Shanghai Longfeng promotion software useful

is listed in the screenshot above Lanzhou Shanghai dragon small search "Shanghai dragon promotion software" in love in Shanghai when the love Shanghai auction website promotion. From the picture we can see today’s promotion, the results "," can make your website fast rankings "advertisements in 1 hours, what do you think of these for you? We all know that the Shanghai dragon promotion website is almost free, as long as you put a key optimization to love Shanghai search the top of the rankings, is very difficult to fall down, unless the competitors as hard or other factors because your site is down right. On the other hand, for the love of Shanghai for promotion in these years due to the numerous and single click on the price is rising as high, even if your operation is good, every day there are a lot of advertising fees. These "enterprise" now that is "professional tools" can quickly rankings get free long flow, why to do to promote their software? Did you see? They don’t use software or there is a risk. If so, you will use

in fact, most of the Shanghai dragon promotion software is through the following aspects: to improve the ranking of


three, batch release chain.


when we love Shanghai and Shanghai Longfeng keywords or the use of some tools of Shanghai dragon will have some of the so-called "Shanghai dragon promotion software" advertisement. "One to three days, the top three websites", "rapid increase keyword ranking" and "Shanghai dragon promotion software, second, 10 minutes to update the snapshot, 15 days to improve the flow 300%" is the slogan of the software business. However, Shanghai dragon promotion software really useful?


chain is an important part of Shanghai dragon of the optimization process, we advocate natural stable health chain, rather than outside the chain of Tools >


automatically click ranking.


, a bubble brush flow.

Shanghai Longfeng promotion software not only can brush flow, keywords can also automatically click through love Shanghai to the rankings, this is the current love Shanghai "click algorithm" principle, we in the search "when love Shanghai will record our cache, after analyzing the click track will be recorded by the us the cache, and then analyze the user satisfaction on our site, but friends! Different keywords, the daily traffic is different, you can click on the software to do the work? It is a number that is 100 words, the day searching through your keywords to your site up to IP 10 thousand, do you think Shanghai is love what

software via N computer to install the client at the same time to every computer each brush effect, it is deceiving himself. Although the increase website traffic may let the site’s ranking has certain program promotion, but love Shanghai will not recognize this software through the brush flow of cheating

This is the

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