The enterprise web site chain optimization techniques

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Yishui site within the chain is very important for the website optimization, website of reasonable chain structure, you can let the optimization work more effective, especially for the love Shanghai website optimization, structure chain is an important reference index optimization basis and ranking. 贵族宝贝>

site map is the index of the website, the search engine can be through the web site map to reach every corner of the site. The main production site map should pay attention to the following two points: the site map with text links way on the web page, facilitate the spider crawling; site map to include all pages of the web site, if the page is more, it must include the main program and a list of pages, each page and click on each column list page to the site the site, form a link to the network, click on each page to page number no more than four times, if the column list page and more, the layout, to avoid duplication, after all, beautiful pages are important to the user experience is also.

production site map navigation in production chain


for the chain of the importance we all know, in the previous article, Qinghe Shanghai Shanghai dragon also describes the chain resources, recently in the website optimization process, we can find the site in the chain for Shanghai dragon optimization is more and more important. Analysis of several key factors to do well in the chain here:


many beginners optimize the website often make a mistake, that all the pages are deliberately add draw text links to the home page, so as to improve the home page ranking, in fact, within the chain site is mainly the pages and pages, each link between pages and columns, let website links to form a chain network this website will, and user stickiness is. We can see Shanghai dragon WHY will find in each explanation will use text to other terminology, this can improve the overall weight. Also note that the page links page is best with the column, this can improve the column rank. We can add links to specific areas include: breadcrumb navigation plus a section of the link, the Riga text description to this column article page, note that the text in the article can not be too much, the bottom part contains a, a, and related knowledge, right in the update list. This can give customers more insight into the site, on the other hand can make the search engine has arrived at the entrance to other pages on each page, the page is more likely to be included.


site navigation is best to use text links, some website navigation links with pictures to show, but for the website optimization, the best is to facilitate text links, search engines. In addition each page needs to have a navigation, we called breadcrumb navigation, to tell the user the current status and supply return operation, breadcrumb navigation text can add some simple words.

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