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of course, persistence is inevitable. Some friends only do one month, certainly won’t have income. Some insist on having little income for several months. Don’t give up too early. Persistence is the most important thing. Write so much for the time being and continue writing tomorrow. 58task.co>

has seen more than one friend, a worldwide promotion link for Taobao. You think you can make money, but you don’t know what you’re doing. Because you made countless such links, nor will you have any meaningful weight, and if Taobao’s policy change, then you do these connections, mostly in free publicity for Taobao, and you won’t have too much income.

2008WAP owners are most concerned about the information
1. technology MMClick
mmclick customer service
365× solutions; 24 hours all-weather service
24 hour national hotline: 020-34249927 15986429130 br < > mmclick
Investment Cooperation: [email protected]
2. Tata WAP advertising alliance www.tatawap

also not excessive superstition dynamic station, only the use of a dynamic web site for the convenience of users, in fact, relatively speaking, if can realize static, sh419, Taobao, the 58 task network advertising them, will choose the static. Because the static has a better advantage, he is more favored by the search engine. I have done several static pages, personal feeling, his collection speed is much greater than the dynamic page. And now a lot of sites are also gradually realize pseudo static. So don’t make a mistake, think that dynamic pages are better than static pages.

now many Taobao friends, there is a misunderstanding, that is, Taobao customers make money is very simple.

so I recommend you make your own static page or single page. No charge, you can also, for example, you can go to some blog sites to apply for a custom blog space can also be. In this case, on the one hand, the blog space is stable, moreover, in the search engine aspect, his weight is also far higher than the ordinary personal space.

but if you put all the goods to sell your blog, you can doing propaganda, promotion of single page links to you, if the day after Taobao customer changes, or you do not Taobao customers, to do other business, you can modify a single page or blog page to permanent effect, do not give up halfway.

and that is, if you send a link, the link is long, easy to make others feel bad. And personal promotion page is different, the link is relatively short, even blog is also a two level domain name, also than promotion link of dozens of characters to be much shorter.

in addition, sh419 will give you a single page with an appropriate ranking. If the optimization is good, but also can get the favor of sh419, a day to give you hundreds of thousands of IP might.

so many people who promote links, I can’t say no one can make money, but there are sure to be a lot of people who pay a lot of effort and only get a small amount of income.

has many blogs, sh419 and shlf1314 search engines will be included in seconds. And personal space domain name site, often for weeks or even months to be included, and may fall into sand box.

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