files, and jewellery among other items.He said that the matter was reported to the Fort Wellington Police Station and up to Tuesday midday, no one had visited the scene.According to Amzad, he was not aware of the men’s attire and the fact that they were dressed as Policemen until he received the details from his father, after making the report.He explained that the jewellery was in a wardrobe in one of the two bedrooms, in the upper flat of the building. He referred to the jewellery as being ‘old gold’.In tears, Amzad showed this publication three chains; two silver and one gold which he said were not taken.last_img read more

PM urges greater bilateral relations with China

first_imgAs Guyana joins the People’s Republic of China in ushering in their New Year celebrations, acting President and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo has expressed hope for continued cooperation with the Government of China, as both countries strive for a greener economy.The Chinese Ambassador Cui Jaianchun and delegation at the New Year celebrations“Our friendship, which started nearly 45 years ago, was born out of a common desire to build a relationship that produced tangible benefits for the people of our two countries,” Nagamootoo recalled during the reception on Wednesday night.He acknowledged China’s significant successes since then, highlighting that Guyana felt honoured to have a friend that has been able to demonstrate how effective international trade and capital flows can be in bringing immeasurable economic success for itself and the international community as a whole.“It serves to remind all of us of our mutual dependence on each other and the common responsibility that we have towards helping to improve the human condition.  The opportunity for economic expansion and human development rests on open trade relations and greater flows of foreign investment and Guyana is pleased to be a part of that system,” he said.Nagamootoo also noted that Guyana was looking forward to being able to continue doing business with China in an atmosphere of mutual respect, in keeping with the aspirations and capacity of both countries.The acting President also expressed gratitude to China for its immense assistance throughout the years, while placing the construction of the Arthur Chung Convention Centre in the spotlight, as well as the offer of exchange programmes for Journalists, security personnel and other professionals.“We are grateful for the services of your Medical Brigade, and for assistance to expand and improve Guyana’s public infrastructure, public safety and security, and provide language and cultural support,” Nagamootoo asserted.Moreover, he alluded to similarities between the two countries, highlighting that “like China, [Guyana] seeks a peaceful solution to any controversy and welcome the intention of the Secretary General of the United Nations to ensure the use of a peaceful mechanism to bring the unjust claim to our Essequibo region to an end, once and for all….[and]…Like China, Guyana is a signatory to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and has adopted the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, which provides a framework for the realisation of the green economy. “Meanwhile, the Chinese Ambassador to Guyana, Cui Jaianchun expressed great pleasure in spending his first Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) in Guyana and commended the gracious hospitality he and his wife received.He also noted that Guyana was an influential country in the Latin American and Caribbean Region and the Chinese Government placed high importance on the relationship between the two countries.The Ambassador stated that since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1972, the friendly cooperative relationship between China and Guyana has been developing constantly and steadily in the manner of mutual respect and support and equal coexistence.“We have witnessed continual visits of all levels, sound progress of economic and trade cooperation and frequent people-to-people and cultural exchanges. The friendship between our two peoples has been deepening day by day,” he said. (Ramona Luthi)last_img read more

Cameroon probe match fixing claims

first_img0Shares0000YAOUNDÉ, July 1- Cameroon football chiefs said they are determined to root out the seven players they termed as ‘bad apples’ implicated in an alleged matchfixing scandal over their World Cup group game with Croatia.“Recent allegations of fraud around Cameroon’s 2014 Fifa World Cup three preliminary games, especially Cameroon versus Croatia, as well of the ‘existence of seven bad apples [in our national team]’ do not reflect the values and principles promoted by our administration, in line with Fifa’s code of conduct and the ethics of our nation,” the Cameroon federation (FECAFOOT) said in a statement on its website. “We are strongly committed to employ all means necessary to resolve this disruptive matter in the shortest delays.”FECAFOOT added that in 55 years they had never before been punished for “match-fixing or any fraud of any kind.”The launching of the investigation by the Ethics Committee followed a report in Germany in which a Singaporean match-fixer correctly forecast that Croatia would win 4-0 and that a player would be sent off in the first-half.Barcelona star Alex Song was dismissed for a bizarre elbow assault to the back of Mario Mandzukic in the 40th minute.Later in the match, left back Benoit Assou-Ekotto aimed a headbutt at team-mate Benjamin Moukandjo leading the ‘Indomitable Lions’ veteran German coach Volker Finke to label their behaviour as unacceptable.Football’s governing body FIFA said it could not comment on an ongoing investigation.“Speaking generally, the integrity of the game is a top priority for FIFA and as such we take any allegations of match manipulation very seriously.”Cameroon’s campaign proved to be an unmitigated disaster from start to finish as the players refused to board their plane for the finals until a problem was resolved over their bonuses.Their one world class player Samuel Eto’s barely played while aside from the Croatia thrashing, the team went down 1-0 to Mexico and 4-1 to hosts Brazil.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Iran gets unlikely praise

first_imgThe October figure was the lowest since September 2005, he said. Simmons said the decline included all types of roadside bombs, including highly lethal “explosively formed penetrators” – the signature weapon of Shiite extremists – which can hurl a fist-size chunk of molten copper through the heaviest armor on U.S. vehicles. U.S. authorities insist penetrator bombs come from Iran, despite Iranian denials. Earlier this month, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Iranians had apparently assured the Iraqi government that it would stop the flow into Iraq of bomb-making materials and other weaponry. “We believe that the commitments that the Iranians have made appear to be holding up,” Simmons said, adding that Iranian-made weaponry still found in Iraq appeared to have been smuggled in months ago. After the news conference, Simmons told The AP that the Iranian move followed “a significant amount of negotiations.” Last week, the Americans freed nine Iranians detained in Iraq for months on suspicion of smuggling weapons to Iraqi Shiite groups. The release was seen as a possible response to Iran’s move to curb weapons shipments. Nevertheless, Shiite militants remain a major threat to U.S. forces in the Baghdad area, despite recent improvements in security in the capital. Shiite extremists were believed responsible for a deadly attack Wednesday against a U.S. Stryker vehicle, which was hit by what Simmons called “an array” of penetrator bombs near an entrance to the Green Zone. One American soldier was killed and five were wounded, the military said. Iraqi police said two Iraqi civilians also were killed.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! BAGHDAD – Iran seems to be honoring a commitment to stem the flow of deadly weapons into Iraq, contributing to a more than 50percent drop in the number of roadside bombs that kill and maim American troops, a U.S. general said Thursday. The comments by Maj. Gen. James Simmons marked rare U.S. praise for Iranian cooperation in efforts to stabilize Iraq. Washington has repeatedly accused the Islamic republic of aiding Shiite militias and trying to foil U.S. goals in Iraq and the region. But it remains unclear why Iran may have decided to choke off the suspected weapons pipeline. One possibility is that Iran – the most populous Shiite nation – is seeking to shore up the struggling government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, a Shiite, in the belief it will help Tehran’s long-term interests. Simmons, a deputy commander of Multinational Corps-Iraq, told reporters that the number of roadside bombs either found or exploded nationwide had fallen from 3,239 in March to 1,560 last month. last_img read more


first_imgAER Arann may pull its Derry to Dublin air route after the Government today confirmed it will not subsidise the route from June.Donegal North East Sinn Féin Deputy, Pádraig Mac Lochlainn has angrily responded to news that the FG/ Labour Government will not return the Public Service Obligation (PSO) subsidy for the Derry to Dublin air-link.In response to Deputy Mac Lochlainn’s parliamentary question, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport,Leo Varadkar, confirmed that he and his Government will not reverse the decision of the previous Government to cut the route. Deputy Mac Lochlainn said: “The decision of the previous Government to remove the PSO subsidy for the Derry to Dublin air-link was shocking. This subsidy is very important to make the route sustainable. Their defence of the cut that rail and road infrastructure connecting the two cities and regions is at the required standard was beyond belief.“There is no rail link connecting Dublin to Derry and North Donegal and the A5 dual carriageway will not be constructed till 2015. To compare Derry to Galway in terms of links to Dublin is mind boggling. There is both a railway and motorway connecting these two cities”.“I had hoped for a new approach from this Government to the needs of North Donegal and the North West. The response from Minister Varadkar appears to herald more of the same. I will continue to challenge this unjust and illogical decision. I invite local FG and Labour TDs and councillors to join me in that effort.”ends WILL AER ARANN PULL DERRY-DUBLIN AIR ROUTE AFTER GOVERNMENT CUTS FUNDING? was last modified: April 7th, 2011 by gregShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Aer Aranndonegallast_img read more

Cadden: Win and Motherwell players will become legends

first_imgHe said: “Everybody is still talking about the 1991 team, if we can go out and give the fans a day to remember that will be us.“People can still remember the goal and where we there from that day.“We’d genuinely be 11 legends if we went onto win it so we can’t wait.”Cadden said the build-up to the showpiece finale to the Scottish football season had left him with butterflies in his stomach. Motherwell midfielder Chris Cadden has said the Steelmen can become “11 legends” by winning the Scottish Cup on Saturday.The Fir Park side face Celtic in a second final this season where they will look to exact a dose of revenge after losing 2-0 to the Hoops in the League Cup final.Stephen Robinson’s side have the chance to bring the cup back to Lanarkshire for the first time since the Steelmen beat Dundee United at Hampden in 1991.Academy product Cadden said that the class of ’91 had gone down in folklore in the town and insisted the current crop will achieve similar legendary status with victory this weekend. He added: “It’s brilliant, there’s a real buzz around the town and I’m really looking forward to it.“It’s the biggest day in Scottish football for me and all the boys are buzzing.“It gives you butterflies.“All the boys are talking about it, everywhere you go people are wishing you good luck.“It’s only Tuesday but I can’t wait to get out there and make it a special day for the fans.“It would genuinely be a dream come true to lift that trophy in front of the Motherwell fans.”A monumental weekend lies in store for the Cadden family, with Nicky Cadden’s Livingston facing Partick Thistle in the Premiership play-off final second leg a day after younger brother Chris takes to the Hampden turf.Chris, 21, said he’ll be making an appearance at Firhill for the second leg, regardless of whether or not he is involved in exuberant post-match celebrations.He said: “We’ll bounce off each other.“It could be an unbelievable weekend for the Cadden family.“If it goes well for me, I’ll probably go straight from the night out to his game!”last_img read more

Your Top-Rated Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios Restaurants

first_imgShare This!I’m back with more results from our recent Disney World dining survey. Today we’re looking at your top-rated Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios restaurants. (Here are the best Magic Kingdom restaurants, and here are Epcot’s best restaurants.) Like those earlier posts, today’s analysis is based on more than 122,000 Disney World dining surveys we received in 2016.The Best Animal Kingdom RestaurantsLet’s start with the park’s quick-service restaurants. As before, restaurants in green are significantly better than average, while restaurants in red are significantly worse than average: Animal Kingdom Quick Service Restaurants Harambe Market58189.2 Royal Anandapur Tea Company11295.5 Dawa Bar19294.8 Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery20087.5 Tune In Lounge10788.8 Thirsty River Bar and Trek Snacks7991.1 Fairfax Fare32886.2 Anaheim Produce14891.9 Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano76987.5 Nomad Lounge10797.2% RestaurantNumber of SurveysThumbs-Up % Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes68590.9 All of the Studios’ table service restaurants are rated below the average for all Walt Disney World restaurants. I think Hollywood Brown Derby is better than average – its Pork Three Ways is fantastic. I also think the prices keep the ratings down.I’ll be headed back to the Studios over the next month, getting ready to start updating the Unofficial Guide for 2018. In the comments below, let me know what your favorite restaurant and thing to eat is in the park. I’ll give them a try and report back.Want to let us know your picks? Take our user survey where we ask about every aspect of your trip. ABC Commissary1,04776.5 Tusker House1,51692.7 RestaurantNumber of SurveysThumbs-Up % Trolley Car Cafe Starbucks24993.6 Hollywood Studios Table Service Restaurants 50’s Prime Time Cafe1,36488.4 I’m disappointed in PizzaRizzo. Disney (rightfully) closed the old Pizza Planet in the same location, ostensibly to freshen up the concept and get ready for Toy Story Land and Star Wars crowds when they start to arrive in 2018 and 2019, respectively. The decor changed, but the low-quality pizza stayed exactly the same.Remember that Disney had $2.5 billion in profits in its most recent three-month quarter. Management has the money to make better food. They choose not to.The best place to get a quick meal at the park is the Starbucks on Hollywood Boulevard.Here’s the Studios’ table service restaurants: RestaurantNumber of SurveysThumbs-Up % Yak & Yeti79992.1 Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant1,25086.2 Catalina Eddie’s15784.1 If you’ve not been to Nomad Lounge, try it before the Pandora crowds arrive in May.  Every one of our reviewers (including me) thinks highly of Tiffins. The drinks are vastly different than what you see around Disney property, the small-plate appetizers are interesting, and the drink flavors and alcohol are all in balance.Tiffins’ Wagyu Strip Loin and Braised Short RibWe’ve done a number of reviews of Tiffins, the park’s newest table service restaurant, all of them positive. The food is substantially better than anything you’d find in, say, the Magic Kingdom, and as good as anything you’ll get at Epcot or the Studios.As for the rest of the Animal Kingdom’s sit-down places, almost all of them are better than average. The one exception is the Rainforest Cafe, which does much worse than average almost every year. The menu is simply too big and too diverse for the kitchen to do any of it well. Your best bet is to stick with something simple, like a hamburger, or just wait to eat until you get back to your hotel.The Best Hollywood Studios RestaurantsIf you want to know the state of food service at Hollywood Studios, consider these two things:Disney closed the two highest-rated restaurants in the park, and replaced them with nothing.The park has as many open restaurants rated “much worse than average” as above average. Hollywood Studios Quick Service Restaurants RestaurantNumber of SurveysThumbs-Up % Eight Spoon Cafe3375.8 Mean = 89.7, sdev=6.1 PizzaRizzo (new)7380.8 Flame Tree Barbecue1,42594.9 Tamu Tamu Refreshments Photo courtesy of Disney (c)Tamu Tamu Refreshments serves Dole Whip floats, which is not coincidentally the substance that scientists feed laboratory mice to test addiction. (I’m, like, 99% sure on that.) Also doing well is the Harambe Fruit Market, wedged between Kilimanjaro Safaris and some gift shops. It’s got a good selection of chilled fruits, probably very refreshing on hot days.Two of my personal favorites, Flame Tree Barbecue and Royal Anandapur Tea Company, also do well. Flame Tree’s seating has been expanded over the past year, with lovely views of either its own multi-level terraces, or the waterfront where Rivers of Light plays at night.Harambe Market comes in at about average for the park. I think the food quality here is better than the rating shows. The original ordering system, where you had to go to multiple windows to order different foods, may have been dragging down Harambe’s ratings. On my last visit, you could order most items from more windows. We’ll see if that helps.At the bottom of the Animal Kingdom’s counter-service restaurants are Pizzafari and the Eight Spoon Cafe. Pizzafari may be the worst pizza in Walt Disney World, and that’s saying something. The crust is too doughy and often feels undercooked. The culinary statement made by the sauce and toppings is that the cooks hate what their lives have become.I’m not sure why the Eight Spoon Cafe’s mac-and-cheese-based menu is rated so low.  The one time I’ve tried it, it wasn’t terrible. If you’ve sampled it, leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.Here’s the Animal Kingdom’s table service ratings chart: Writer’s Stop (closed)26995.2 Harambe Fruit Market18297.2 Starring Rolls Cafe (closed)74094.6 Pizzafari49879.7 Rosie’s All-American Cafe17882.0 Restaurantosaurus51086.9 Sweet Spells16894.0 Mean = 89.7, sdev=6.1 Tamu Tamu Refreshments25197.6 Mean = 89.7, sdev=6.1 Dinosaur Gertie’s Ice Cream10890.7 Backlot Express97084.6 Studio Catering Co. (closed)5076.0 Zuri’s Sweet Shop12795.3 Tiffins19492.8 Hollywood Brown Derby72787.8 Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner20175.6 Rainforest Cafe55883.2 Hollywood & Vine1,24179.5 Animal Kingdom  Table Service Restaurants Mean = 89.7, sdev=6.1last_img read more

Kabelo Mabelane to host Play Your Part series, debuting on SABC2 soon

first_imgJohannesburg, Friday 23 May 2014 – As South Africa celebrates 20 years of democracy, an inspiring South African 13-part, 48-minute magazine TV show titled PLAY YOUR PART debuts on SABC 2 on Sunday 15 June 2014.Singer and actor Kabelo Mabalane is the perfect host for this exciting series aimed at inspiring and igniting South Africans to take action and make a difference in their communities. The PLAY YOUR PART TV show, created by Brand South Africa, will be screened weekly at 9pm on Sunday nights on SABC 2 for 13 weeks, with a repeat on an alternative SABC channel.The show aims to make a positive contribution towards the growth and development of South Africa by profiling and showcasing the achievements of ordinary individuals across a broad spectrum of disciplines who inspire the notion of active citizenship in our country – especially over the past 20 years – and how their continued efforts will affect our realisation of the ambitions of the National Development Plan in an actionable and powerful way.The 48-minute show will explore the remarkable journeys of ordinary and well-known South Africans: their struggles, obstacles, successes, triumphs as well as their tragedies – but always ultimately finding solutions and creating legacies that benefit the broader community.Extensive research, archival footage and interviews tell the story of our transformation and unification as a young democracy. Stories of individuals who fight corruption, build safer communities, reform public service, improve health care and the quality of education, training, innovation and continue promoting active citizenry will take centre stage in the 13-part TV series. At the end of each episode there will be a cohesive message and challenge to viewers to PLAY THEIR PART through a call to action.Brand South Africa’s Strategic Marketing and Communication Director, Ms Wendy Tlou says: “Brand South Africa is beyond excited to be spearheading a show of this kind aimed at creating a spirit of active citizenship, pride and patriotism in our country. We have much to be proud of during our last 20 years of democracy, but it is time for us all to coalesce around our National Development Plan, which aims to ensure South Africa’s economic and social growth and development. Active citizenship, pride and patriotism will be crucial in driving the implementation of the National Development Plan by all stakeholders.”“I am of the conviction that ordinary South Africans doing extraordinary work should be profiled for the sole reason of inspiring others that they too can make a difference and play their part in moving the country forward,” says Kabelo Mabalane. {loadposition press_release}last_img read more