Talk about internal web site optimization need to pay attention to a few points



two: the construction of efficient service platform

chain is built our own website through the bridge. If our site compared to a suite, so the chain is in the room to the door. Our information is not possible, the one-time display on a page, we need through chains to improve and complement our information. So to the user a more thorough and comprehensive understanding of your website, then you must.

each user to open our website, you can quickly find what you want, rather than a long time could not find the subject, do not search content. The spider is the same, it love part clear, but not love too deep level. So, we build the website structure and directory, must spend idea: to our theme plate reasonable planning, clear display column.

three: to build a reasonable structure and directory


keyword is the user to find our website "cable line", thus its meaning and function are extraordinary. The choice of keywords million can not be treated, keywords as the name suggests, is to find the key to the website, what is our website flagship product, what is the mainstream, to attract what types of customers, only have each are clearly confused, in order to "an antidote against the disease". Only to products, keywords to meet the customer’s taste, in order to attract more customers, increase traffic, increase sales of products.

site optimization can be divided into two parts: inside and outside. Optimization on the website, webmaster mentioned two words most of the content, the chain is. The chain is in the website outside, based on other website platform, the construction of the chain which is one of the effective methods to get the user. However, the chain is equally important, determines an effective method of the weights of the website – website internal optimization. Internal web site optimization, it is easy to think of the "content", in fact, not all content is equal to the internal optimization, the content is just a section in the internal optimization, there are many details and steps we need to improve:

Four: the chain

is a web site, only to have a good customer experience in order to enhance the flow, only let the spider climb smoothly, do not waste time in order to have a good record, good weight. The website is with the customer information exchange platform, is also the search engine grab information platform, so a good website program is essential. So at the time of writing, we must choose a high performance high rate language (I recommend the use of PHP, not because I was learning PHP to recommend to everyone, but it can bring high efficiency). Of course, if you are not good at writing program, then you can buy high-quality open source products, only when the choice, or to be careful. I believe the site’s high efficiency, high income can bring products, because no one is willing to wait for a long time the user can not open the website.

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