The old webmaster teach you how to do a single page website optimization

(three) to the anchor text in a single page.

no matter for any website, is a whole composed by the page, we want to site overall weight, you first need to optimize the weights we web pages, so as to achieve a process of accumulation, so that our site will usually have a very good ranking. Today I want some skills and is the single page optimization we explained, hoping to help you.

for this topic page keywords appear density, there are also many online related articles, but also talked about all kinds of density. But from the author do stand a few years of experience, in fact we don’t have to pay more attention to the density of this problem, because most of the time we will naturally have some site keywords when writing, we can turn to the anchor text link. Need not to add keywords, or to reduce the keywords. At least the author’s site is doing, but the effect is very significant, we can refer to as if said to be a location for the keyword density, the author suggests that is between 15%-30% better. Not too close, can not be too thin, mainly according to the different types of website industry to customize the.

(two) page keyword density.

in our website optimization, in addition to the home page, we want a single page weight or words, to do some proper links we need my single page, this can be very good to let the weight transfer, if we have a single page to do some long tail keywords, we can circulation in the form of a number of articles with page to >

(a) write the title and description of the page.

page and home page, the title is very important, so write a good title for our page, so you can better summed up the page we want to express the content, will naturally be search engine and users, and we add pages of good content so, users can reduce the rate of jump out, when we write the title must be concise and comprehensive, and must stand in the user’s perspective, which is more conducive to the user click to enter. In addition we need to add a keyword in the title, usually can use a single page to do some long tail keywords, the effect is good, the weight of the title are generally decreasing from left to right, so we try to write the title on the left, the effect will be better. In addition there is actually the same as Title Description, description is very important, because we can search through the search engine, search engines display a page that is showing its title and description, this can be seen from its importance, so be sure to write good title and description. Of course, the content is also very important, the best for the original.

Whether it is for any

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