Allseas launches supply chain arm

first_imgLed by James Morris, the division brings together a team of logistics experts that will work together to create customised supply chain solutions.Allseas Global Supply Chain’s offering covers contract inventory management, contract logistics, forward hub distribution, multi-country consolidation, Customs planning, sourcing and procurement, retail value-added services and freight management.www.allseasglobalsupplychain.comwww.allseasglobal.comlast_img

Creating awareness about men’s health

first_imgCameron February and son Justin from Athlone. June is Men’s Health Awareness Month, and it will strike a special chord with Cameron February, from Athlone, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 49. His journey started in 2011 when he noticed a fluid coming out of his left breast, after his son, Justin, 15, knocked his head against his chest. A year later, in 2012, he noticed a lump in the same breast. Mr February went for a biopsy in March that year, and the results came back negative. However, in May, he decided to have the lump removed at Melomed Hospital in Mitchell’s Plain, because it worried him.“The surgeon, however, did not remove the lump but removed fat under the nipple, and sent it for tests. The results came back and said I have 1.2 millimetres of cancer,” said Mr February. He was given a letter to take to Groote Schuur Hospital for treatment.“I was so shocked and devastated. I thought I would never see my son again. I felt like my life came to an end,” he said.On Monday May 28, he had his first breast scan to see how far the cancer had spread. He then consulted with his cousin, Marc Combrinck, who is a professor in neurology at Groote Schuur. Together with his colleague, Professor Eugene Panieri, the pair decided that it was best to have his left breast removed. About a week later, on Thursday June 7, Mr February underwent the procedure and started with chemotherapy on Monday July 2.“People say the chemotherapy will make you nauseous, but it didn’t make me nauseous at all. On the second session, however, my hair started falling out, and so I decided to shave it all off.”Later that year, in September, he went for another chemotherapy session and another in October.“I felt very weak, I was also going through a divorce at the time and was unemployed, but I had many people supporting me.”In November, Mr February started his radiation treatment, going every day for three weeks. He continued to go for check-ups every six months after that.“My hair started growing back in 2013, and I felt human again. My teeth, however, became very weak. One day, I bit on a chicken bone and my tooth cracked in half. I had to have a root canal done, but that didn’t last, so I went for an implant instead.”Mr February still goes for regular check-ups every six months and now enjoys yoga and transcendental meditation.“My message to men out there is to go and get tested if you notice anything is wrong. Don’t wait till the last minute. I know men don’t like to get tested. Don’t keep quiet about it either, talk to your partners about it. Know what is happening in your bodies.” In January this year, he started the Braveheart Foundation. The idea is to create cancer awareness among men and give them support, although he has yet to launch the foundation. Mr February’s last check-up will be in June next year. If all goes well, he will be cancer free for five years.last_img read more

Helping business-led railways to share best practice

first_imgIf there is one thing that we have learned during the past 20-year maelstrom of railway reform, restructuring, liberalisation, concessioning and privatisation, it is that today’s railway managers need to keep a firm focus on the commercial aspects of their business.For operators such as the Class I railroads of North America, or the private mineral railways of the southern hemisphere, the message is not new. But for railways emerging from state control after anything up to 100 years, the transition to a commercial world can be disconcerting. Throw in different models of competition and the degree to which politicians are prepared to relinquish control, and the complexity has never been greater.Gone are the days of simply running the railway because it is there, and expecting the taxpayer to pick up the bill. Today every route, main line or branch, needs a proven business case to justify its continued existence. Profitability is by no means assured, but many operators achieve positive results by focusing on what rail does well. As we have remarked before, it is in areas such as heavy-haul freight, high speed inter-city and long-distance high-volume freight that the rail mode has reinvented itself to harness its inherent technical advantages.This is not to say that every line must be profitable in strict business terms. The huge volumes of commuter traffic flowing in and out of the world’s major cities rarely cover their true costs, but today few decision-makers would question the contribution that rail makes to economic prosperity and quality of life. Regional routes have a role to play in terms of social mobility, offering a lifeline to economic prosperity. But in all such cases the social benefits need to be quantified and reimbursed through a concession or operating agreement that puts the public-sector financial support on a sound contractual basis.The rail sector is well-placed to capitalise on growing concerns about energy use and environmental sustainability which will increasingly drive transport policy. It is encouraging to see the investment going into new railways in countries as diverse as Saudi Arabia and China, and to see where rail’s benefits are being recognised. However, the competition is not standing still. New cars and aircraft are more fuel-efficient, quieter and emit fewer pollutants. Our industry needs to demonstrate a willingness to press ahead with technical advances and continuous improvement.Rail has traditionally been an engineering-led business, but today’s management teams need a much broader skill set. It is heartening to see how new entrants are challenging entrenched views and bringing expertise in economics and marketing, for example. Nevertheless, a good understanding of the engineering issues involved in running a railway, large or small, is vital for success. We have seen too many examples in recent years of what can happen when technical skills are dispersed or sidelined.A stronger magazineIn this diverse and increasingly global market, it is perhaps more important than ever before to exchange ideas and share best practice. As the rail industry’s leading business-to-business magazine, Railway Gazette International has long been committed to facilitating the exchange of technical and commercial innovations across our broad readership spanning many different disciplines. Over the past couple of years, we have been giving considerable thought to our role in the internet era, with near-instant communication changing the way people do business. As I talk to operators, suppliers and government officials around the world, I hear regular comments about information overload – the technology to deliver news and data is outstripping people’s ability to process and absorb it. And it is not just online news – more and more niche magazines are targeting sub-sectors of the rail industry, both technical and regional. But focus on a small sector and you risk missing the big picture. Track and trains, engineering and operations, commercial and financial, political and social – today’s industry leaders need at least a good working knowledge in every aspect of the business. And in a global market, it is important to compare and contrast at an international level.I believe our role remains clear: to seek out the news, to filter and interpret the data, selecting and presenting the key business and technical information that our readers need. What is changing, though, is the way in which we deliver this information.This month we are relaunching Railway Gazette International with a stronger, more business-like style. We believe the new look will make the magazine easier to read, and help readers identify the different elements of each month’s contents. Our revamped Intelligence section will continue to provide comprehensive reporting and analysis of key developments and market information across the whole rail sector, both main line and urban. This will be backed up by regular online news reports at and the weekly electronic newsletter we launched in February.Each month’s feature articles will cover two main themes – generally one looking at a technical or operational discipline, and one at an important geographical region. For more immediate coverage, our In Focus section provides the opportunity to look at topical subjects in depth. And our new Viewpoint column gives industry professionals the chance to air their thoughts about important issues month by month. Finally, but perhaps most importantly, we are launching a new Forum section, dedicated to building and strengthening relationships across the world’s railway community. I believe that we have a vital role to play keeping people in touch, and I would like to encourage everyone to participate in this section as it develops. Forum will also be expanding online as part of our forthcoming web development strategy.I hope you like our new look, and I welcome your feedback. Please e-mail your comments to me at or see the full contact details. Christopher JacksonEditor-in-Chief, Railway Gazette Internationallast_img read more

British students complete 2,000 mile kayak trip from Grenada to Florida

first_imgBritish students complete 2,000 mile kayak trip from Grenada to Florida  Two British kayakers completed an outstanding feat on Tuesday when their kayak landed on a beach at Lauderdale-by-the-Sea on Tuesday. The pair, Will McCreadie, 21, and George Parry, 22, were completing a one month, 2,000-mile journey by kayaking from the Eastern Caribbean island-nation of Grenada.McCreadie and Perry, students at Durham University in North-east England made the journey in a 22-foot kayak. They told reporters that they were happy and relieved to have arrived to US shore, and described the voyage as “physical and emotionally taxing.” They said during aspects the voyage they were surrounded by sharks and endured storms and huge waves, and were at different time scared, apprehensive and excited. However, the emotion they were feeling on reaching their final destination was “relief.”Their trip was not non-stop. They said they stopped at different Caribbean islands along the way, rested in lodgings or in hammocks on beaches. They expressed special thanks to those who provided meals and lodging for them on their stops along the way.That’s why the pair were so grateful for the help they said strangers gave them along the way.According to reports, the friends of eight years, accustomed to adventurous driving and cycling trips across countries said the objective of trip, beside the thrill, was to raise funds for their charity – “Get Exploring Trust.” They said the trust is to assist young people to embark on different adventures, especially disadvantaged people who couldn’t afford to fund the adventures of their dreams.last_img read more

A Million Records for Local Wildlife Information Centre

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInDUMFRIES and Galloways local environmental records centre was flying high as it celebrated gathering a million records of local plants and animals this week.South West Scotland Environmental Information Centre (SWSEIC) is the local hub for wildlife information in Dumfries & Galloway and Ayrshire. The Centre collates and shares information about the region’s species and habitats to help paint a better picture of where they are found. The crucial one millionth record was of a Redshank at Loch Ryan, a wading bird from one of the region’s most important wetlands. The information was part of the county bird records which are collated each year by the county bird recorder and published by the local Scottish Ornithologists’ Club branches in the local bird report.The Centre’s growing collection of information is largely thanks to the efforts of hundreds of volunteer wildlife watchers. People send in their sightings either via local or national recording schemes or direct to the Centre, where the records are collated in SWSEIC’s database.So far records of more than 11,500 different plants, animals and fungi have been gathered from around SW Scotland. Not surprisingly, birds make up the largest proportion of the Centre’s records, followed by moths, plants and butterflies. The Mallard is the most frequently recorded species, with Chaffinch and Blackbird making up the top three. SWSEIC Manager Mark Pollitt said,“When the Centre was launched in 2004 we had no records collated locally at all. Now, with the help of a growing army of local wildlife enthusiasts and improved sharing of information, we have over a million records helping us to improve our understanding of where both common and rarer species are to be found.” Mark added, “The information we hold is a hugely valuable resource and it’s there for everyone to use. It’s helping us to look after our natural heritage for future generations to enjoy.” “We’re very grateful to everyone who has contributed information, but we’re still only just scratching the surface in terms of our local knowledge. It’s a very big region, and there are still many species and places we know surprisingly little about.”Stuart Graham, Funding Officer with Scottish Natural Heritage said,“The Centre provides a great focus for people’s wildlife records from across the region. These records are very helpful to monitor trends and changes in our environment as well as highlighting the most sensitive areas that require our conservation efforts. We are delighted that the army of local recorders have helped the record centre pass this very special milestone and look forward to the 2 millionth record!”The Centre is hosted by Southern Uplands Partnership and is grateful for the continued support it receives from Scottish Natural Heritage and the four local authorities.last_img read more

Farmington council looks for Maxfield property developers

first_imgWith one dissenting vote, city officials on Monday approved a document designed to draw private developers to Farmington’s Maxfield Training Center project.Council members on September 2 reviewed the Request for Qualifications (RFQ), which asks developers to show how they would bring housing to the long-vacant property on Thomas Street. At that time, several officials objected to language that set a 124-unit limit, but it remained in the approved draft.The number led council member Maria Taylor to vote against the RFQ developed by Carmine Avantini and Justin Sprague of Community Image Builders (CIB), and Eric Helzer of Advanced Redevelopment Solutions (ARS). Taylor pointed out that three of five council members said earlier that they weren’t comfortable with the high number.“The whole reason that we bought this was so that we wouldn’t be in a situation with too many units… that cancels out the whole reason for doing this project,” she said.Cap based on ordinances, TIFCity officials earlier this year finalized a deal with Farmington Public Schools to buy the 3-acre property for $690,000, after years of failed development proposals. Neighboring residents opposed AC Acquisitions plans for as many as 155 luxury apartments; a revised plan for 115 units stalled in 2018. The company withdrew from the project in 2019, after the death of owner Walter Cohen.City council member Steven Schneemann also balked at 124 units. Avanti explained the number was based on factors that included the city’s zoning ordinance and calculating repayment of funds advanced through tax increment financing (TIF) for demolition and site cleanup.“We wanted to put a cap on there, we wanted to have it high enough that we could have discussions with (developers),” Avanti said. “That’s a number they’d have to reach for. We’re going to be negotiating based on what kind of tax capture we can commit to the project based on what they’re willing to do.”Schneemann said that a developer could argue the city’s desired amenities – a connection with Shiawassee Park and public parking – are already in place, and simply propose 124 units.“My concern is if we’re not specific enough, we’re basically going to not come to an agreement with the developer,” he said.Avanti said the larger number will attract more proposals, and “the bigger the pool, the better the opportunity for the city is to find that development you’re looking for.” Sprague added that officials could withdraw from an offer if a developer decided to “go rogue” and present something outside the city’s vision.“My concern is the same,” Schneemann said. “We’re saying one thing and looking for another.”Fewer units narrows the fieldTaylor said she would be comfortable with putting 100 units into the RFQ. She asked what would happen if a developer came in with a 124-unit project.“They’d have to show the numbers,” Avanti said. “Because we’re going to be offering financial incentives, they have to submit a detailed pro forma that shows the rate of return and expenses… We can put in 100, but that narrows the field of developers.”He added that the city could negotiate with financial incentives to drop the number of units, and that officials could turn down all offers and reissue the RFQ at a later date.“I don’t think we should negotiate for what we want… I think we should ask for what we want,” Taylor said.Mayor Pro Tem Joe LaRussa asked about the state of the market, and Avanti said housing projects are the only ones moving forward. He said the State of Michigan has put a hold on incentives, and Farmington has tools other communities may not to help developers make their projects work.Once the RFQ is released, Avanti said, developers would have 30-45 days to respond. Schneemann said he would support the document, but still had “serious concerns” about the types of proposals the city would receive.“We want to put together a project that will be accepted by the public, that the council feels comfortable (with) financially, that the developer can make a reasonable return on and make sure that it’s managed properly, and a project that looks good on top of that, high quality,” Avanti said. “Those are things I think we’re all looking for.” Reported by Joni Hubred Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Volcanoes wins vs S’pore anew, rules Asian Rugby

first_imgPhilippine Volcanoes wins the Asia Rugby Championship Division 1 series for the first time in six years after defeating Singapore in succession. PHILIPPINE VOLCANOES CALAMBA, Laguna – Philippine Volcanoes went for the kill in the second half to score a lopsided 38-12 win over Singapore to rule the Asia Rugby Championship Division 1 series at the Southern Plains turf.Rob Fogerty outscored the entire Singapore squad as he finished with 18 points, on four penalties and three conversions, on Tuesday. Volcanoes also won the series opener on Saturday 32-24.Justin Coveney connected on two tries for 10 points while Steve Howorth and Joe Dawson scored the other tries for the Philippines, which won the Division 1 title for the first time in six years.“It’s hard to believe that we scored that much against a tough Singapore team,” said the emotional Fogerty. “It meant a lot to me.” Both teams were into a tight match in the opening half with Volcanoes clinging to a slim 18-12 lead. The home team went on to pull away in the second half on consecutive points from Fogerty.“The boys stuck at it. We were solid on defense. We didn’t let them through,” said Howorth. “Our backs proved to be dominant in space.”Matthew Humphries and Peter McFeely each made a try while Ishraff Marah added a conversion for the visiting Singapore./PNlast_img read more

Mat Insiders: Two Indy Wrestling Promotions Take to the Mat in NE Ohio This Weekend

first_imgAbsolute Intense Wrestling card for 12/18Doors open about 6:30 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Cleveland Singles matchEthan Carter III vs Chuck TaylorEC3 is back in AIW for the first time since he lost the TNA Championship. Will the Dudes on TV help EC3 in this match? If you have not seen Chuck Taylor before check him out on YouTube (hyperlink) he is one of the most entertaining guys out there.Singles matchLouis Lyndon vs Amazing RedLouis Lyndon has been on a roll this year in AIW. He has beaten Colt Cabana, Brian Meyers, Tommy Mercer (Crimson) , 2 Cold Scorpio, ACH. Cedric Alexander, and Candice LeRae. Meanwhile Amazing Red faced off with Johnny Gargano back in Big Trouble in Little Cleveland back in October. Should be a very good match. Tag Team matchBunkhouse Buck & Jock Samson w/ Col. Robert Parker vs Dick Justice & Marion FontaineAt Faith No More in September Dick Justice was facing off with Nightmare Freddy who has been haunting him since May. During their match Nightmare Freddy was unmasked to be Jock Samson during their match. With Jock Samson getting the upper hand for several months by beating Dick Justice senseless, Justice finally got some back up at Hell on Earth in November. That back up was Marion Fontaine with a team of Justice and Fontaine, Samson had to start looking for a partner after some looking he made a call to Bunkhouse Buck. Will Justice get beat senseless once again even with Marion Fontaine by his side?6 way Scramble match for the Intense TitleGregory Iron (c) vs JERRY vs Shinnya Ishida vs Davey Vega vs Cloudy vs Rex BrodyAt Faith No More, Gregory Iron won a six man scramble match for the Intense Title and has been holding it since. Although Iron has been retaining the title in multiple defense he has had some help from the members of his stable , The Iron Curtain. With JERRY being a member of The Iron Curtain will he help out Greg or will he think for himself? Will we have a new Intense Champion? Will Davey Vega regaining his title once again? Absolute Title matchEthan Page (c) vs Tim DonstBack at I Choo-Choo- Choose You, Tim Donst had to relinquish his Absolute Title because he had a tumor in his kidney that could have given him cancer. Donst did not know if he would ever wrestle again. Back in May during the J.T Lightning tournament on night two Donst had a big announcement for the fans. The announcement was interrupted by Nick Gage saying that no body cares what he has to say because he will never wrestle again although he was wrong. Donst announced that he has been cleared to wrestle and challenged Gage to a match at Absolution X. Since his return Donst has beaten guys like Paul London, Hardcore Holly, Nick Gage, and Chris Hero. Donst has not lost yet since his return and is determined to win back his title that he never lost. Meanwhile Ethan Page turned heel on the night of Big Trouble in Little Cleveland when former champion Rickey Shane Page had beaten Raymond Rowe who has only lost one time. Ethan claimed that he was the only one that believed in Rickey and that Rickey didn’t even believe in himself. At Hell on Earth it was Rickey Shane Page against Ethan Page where Ethan Page used a fire ball to beat Rickey for the title. 10 man tag matchTeam Johnny (Johnny Gargano, Alex Daniels , Brian Carson , Joshua Singh, and Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham ) vs Team Candice (Candice LeRae, Frankie Flynn , “Worldwide” Alex Kellar, “Weird Body” Evan Adams , and Kaplan) A 10 man tag match that stars all of the AIW trainees along with their two trainers Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae. This match will be good with the trainees giving it their all like they always do. Plus Johnny tweeted to Pro Wrestling Gorilla fans that it is not goodbye but it is see you later.4 way Tag MatchBlack & Wild (Flip Kendrick and Eric Ryan) vs Nation of Intoxication( Lucky tHURTeen & Danny Havoc) vs Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) vs Dudes on TV (Matt Cross and DJ Z)The last time Nation of Intoxication was in AIW Lucky tHURTeen was flipped over the barricade and was kicked in the face. Will this happen again? The Beaver Boys return for the first time since April. This match is bound to be a crazy!3 Stages of HellEddie Kingston w/ The Duke vs Josh ProhibitionEddie Kingston is one of the funniest heels there is in AIW. You honestly cannot hate this man. These two have been feuding since Faith No More in September and last month after The Duke interfered once again Josh Prohibition challenged Kingston to a 3 Stages of Hell match. Will this feud end and who will prevail?Tag Team match for the AIW Tag Team titlesTo Infinity and Beyond (Colin Delaney and Cheech) (c) vs Hot Sauce Entertainment (Tyson Dux and “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams)To Infinity and Beyond have been the Tag Champs since Gauntlet for the Gold 10 in March beating The Forgotten (Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer) . Ever since March To Infinity and Beyond has been defending their titles and retaining. This time around Hot Sauce Entertainment faces off with the tag champs for the title. The last time these two faced off was at Absolution 10 in which Hot Sauce Entertainment had lost, since then they have been a team longer, can that possibly give them the edge? To Infinity and Beyond has beaten tag teams like the Young Bucks, Acquaintances At Best( Colt Cabana and Chuck Taylor) , The FBI (Little Guido and Tracy Smothers), and Dudes on TV (DJ Z and Matt Cross) . Will there be new tag team champions? Pages: 1 2 Related TopicsAbsolute Intense WrestlingMega Championship Wrestling Payton Vince Payton Vince is either talking about sports or watching sports. He covers sports for Metro Networks and is also a writer for He grew up in Brooklyn Heights,Ohio for most of his life then around senior year of high school moved to Cleveland. A fan of the Cleveland Indians, Cavaliers, and a Pittsburgh Steelers, he graduated from Cuyahoga Heights High School (Class of 2014) and also graduated from the Ohio Center for Broadcasting in 2015. He bowled and played baseball in high school, and is a huge fan of independent wrestling and WWE, and can almost always find him at an independent show. Lastly, Payton is a backstage interviewer for Mega Championship Wrestling in Elyria, and is one of the three on ‘That Sports Show’ which airs daily from 2-4pm on read more

Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Defeats Cleveland 4-1

Related TopicsCleveland Monsters This is brought to you by our premier sponsors, “Jenny’s Old Fashioned Popcorn”.  You can visit them on line HERECLEVELAND – The Cleveland Monsters fell to the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins 4-1 in an evening where sloppy play was common for the Monsters.  The Monsters fall to 3-2-0.The Monsters got a chance early, 2:22 into the game Anthony Angello got sent to the penalty box for the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins.  The Penguins killed the penalty.  With 12 minutes left in the period, Kevin Stenlund scored from the right circle for the Monsters.  The goal was assisted by Nathan Gerbe and Ryan MacInnis.  The Monsters went 0-2 on power plays in the period while the Penguins went 0-1.  The Monsters looked slow on power plays all night and were in their own half for a large chunk of their power play opportunities.The second period was not kind to the Monsters.  Anthony Angello scored for the Penguins three minutes into the period to tie the score at one.  Less than four minutes later, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton took the lead.  Jimmy Hayes scored, Garrett Wilson and Matt Abt assisted on the goal.  Derek Grant scored the third goal of the period for the Penguins with 9:05 left in the period.  Shots were tied in the period but the Monsters were unable to convert their shots into goals.  The Monsters had another chance on a power play in the period but were unable to convert.The Monsters gave up an empty net goal to Teddy Blueger with 2:03 remaining in the game.  Wilkes-Barre/Scranton finished the night with 34 shots while Cleveland took 33 shots.  Both teams went 0-3 on power plays.  The difference in the game was definitely the second period when the Monsters got outscored 3-0 in the period.The Monsters will play their next five games on the road and will not return to Quicken Loans Arena until November 2nd when they take on the Toronto Marlies.  The Monsters will follow that game up with a game two days later against the Grand Rapids Griffins. Patrick Kennedy read more

Sato victorious at Asama invitational

first_imgMATSUMOTO, Nagano Pref. – Hosei University freshman Katsunori Sato won the men’s 10,000 meters with a personal-best time for his first victory in the Asama invitational meet in on Saturday.The 19-year-old Sato beat the veterans at Asama Onsen International Skate Center by clocking 14 minutes, 22.53 seconds, while Toshihiko Itokawa, a national team member at the Salt Lake City Olympics, came home second in 14:34.13. In the women’s 5,000 meters, high school student Eri Natori took the top honors with a time of 8:05.79 with Erika Oki following in second at 8:09.38. GET THE BEST OF THE JAPAN TIMES IN FIVE EASY PIECES WITH TAKE 5last_img read more