Shanghai dragon must get to know these issues

your site will give Shanghai what love

China culture is broad and profound, many times a word people cannot read what it means, not to mention the machine. Of course you love Shanghai couldn’t understand the meaning of the article. Love Shanghai is more data to analyze whether the article, you write a good, if you write a 400 word article, users click in 5 minutes and then shut down, then fell in love with the sea would determine the 400 words users read so long, there is certainly value. Instead of a 400 word article user read 1 seconds off your article very hate, nature is low quality content.


many people do not understand, I love > site traffic

is in the previous article "how to make a website keywords ranking" is mentioned, the difference between the new and old station ranking, because the new and old stand can give love to kelp is not the same thing, the need for new sites included need to make high-quality content, because you can only give love Shanghai, love is nothing but want money, Shanghai high quality content, flow. So you can not give you the money, your site is new sites that must not only give the flow, high quality content, are eligible for ranking. Then the old station must not only content, but also to design a flow, when your web traffic is very large, so love Shanghai will give you the rankings, such as "Jingdong store", if not to love the Shanghai Jingdong mall traffic, then love can’t find on the Jingdong of Shanghai mall, users will how do? Most users will use other search engines, so the search engine is not good. The money here is not to say that you love the sea for money, love Shanghai will give you a natural ranking, this is the auction, of course, love Shanghai is a legitimate business, you are not a legal profession for more money, he would not take such a risk. You just have to choose the black hat Shanghai dragon technology.

love Shanghai how to determine the residence time of your

love to you in Shanghai ranking what do you give benefits to love Shanghai


to do any one thing, we all need to explain because so, but to see a lot of Shanghai dragon ER is unconditionally believe others, others say that the chain can improve the weight, then suddenly the hair of the chain, others say the station can increase website ranking, then suddenly update in the station, then why the chain and the station can improve the love Shanghai website ranking is not known. Here I summarize several core issues, can clearly with the theory that the problems about


love Shanghai is how to determine whether your content is high quality

said that if Robin Li is doing good, so in this Forbes billionaire, he was not ranked third. If not to do public service, he gave you good, you must give people the benefits, or money, or other benefits. All others will not be free to give you a good ranking.

ranking is very important! site?

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