Women’s technology has quietly risen. How will women’s influence develop under the age of TrumpAdSen

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Femtech focuses on female health issues, including reproductive problems, menstrual tracking, pregnancy and lactation care, women’s sexual health, and reproductive health care.

market are male products: Viagra, aphrodisiac, fitness apps, and the like. But fortunately, now there is a plate for women – Femtech, also known as female Technology female technology. This plate has attracted a lot of interest from VC. Those who think femtech is just a niche market should look at the data: it’s about 49.5% of the global population.

startup Naya invented an intelligent breast pump for women who uses water instead of the air, which is very light and noiseless. But of course, children and breasts are by no means women. L, the start-up company, is concerned with intimacy and sexual health, and has launched a range of health care products, such as organic tampons and condoms that do not contain toxic substances.

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below is a well-known femtech start-up company on the market:

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, however, some women entrepreneurs have bravely chosen to turn this "uncomfortable content" into a business opportunity. The Flex Company founder and CEO Lauren Schulte is one of them. She worked out a carefully planned business plan for the financing of the product. Her product, Flex, is a "menstrual dish", a smooth, flat, rounded, built-in toilet. It has a hemostatic effect during menstruation and can replace tampons and sanitary napkins. Schulte and VC shared her personal experiences and related branches

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science and technology circles why it took so long before entering this market? Over the past few decades, NGO are struggling in the global women’s health, Silicon Valley why it took so long to move this? The reason is mainly because of the Silicon Valley venture market is dominated by men, there is a house of male investor tracking application period it takes a lot of courage to do financing speech.


Femtech startups is Glow, a App Co for menstruation and ovulation, established in 2013. To everyone’s surprise, the founder of Glow was a man. He was the co founder of Max, PayPal Levchin, the executive chairman of Glow. On the other side of the Atlantic, Berlin, as well as a start-up company, Clue, is also a term tracking application, also founded in 2013. The founder of Clue and CEO Ida Tin are the people who invented the word "femtech" to describe the market segment.

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