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five. The most important point is, we take the part-time Wangzhuan, think good, think very easily, very simple, but the fact is not so, what things have to rely on their own effort to do, will have a real return, pay attention to patient + perseverance, to be successful!

, now the most need to get referrals Wangzhuan, only to pull a large number of referrals to earn money. But how to pull a large number of referrals? Earn a lot of friends reflect, send a lot of ads are not pull off! I had in the forum sent many posts to pull off the assembly line, but because the site is too long, the netizen is just pull off the assembly line, for most people will put your aversion at the back PID deleted! Even if registered, nor your downline! So I want a way to do Wangzhuan network, let members can free advertising advertising when pull off! Each link all replaced by the dynamic picture of a free registration, click on the picture to you the address of the project. This way, when you open the URL, you don’t show PID. In this way, I mean a week to do the project dragged hundreds of

two, some Wangzhuan, is false, deceptive, by all the people who want to earn the mentality, they use, free to use, when they reach the goal, with all sorts of reason to refuse to pay the other day! Like very popular on the network network project fund, with 70 days of gains over 100% the rebate, revenue reached more than 150%, 98 yuan investment to earn 200 bonus as bait, most people could not resist the temptation to join, even the news report is a liar, but there are still a lot of people to join. The project site to add to the late game off station after a week could not be opened again! Of course, the membership is to earn money, but behind the membership is tears!! there are many similar projects, make friends must polish his eyes rational investment

four, do Wangzhuan must be specific, determine a method not easily shaken wangzhuan. At present, Wangzhuan more and more, to make friends a lot of money, but no one can invade all projects. Especially novices, should focus on two or three projects, concentrate on doing. Instead of hearing about this project today, do it. Tomorrow, when you hear about that project, do it, so you can never make any money.

three, less talk, more work, less want to hyperactivity. The grand scheme of mind will never come true, without action, it will never succeed. So, from now on, speak less, do more, think less and act more. Wealth does not come by itself. It can only be fought for itself. It is the act of seeing and acting, the shortest way to get there.

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most novices, even some old timers, spend a lot of time and energy on the Internet without satisfying their benefits. Why is that?

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