Mall website five big website optimization method

reviews the classification of existing products, the product classification process of entire website showing the tree structure, clear conditioning. Not only for site visitors, but also conducive to spider crawling. < >

artificially increase the website SKU

for website optimization believe that many webmaster have their own ideas and routines, or blog or forum, the purpose is to improve the site in the search engine ranking and site traffic.

two, artificially increase the amount of information to the website

general news, forum websites because with its own natural advantages in terms of the amount of information, such as the number of keywords, keyword density, website optimization to start than Internet and enterprise official website mall more easily and easily.


some traffic, do a good website also built their own forum, which help visitors hand reached the rich information, and save time and effort, but still need to pay attention to the said earlier, in the content of audit.

often hear complaints mall difficult, not by empathy. Because I have been doing this thing, but the process also summed up some way out here to share with everyone.

class shopping online mall if their SKU is too little, the difficulty of website optimization will be further enlarged. This is where many of our webmaster bitter, the Chinese the Internet, sales are basically Taobao, Jingdong and other major network operators to the monopoly platform.

three, combing the existing catalogue and classification

for existing products, according to the correlation between the characteristics of products and product, the existing products of organic combination, the formation of new products to increase SKU. This will not only be more than just a few SKU to enrich the product line and search engines, but also can increase the customer consumption price in website. It is a way to best of both worlds, but not to increase SKU casually collocation, such not only can not play the desired effect, but counterproductive reduce shopping experience.

, a number of

according to the features and characteristics of the products sold by the website, to publish articles by different latitudes opened up special areas in two pages, can be news, can be purchase skills, can also be industry information. This can increase the search engine, and can enhance the readability of the website itself, providing access to the visitors but also enhance the viscosity, reduce the loss rate of jump. Of course, need to carefully review the published articles in the content, to avoid the violation of the provisions of the things, especially to the article. Personal advice has the ability and energy of the webmaster best original article, believe that why we all know, the quality of light quantity. In fact, in addition to the amount of information to improve by increasing the website, also can improve and enrich the product introduction, related parameters such as the way to achieve the purpose.

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