A work of Shanghai dragon must not take a shortcut

, working very hard to work, but there is no effect, so he thought of a way, this is not a mass that many, the investment to buy a well, he wanted to mass is a product by Shanghai dragon master with some engineers from research, can give yourself to result in he is made to believe that these so-called Shanghai dragon master, and his interest again, he bought a message through the website, the new registered domain name, buy space, he is very happy. Then less than 2 months, the job ranking really as he imagine the very influential, ranking since the row to the front fourth, this is the best ever, he felt a sense of accomplishment, so second months and bought a large mass, do a lot of website of not less than 20, and the ranking lasted for more than 2 months Too much. He felt his investment finally returns, but dream is not long, up to third months of the end of the month, not only completely without ranking, and even included also disappeared, he hurried to the Shanghai Phoenix Forum seeking reasons, a result, he was aware of a Shanghai the term is called Dragon: black hat

he heard the chain is very important to

he knew that there was mass

!An article in ?

changed his thinking of Shanghai dragon

Shanghai er industry has a dragon workers such a dream, it is hoped that through their own efforts, their struggle to optimize their websites to the home page or even optimization to the first, and then do one thing, that is to send the chain, he wanted to be outside a large amount of chain, then the ranking will go up, so he went every day to do the chain, blog, in each big forum bubble, what happened? Then cause a workers sacrificed a lot of time not only to rank the results, but was K out, at that time the industry is. And wonder what happened, so I work so hard, how not to love Shanghai ranking, not to say that the chain powerful ranking went up

I was a Shanghai dragon black hat thoroughly learned enough, but he is still not willing to, I think he must stand up again, I do not believe I am not stupid how could do well in Shanghai dragon, and he tried to find the Shanghai dragon trick, that is the often go to see the Shanghai Dragon secret ah, book ah, but he failed. One day he saw an article called the Shanghai dragon four things to know, this article can’t find it now, it goes like this. First, Shanghai dragon like a man; second, Shanghai dragon is in third, Shanghai; Phoenix fourth, don’t take shortcuts; do Shanghai dragon to practice and learning constantly; from this article he knew how to treat the Shanghai dragon, what is a qualified for ER Shanghai Longfeng workers. Especially the third point Shanghai Dragon don’t go the short cut, he didn’t see light suddenly. So you " first, Shanghai dragon like a man; second, do.

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