Shanghai dragon of actual combat experience how to solve the problem by the K website

2, the chain of large mass

5, hidden anchor text links

chain group refers to increase the number of the chain in a short period of time, the chain is usually realized by software, almost all of the chain which is the same as that of the search engine is to deny that the chain group behavior. Once found to seal treatment station.


site was closed, often called webmaster site is K, in fact, is the same concept.

website group construction refers to a large number of topics similar to the site, the general use software to bulk collection updating and maintenance, at the same time and one station between the station, many sites in the same IP server or on the same period of ip. This behavior is found in the search engine will also be closed.

3 site group,

cause website was closed

to exchange Links, to note that, if the chain was closed to the site, your site will be implicated.

solution: check the friendship with the regular chain check tool that included 0 sites, should be promptly removed.

, what is the site blocked


strategy: do not try to put the same IP server, between stations do not at the same time to control the Internet, content, not a lot of garbage collection, the number of sites also have to take control, to make the search engine that is a natural site.

strategy: the formal manipulation of the chain, the chain should be uniform and natural increase, must not be a large increase in short time.

hidden text chain refers to the existence of a large number of web pages containing keywords or text links, these words and links to the naked eye can not see, most of the links or text and background color as the website. If your site has a large number of hidden chain, search engines are more serious postprocessing.

solutions: change the theme of the site, site or remove illegal content

some illegal websites such as gambling, pornography, reactionary website, there are some edge ball websites such as beauty, sex, film and television music sites, these sites are not allowed to do so, it is easy to be sealed by search engine. Especially your site keywords don’t appear a lot of contraband, search engine will think that your site there are a lot of illegal content, led by K.


: site:www.xxx贵族宝贝 The

4, banned Links implicated

1, unhealthy or illegal content

site:www.xxx贵族宝贝 search results show: sorry, did not find "site:www.xxx贵族宝贝" and related. That is to say can’t find any page on your site in the search engine.

website is blocked is input in the search engine such as

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