The three key stages of website ranking optimization

but for the webmaster does not let its optimistic is frequently updated love Shanghai algorithm, that old optimization techniques are not applicable now love Shanghai algorithm, not time to send the chain can do stable rankings, so for the love Shanghai new algorithm we should take what kind of optimization techniques the

2, website ranking stage, through the website in early stage, love Shanghai which appeared in the search engine rankings, if ranked in the two page, your website has been a key period of love Shanghai audit, although ranking a bit on the flow, some scarce but in general it has seen hope, so the next thing to do is to allow more users to click through different IP segments to your site, so love Shanghai will give the site highly effective only click to show that your site is consistent with the degree of user experience. So we have to do is how to adapt to the website click on the factors of love Shanghai judgment. Do a little bit of love Shanghai on your site will greatly enhance the friendship, love Shanghai into home point the day and await for it.

communicate with each other through their own experience has been accumulated and the webmaster and industry, finally sorted out for the website optimization of the three key points of the new algorithm, we all know the love Shanghai algorithm is more and more perfect, the position of Shanghai Longfeng optimization also gradually clear, the optimization difficulty now has been different in the past. The news too much will cause the site to drop right, so now the optimization of which three key

is now the internet usually do website ranking optimization is love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization, that is completely rely on the search engine optimization to love Shanghai. At present in China can be said to be the love of Shanghai alone big, although 360 of the bright younger generation love Shanghai to seize the market share of 1/3, but for the love of Shanghai, the search giant is not what effects can be said to be called the micro micro. At the same time, the concept of domestic First impressions are strongest, let users have developed a habit of love something to Shanghai. Because of so many webmaster love around the sea to pour in website optimization.


1, a construction site, just a good web site, in the structure and content of all pages after the construction is completed, buy a domain name, set title, description, keywords to submit to the major search engines into the chain optimization stage, because the new website is mainly rely on the construction of the chain to the site in the shortest possible time to appear in the search engine ranking in Shanghai love. However, the construction of the chain from the chain blog, soft outside the chain on the site to help enhance weight is the largest, for the two methods the author also said here, whether the chain blog is soft outside the chain is to rely on the old site weight high website is effective, that is to say the new registered blog abroad chain within a period of time there is no effect, so the construction requirements are quite high.

3, ranking the stable stage, this stage is relatively easy. "

?The initial stage of

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