Hidden disaster Shanghai dragon Er to make four major operation secret



not knowing the situation is worrying, in which, only know that they have certain products, but do not know exactly the same phenomenon mean content has civil strife, product ceaselessly, add the product page, too much repetition of the content of the product, its not understand "Shanghai dragon" but, more immersed the greed, suffering from civil strife can become more than an

three. Competition disaster

. Two step "inverted

The pain is : what do you mean?

some people say do Shanghai dragon with drinking a wool ah? I do not drink or not so bad in Shanghai dragon! Of course the slag not to criticism you mean Jane, for Shanghai dragon here is about to say may have turned, but the fact is very clear, probably means to know how much their drinker, you know what you can drink, in what kind of degree is still not drunk, so is the Shanghai dragon, we in the optimization of the site, is to know the enemy, know a lot of market trend, Shanghai dragon and Phoenix Er don’t know their actual optimization level, do not know their true situation the industry, do not know the true advantage of your website, I do not know that the three second, as a Shanghai dragon like in the optimization on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, only know that he is a blind man, but not Know what to touch, go hard, the optimization of shallow, no pain is not ruthless! How much does Shanghai dragon Er is not all suffer in this


what is the drink? People who drink regularly all understand this special meaning will be straightforward, of course you don’t drink will naturally understand, but also understand this transition will inevitably be


from the industry, since when you want to speed in this body, took over the project, even if difficult also want to step in order to quickly fix, enjoy the days, this heavenly dream, what people do not want to


in Shanghai dragon art, a rival mentioned this, our optimization goal is to go beyond the competition, into the home on the first position, right here is beyond.


of Shanghai dragon often with some friends.

ah who is wrong?




… .


but most of them are aware that this is not possible, but also keen to think nothing, even clearer, but can’t resist the temptation to? As a Shanghai dragon Er, how to work in a purely professional enterprise, most people are a specialist when multiple people, a people to do more a variety of website optimization personnel, you say, what should I do? Only coincidentally, we all do not, I really don’t want to do better, but this kind of environment I have no way ah.

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