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so what are the shared bikes now? How do they operate and how do they solve charging, monitoring, and loss issues,


but things are changing.

field represents a grassroots success counter attack story, from rural origin to entrepreneurial success, and has its own company example.


, this is just in line with the "counter attack" theme: Cock wire counter attack!


the conference was prepared for a month, and invited four guests, such as A5, Wang, Mou Changqing, Joe, the help of the Lord and the wilderness, to be more successful, and 2746 listeners came to the summit. And I am also proud to say that there is no use of any brush YY online number of software.

according to the Beijing Municipal Supervision Department of the notice, the electric car was stopped sharing the main reason is that it does not satisfy the GB17761 standard 1999 – "electric bicycle general technical conditions" requirement, there are hidden dangers of speeding overweight. The standard stipulates that the quality of motorcycles electric bicycles can not exceed 40kg, the power can not exceed 240W, the maximum speed can not exceed 20km/h. And it needs to be equipped with pedals.

some friends very strange, why is it called "Jiahe digital YY conference speech".


in fact, the sharing of motorcycles is no more common than sharing bicycles, but due to laws, regulations, charging, loss and other issues have not been resolved, the model has not been large-scale spread. The No. 7 motorcycles, electric power, Xiaomi zebra and other companies on behalf of the sharing of motorcycle back, legitimate to Beijing, illustrates this model has gradually matured, and likely like that bike sharing, standing on the eve of the outbreak.

A5 on behalf of the grassroots webmaster graph king to the success of the typical webmaster, Dean level figures.

now about the feedback from the sponsors.


in addition to the naming business, we have raised two live sponsors, cloud guest network and Feng Dongyang. Now raise the qualified cash prize has exceeded million yuan, a variety of prizes up to hundreds of pieces, the network business fund has exceeded more than 50000 yuan, the naked figures prove counter attack will get praise and support of many sponsors, but also to the counter attack all founder’s strongest encouragement.

because in addition to the site to sponsor 5 minutes of advertising time, and read repeatedly in the host is also named business name, and we all copy contains "Jiahe digital", for example, this article, and the website, micro-blog, WeChat, and so on, the number of public space.

in traffic costs more and more expensive today, I want those to do >

Mou Changqing represents a successful transformation of grassroots webmaster WeChat marketing typical.

, because we’ve adopted a new approach, sponsorship!

naming business X said: "I count, under a few hours today, did not go to Q, scared to death.". It should be around 1500 now. I think it’s much better than playing promotional ads on the website. I’ll take it out later.

Joe Gang represents the struggling grassroots Taobao success case.


December 9th, Yu Chenglong and I, tension, Ma long, including some VIP circles of friends organized in 2014 the last thousand YY conference speech.

this two days, sharing electric vehicle compliance to enter Beijing news.

Shenzhen traffic control limited electric vehicle office also made clear that 90% of urban roads in Shenzhen no non motorized lane, temporarily unfit for the development of electric bicycles.

if you are concerned about sharing travel field, will find that since the end of 2016 or the beginning of January 2017 have shared electric vehicle successively in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing city on the line, such as No. 7 motorcycles, electric cars, electric zebra, Xiaomi, hunting. However, they are on the line, without exception, has been stopped by local regulators.


first, policy loosening, sharing the bike roll head again,

naming Shang Jiahe digital sent more than 1500 virtual hosts on the night, and more than 500 fans focused on their public numbers, adding potential customers.

and "this four word Jiahe digital" conservative estimate at least 100 thousand times exposure.

and the YY voice Jiahe digital official conference title sponsor, sponsor.

pictured with 7 motorcycles in Beijing launch vehicle

the twelfth session of the Fifth National People’s Congress, to promote the sharing of bicycle legal compliance, strengthen the cooperation between government and enterprises has become a hot spot. In March 7, 2017, after the inspection of the No. 7 motorcycle by the vehicle administration of Nanjing, 3000 electric bicycles were installed on the No. 7 motorcycle. At present, No. 7 motorcycle has been in Nanjing

compared with bicycle, electric bicycle electric vehicle to ride more easily, faster and more time, so in recent years, the electric bicycle electric vehicle replaced the bicycle become in addition to the main vehicles outside the family. Wise things at the beginning of this year had reported sharing e-bikesof rise signs, refer to "Mobell and ofo are out! A big share of electric bicycle hit".

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