Using the blog site to keep the weight you will do

(a) to improve their own blog weight.

on the blog, and I believe that many webmaster have deep feelings, especially for the key words of our website ranking particularly helpful, because when blogging we can freely insert keywords anchor text we are pointing to the relevant page, unlike those forums, Q & a platform to release. Only with a bare site chain, so that the blog is relatively more advantageous. That said, the following specific to introduce how to use blogs to raise our website weight.

(three) diversity >

is usually for a webmaster, our main work is: website construction, website internal optimization, website chain assisted three aspects. For the three one the things we need to do a lot, especially the internal optimization and the chain optimization, however, today is mainly aimed at the blog the chain optimization to keep the weights of a share with you.

for the blog, is actually more to pay more attention to the internal optimization, because we all know that the search engine Sina blog, blog and other large blog weight itself is relatively good, so for the chain in fact we don’t need to try to increase a lot to improve the weight, it is concentrating on internal optimization. As for the internal optimization, which is similar to the form of the website, we can give Title Some Small Title Positioning website, and then publish relevant content, and inserted in the content of key links to the home page or other pages, so the orderly circulation, and daily maintenance updates, then after a period of time we also believe that, blog weight will be very good.

for the blog to raise our website weight, we first need to do is to keep a good blog weight. Let the search engine included favor, powerful, can even use blogs to do some long tail keywords to achieve our goal to improve the weight. So how to use blog weight? Here I put the blog is divided into two types, one is the CMS personal blog, the other is a free blog (such as Sina blog, blog, blog and other NetEase). The CMS personal blog, relatively speaking, lifting weights may be difficult, because this blog is like to do a new little difference, in addition to update optimization, also is the chain, here I will not introduce more than. But for the free blog have more to say, because the free blog is relatively simple and practical, and as the weight of Sina blog, blog etc. These blog search engine to give itself is very good, as long as your daily regular update, included the weight will be very good, of course we do certainly not keep a free blog two blog, so simple, generally take the form of chain weight sharing, which is helpful for weight lifting the whole batch of blog ".

(two) to the internal optimization of blog.

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