Friends of the chain trap station Sunzhao cheating still emerge in an endless stream

was furious, wood! Wood! This is a cheating era, have! Have! First at the beginning of his statement found after a fact fury mentality, here to tell a truth! This morning, as usual, the first to see the friends of the chain, this man has a habit, no matter what, love love love the sea from Shanghai about the web site name, and then point in, this is also to the other side of the station to send a love Shanghai traffic go. It is the love of Shanghai "people." the station, because of careless wrong, make another name directly enter the point, out of curiosity, went in to see, well, this station very cattle! Do not know what the reason is, I have to see the doings of ghosts and gods chain, not fortunately, a look is really scared me, what? Not to say, directly above the

This is the website of the !



? Look!





in fact, this is also very confusing, actually lied so does the other links in a flagrant way, and people do not perceive it out? Look at the source code can not see? I look, if you just look at the source code, do not look carefully, really can not see each other is not nofollow, too! The other is not common, what is

see, "love Shanghai spider simulation" check it, suggesting that the remote server error, you may think, is not a problem or a website? I have here? I can tell you, certainly not! Did not say,

see the wood, if the choice of "normal access", it can check out the chain, there are 30 words connected! And deliberately tried a lot of inside pages of it, it’s in the pages of PR is quite high, check it within the pages of a chain still have this condition! Please forgive my timidity, the URL to the blacked out, because people who stand, is indeed very famous, and indeed is very large, even if the revenge! A link exchange of some people in the group are some stations to toss, it is very muddy. Even the new station can not. Toss. If you have some big station station with a chain of words, so to check the

this is the robots file in the code (how to view the site robots file not a statement, it) to see this, see! The picture above website source code is not /pages/business this is > obliterate.


source code, but if you just look at this picture, certainly also can not see what, if the webmaster only look at the source code, can not see what strange, think it is normal to see the source code only, many webmaster check chain, so as to be blinded by it! The next picture can understand all the

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