How to let the webmaster blog promotion charm reproduction


blog the purpose is to do the site the chain link, so it is inevitable, so how to put the link will be most appropriate, the most natural? Personally feel the most natural anchor text links in an article only a keyword, and keywords were not plugged in, let the whole the sentence is smooth.

content is king, whether do stand still keep blogs are equally applicable. The content of blog blog is the "heart", a direct relationship and the quality of the blog, and plays a very important role. The content of blog not only reproduced, should also have the right amount of the original. Of course, can also be false original, but the title must be redone, ensure new enough to attract the user’s attention. Content with pictures, have proper video content is good, after all, the current video content is very popular, is the best search engine spiders and bait.

1, regular update blog content

The official

to do the blog user experience, will fluctuate in content, do not release any illegal content. The content of blog should also adhere to the "specific" principle, don’t release.

4, official blog to perfect information

2, blog content to do "fine"

chain for the king, in the Shanghai dragon industry which is almost all the owners acknowledged truth. Do the chain way there are many, but the most common is the most well done is the webmaster blog promotion. But with the Shanghai dragon industry competition more intense, many chain methods have also been used rotten, especially the blog promotion. As a result, the chain extension method we start looking for a new, more valuable. But I always insist on do blog promotion, also received good results. So in A5 I want to share some of the points under the blog promotion and other webmasters must pay attention to.


blog management and maintenance to care

blog information including blog name, blog page title, personal information or business information, such as photo album. The more complete and reliable information, the user experience of the blog will be higher, the search engine will be more love.

A small module

3, insert Web links to natural

blog is equivalent to the civilization site, civilization should be careful care of it, every update to give it enough "nutrient", the accumulation of civilization can profit from. Shanghai dragon is a protracted war, this is the need to update every day, the only way to let the webmaster blog for better rankings and included. In addition, the blog to as civilization a small website, blog culture will be the same and all training sites, not only to update the content, friends of the chain is necessary, especially one-way links. So a blog should distinguish between primary and secondary, the main blog will focus on training, time is mainly do blog blog service. That is to say a blog can provide one-way link based blog, and then increase the weight of the blog.

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