How to do the chain enterprise website construction strategy


, for example the Phoenix, and other large red net forum if there is skill also can be made into a very good outside chain, but the amount included little! Released outside the chain in the forum, the quality of the content must be high, so it is not feasible forum outside the chain.

Q & a platform

when it comes to classified information, we first thought is the 58 city and Ganji, people network. Now the site audit is relatively strict, so the release of classified information, not only pay attention to the platform to publish classified information in different platforms, the chain is widely, so as to improve the link is love Shanghai included, only to be included in the chain of the website is, so first to ensure that the information published by the Shanghai collection of love. In order to easily love Shanghai included, to choose a good platform to release, these are the accumulation and research.

5, large information station

chain is.

forum platform




The construction site of

1, classified information platform

3, yellow pages website

blog platform

is the main energy-saving and million net, B2B station due to higher weights, so the release of the chain link, the weight is higher, but the yellow pages included in the site is relatively low, a lot of website content and website to see the subject does not match will be deleted, the Yellow Pages platform resources are selection is very important.

question answering platform is mainly love Shanghai and SOSO know answer, love Shanghai know is Q & a higher weight in the platform, it is also faster, but fell in love with the sea leave link is difficult, so I want to ask the platform of the chain links should also choose relatively easy platform.

Sina, love Shanghai, NetEase, Sohu has a blog on the inside, multi station Qi raise, raise the weight of a lot of blog is very high, is also the second release of the blog, can choose a few good blog platform to raise a number of good quality blog, when a blog is the quality of frequency and the article should pay attention to the blog content and update the correlation.

chain is a long process, we may this week the construction of the chain, and found no effect, then I gave up, over a period of time after the discovery site included suddenly increased a lot, this time you will find the chain played a role, but it was later found and effect is not particularly obvious, many webmaster or chain personnel have had this experience, so the chain should be how to do

?What are the information platform for the release of the chain:

many large news and information station, in general released a press time, add anchor text links in news content, the chain of these stations are generally very effective, but many news sites released soft outside the chain when the charges are, but the quality is very high.

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