The webmaster should know the search engine query command (two)

"INURL" command current search keywords page contains all the page is returned to the query in URL. To love the Shanghai search engine as an example, I often write the Shanghai dragon related articles on his website, and basically will contribute to the form of forwarding to the Admin5, it is now to check my this website in A5 is how much of the chain, combination of command: "domain: www.***贵族宝贝 inurl:###贵族宝贝" love, Shanghai, to find relevant results 13. This command returns domain name and the domain related to love Shanghai related domain of the URL must be included in the admin5贵族宝贝 page, so all the results returned by the query is my site in the construction of all external links A5.

, a combination of command query website chain or related field

command "FILETYPE" search all file formats supported by the keyword document. The query command support PDFDOCXLSPPTRTFALL file format. For example: we search site optimization scheme of filetype:PDF love Shanghai, find the relevant results of the 28, the 28 results returned that contains all PDF format document web site optimization scheme, but check out the results may not be what we want the website optimization scheme, we search the site because of the keyword optimization scheme, this word is may be in the document appeared, and >

in the query command love Shanghai use, but Google does not support the domain command, so the combination of the above command can not query in Google, but we can easily understand the principle that Google query command, only need to replace domain link.

as a Shanghai dragon practitioners and enthusiasts of continuous learning and exploration is necessary, we do not have to search electronic documents to Internet trouble, as long as the rational use of advanced search engine command can easily access to files, of course, the premise is the search engine must provide such a query to.

two, the query contains keywords specified type of document

We are just

had a friend once asked me, how to query his website external links, especially want to know how to query the target site of the reverse link, here to introduce you how I query.

introduce two commonly used commands combined search engine query command for yesterday, has not seen the users can now look at the "webmaster should know the search engine query command", I believe that reading users should have experience, of course, there are many query commands, due to reasons of space not only introduced many, simply introduced Shanghai love query related to the domain of the real data and the number of articles have been reproduced and retain the copyright, and continues today to introduce the actual use of other senior command combination.


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