The Shanghai dragon series (two) borrow arrows with thatched boats

third: Shanghai dragon can enjoy

the Three Kingdoms period, Cao Cao rate of eight hundred thousand troops to conquer soochow. Sun Quan, Liu Bei intends to join forces to attack wei. General Sun Quan had called Zhou Yu, but narrow-minded, both intelligent and courageous, very jealous of Zhu Geliang’s talent. Because the water war needs an arrow, Zhou Yu Zhu Geliang in ten days for the catch made one hundred thousand arrows, which know Zhu Geliang as long as three days, votive junlingzhuang, finish the task submitted to the punishment. Zhou Yu think, three days could not make one hundred thousand arrows, just use this opportunity to get rid of Zhu Geliang. So he called in a craftsman who don’t make arrows ready to complete the material, on the other hand the minister called Lu Su to snoop Zhu Geliang’s actual situation.

: first saw the opportunity to seize the opportunity of transient

, Shanghai: Encyclopedia of love story

Zhu Geliang has two successful can borrow arrows with thatched boats, the main reason, the weather, just hit the fog. If you think the river no fog, the ships they had seen through by Cao Cao, being alive is inevitable. Second, Zhu Geliang used the character Cao Cao skeptical, considered quasi Cao Cao not hastily dispatched troops. These seemingly and we do Shanghai dragon has nothing, in fact. A simple example: write soft, what kind of soft love reproduced by everyone? I think you and I both know the answer: the current hot spots of information. But such contents tend to be a lot of people writing. Is actually very simple as long as you’re faster than the others on the line, that we should not only have good writing skills, more important is to have divergent thinking. Some search engines by observing the phenomenon, make a reasonable guess, write an article. In fact, whether it is Shanghai or dragon network marketing can be caught opportunities are often the key to success.

this sentence if we have a commonplace talk of an old scholar, heard of N times. But what do people do not do much for optimization, a new station on the line before you prepare it? Don’t wait for the line before to change this change. For your competitors do analysis? How to beat you have a good idea? That has to take into consideration, not only to this. Do the worst, if the words do not go up and so on how to do?. I do not list, Shanghai dragon to have the goal of the plan, remember that mechanical operation cannot be in disorderly fashion, don’t like Lu Su on the Kongming ship muddleheaded.

borrow arrows with thatched boats

almost every Shanghai dragon friends want to enjoy, don’t have to do the chain every day, no more.

second: the chance to prepare

May 2nd I wrote three Shanghai dragon series (1): Sangumaolu, love the romance of the Three Kingdoms "friends know about three many idioms. I want to analyze today is the story of borrow arrows with thatched boats. Gibberish did not say more, to the point. So we can learn from what Shanghai dragon Zhu Geliang borrow arrows with thatched boats thinking.

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