Friendly search engines do not lie gun site

stable website is the website does not often appear, or visit the web page open speed is too slow. This not only control server space and supervisor factors contained therein. The main volume is the website itself, we can not affect the page quality, try to narrow the whole website, this website can enhance the access time to a certain extent. But we have to do is to do a good job in monitoring, timely solve the irresistible factors caused by the instability of web site.

network marketing, and do website of Shanghai Longfeng the first key is the site itself to the search engine friendly, no search engine can not read the phenomenon, resulting in spider after the station without".

Large amplitude

, users must first have a stable website.

first, we must first be ranked by search engines to read.

The so-called

fourth, to be included on the first clear website structure.

third, the first thing to do is to stabilize the fixed site elements.

usually website to participate in the premise of ranking is to be included, if your site in a large number of unreadable elements will cause the global web site cannot be read, one of the factors that is not friendly search engine. Roughly speaking, we believe that the framework of JS code website, too many websites and Flash can not be read because the site included poor. The reality is that we only see the unilateral side, now the search engine, the language is still unable to be read, but not to say that these website language cannot be read, they will cause some reading. Many websites in order to attract customers, is a wonderful page design is indispensable, so as long as the global web site is not readable, so is not a significant impact on the website for Shanghai dragon.

generally, we don’t think it is friendly to the search engine’s Web site is usually a large number of JS code or Flash station, but that is really the case? Today and the author Dennis together analysis of the influence factors in search engine friendly, take a look at your site lying gun?

Second to

is the author of the website structure optimization in Shanghai Longfeng Dennis often talked about "

site changes will affect the site optimization, in order to get good rankings flow many Shanghai dragon Er will apply mechanically the latest optimization techniques to the web site. One of the most often affected is title and meta tags, frequent modification of such elements will cause the search engine misunderstanding, to search engine is very friendly and performance. What’s more, the website will rectification path program and main page section, this change radically to do first search engine like really a bit difficult. We can be fine tuned, but the general change should be more cautious, even cannot but need to change can also do the site 301 or close station protection.

The site itself is the basis of

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