Since the site is K off the Shanghai love a few small experience

no matter how each site optimization must have a limit, if excessive optimization site, not only do not give to the website, but also make the food website suffered more "pseudo evils", therefore, if the webmaster want to site has better development, better competitive keywords, it is best to optimize the site moderate, avoid Kyrgyzstan overfilling the key words such as website. In addition, in addition to optimize the site after excessive wrong, not more frequent changes, otherwise the site easy to love Shanghai light punishment, temporarily not update or is not included in your site, while with my website is love >

for space, I want to say is the webmaster, if you want to make the site a better development, and avoid spending more money when buying the best host space do not petty, although the world of those empty space quality expensive Hou is not good, but the virtual space is the quality of Hou cheap is poor, because each server hosting plus with broadband costs are not cheap, since those taking on the price "concessions" user, then the number of users on the server with the website is not made to know what restrictions, each server resources are limited, if do not limit the number of sites to the user, when the server reaches a certain limit will collapse, once the server crashes, that our website can no problem!

There are a lot of

1) because the webmaster can not be cheap to buy the poor quality of the virtual space

2) whether it is collected or reproduced, we have to have a slightly modified

, has been plagued with believe most of the webmaster, because the original content of personal writing cannot meet the needs of the site, if every webmaster want to have "fresh" content, or want to love Shanghai included more words, in addition to reprint it acquisition station. But to reprint reprint collection to collection, in order to avoid the site is love Shanghai as a garbage station, which is what we are punished webmaster when other websites content must modify it in a collection or to try to make these acquisition or reproduced the contents to pseudo original

! ! effect!

love Shanghai punishment website, while the K station is undoubtedly one of the most serious one, because when the service website is love Shanghai K off, our website lost access to traffic from Shanghai where the opportunity to love, know love Shanghai but the best domestic search engine, the daily search volume are calculated by 100 million, unless your site traffic does not depend on the love of Shanghai, otherwise the loss of the site can be said to be "incalculable" to describe, but I am not nothing, at least in the sea after K was in love with the website has also been a few small experience, hope the following experience can help to all the webmaster


3) optimization over the site, especially the key words can not change the

!The content of the source

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