The new site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy

if you are ready to build the website or you are a beginner, then Kobayashi advise you to watch carefully.


by Baba Shanghai Longfeng original 贵族宝贝baba Shanghai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon dragon "

The new

site layout of the site must be clear. Webmaster to do all kinds of web page design, website navigation map, internal links, website title and so on, which has a lot of influence on the optimization. And after optimization, the site layout will not easily change.


space directly affects the size of the web page loading speed, according to the webmaster website content to choose the size of space, if the choice is undeserved, really too slow, when you love Shanghai spiders to crawl sites, for your impression of the site has a certain degree of decline.

site because it has not been included, so the optimization should add more original content, better readability, each search engine is love new things, can improve the original website content included. Note that the website content can not appear sensitive words.


site layoutThe construction of

is the so-called hard in the beginning, a new web site no ranking, no traffic, also not be included in search engines, so the optimization of the new website will have a certain degree of difficulty; especially for Shanghai Longfeng novice, due to lack of experience will get wrong, therefore the inauguration of the Baba Shanghai dragon, Kobayashi to remind everyone that in the entire optimization process more detours. Shanghai Longfeng novice a new website optimization, should pay attention to what matters?


2: avoid excessive optimization, the new site optimization do not worry, some novice often anxious, and then appear keywords within the chain, the chain optimization excessive, the impact site included.

1: new website optimization cannot be reproduced many website articles, reprint of the article is not good for the website, it will have a negative impact.

if you like before, buy links, a large number of garbage outside the chain, will let you love Shanghai found excessive optimization, so the new website Kobayashi suggest that you do not send the chain, one or two high quality of the chain, the spider can, love Shanghai to build sandbox after external links.

The new

1: the importance of the domain name


website optimization is good, a lot of domain name and space effect. Generally speaking, the domain name of the website the best choice of the three types of COM, CN, NTE. And website domain name best short and clear, it helps to remember when users browse.

4: Web content

5: the layout of the

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