How to deal with the status quo of Shanghai in May and June to adjust the love

love Shanghai recently increased the penalties for the optimization of the past, not considered excessive optimization practice nowadays love Shanghai plan in order to optimize the excessive, for this change we need to reduce the density of keywords (2%-8% efforts for the past are right, now I see a lot of sites are not the density of keywords more than 4%, that is to say the keywords reasonable density in the 1%-4% ranking appropriate, personal opinions still need to verify), do natural arrangement, in addition to remove hidden text links in the past, for the use of H tags to moderate.

here are more than 2 years and have good rankings but the content is not updated frequently to change the station, this is the love that Shanghai let the old station the retired, let new posts for normal use, maintenance station love Shanghai did not do much to adjust, update it is the old station to do the contents of the law, in order to get good rankings.


recently I took a stand to do the test, will be the site of the keywords from one area into another area, the next update page directly by K, the punishment is quite large, in the past is the most love Shanghai snapshot update slowly. That this time the revision and adjustment, we must do a good job over, must not make big adjustment.

increased the penalties for revision and amendment of the

I took recent optimization of the two wedding photography station to do the test, one station, I do optimization is very small, is to do the basic maintenance and update the content, the construction of the chain, the ranking of this site is also good, a word soon reached the goal, another difficulty some of the words have basically reached the expected target, the snapshot is basically the next update, and another station, because of the relatively high expectations of the station, hoping to do keyword ranking as soon as possible, so the start > optimization

first: reduce the optimization of trace

fourth: to increase the strength of the optimization study

second: love Shanghai increased penalties for the old station

May June so far this year to adjust the two month of the biggest change, after each adjustment will appear a large number of complaints by K stand down the right information, such a problem is to love Shanghai change too fast or too? We cling to it? I think we did not see changes to love Shanghai no, according to the changes of Shanghai love to make corresponding adjustment and Optimization in fact need to do to change the status quo, in order to understand baizhanbudai, here is not what we do not have the same expectations only in good rankings come, but to see the essence of love change of Shanghai to deal with changes, Shanghai love to take precautions, do whatever Shanghai love how changes in how to adjust the algorithm, we are always in an invincible position, the author summarizes the recent adjustment for the following points for reference

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