Keywords website optimization ranking four steps


The structure optimization of the website

site internal structure optimization is to do the site internal optimization can be very good to promote the site included rate. The station reasonable structure can attract the love of Shanghai successfully crawling. Check the web site, the general is to look at the website structure is not consistent with the tree network structure flat. The home page to page is not very smooth, between the upper and lower levels return to reasonable, mutual recommendation between pages.

landing page, is to choose a competitive website, keyword density, reasonable arrangement, occupies a place in the Shanghai home of love. In general small site customers, many of them are doing keyword ranking, that is to find some hot search keywords, and then let these words in search of love Shanghai natural result ranking, to increase website brand display and the purpose of flow. The first step that we have to do, is to analysis website, these keywords to find a suitable landing page. Then is to optimize the key landing page, let the spider know love Shanghai core of the page is the keyword here involves keyword density, correlation. Pay attention to when doing keyword matching, the page must have wanted to do a keyword ranking. If there is no keyword matching page, you can add column page and add a keyword.

4 the construction site of the chain to improve keyword rankings, bring traffic. The site conversion rate and flow, in addition to love Shanghai SEM on the left, keywords ranking, Shanghai ranked keywords and love is the chain. Good outside chain can be a lot of traffic into the website. In Sina, Sohu, and set up a blog; go to the market in the 58 city network, people network publish classified information, in.


my site to do keyword ranking in September 2nd, ten words, by December 2nd there were six at home, three on page second, one on page third. To do website optimization, keyword ranking is basically in accordance with the Shanghai love love a set of criteria, so whether it is large or small website, website optimization idea is basically the same, that is, the structure of the station, in the chain, the chain etc.. Here is my Nanjing wedding photography site from several aspects of this simple and share ideas under the station optimization.


pay special attention to, do the breadcrumb navigation. There is no navigation, when the user enters the channel page of the article page back to the home page. I come into contact with a web site that day investment into thick, then could not find the home page.

3 site in the construction of the chain to be able to weight, channel page article pages on the home page. Especially I do Nanjing studio 贵族宝贝 this kind of station, the first time a website does not have no weight outside the chain, the need to establish a good on their website links. When your site weight up, it can be imported to the home page weight is more important to improve the rate of web page, included. Increase the weight of the website, you can send the chain to improve keyword rankings.


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