The URL channel is able to promote the collection of tools to submit the article

algorithm of the recent love Shanghai, so many websites die without the burial ground. From the view of most site punishment case, once the recovery is not likely to be punished, facing down the right site to do, but complain also have to learn technical knowledge, the algorithm is often adjusted, we have to learn to adapt, today your website is not punishment, does not mean tomorrow is safe and sound, Shanghai dragon should always maintain a sense of crisis.

seems to love Shanghai this upgrade is still in the content of the website quality, constantly remove the poor quality of the content at the same time, also on the new content is strictly controlled, but the algorithm upgrade will inevitably have "friendly fire", like several of the big update, many stations have been involved love Shanghai, in order to avoid these mistakes, provide complaint feedback platform to the webmaster, that their website content of good quality and punishment, can be solved by the same complaint feedback, URL tools may also love a platform similar to Shanghai station.

URL submitted channels included in the site appears to solve the problem, but it is not the case, through the test you will find that not included in the URL page, even if submitted will not be included in the test, at least many pages found no article is included in the sea; the channel in order to make some good quality the article is timely to capture, such as some of the new site, even if it is a good article search engine may not be able to timely grasp of love, Shanghai is also very clear: "We collected is not guaranteed to be submitted to the URL, but the owners and users can notice love Shanghai web search, currently on the URL not included, the system will be the quality of screening of all submitted URL, in accordance with the standard URL collection of love Shanghai love Shanghai will be included."

September 6th love Shanghai Webmaster Platform continue to launch "URL channel" submit new upgrade tool, when the web content is not included, can be submitted to guide the spider crawls through the web site, but through the observation of these two days, Shanghai launched the love tools at the same time, reduce the rate of crawl and included content through site; the forum and blog test can be seen, in terms of speed and probability to be greatly reduced, the seconds before the Sina blog included the demand is rising, the following is a chat with colleagues:

URL submission tool channel is not able to solve the articles included, should be included in the site, will be tested under > from one’s own website content

from the improved search engine algorithm, now Shanghai Longfeng not only need to know the direction of the big and small details also appears more and more important, before the Shanghai dragon may think content with the chain, now thinks content may do very well, a lot of hair of the chain but also be right down, scratching the solution, in fact the search engine after all or in the user experience, so do Shanghai, every detail is more and more important.

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