How to let the spider Qi more love on your station

four, web browsing speed to pass

spider is through the station path (such as column navigation, internal links, site map, etc.) when crawling, meeting the wrong page or death, will give the spider left a very bad impression, if serious will lead to site K, right down, such as snapshot not update. So we must do a good job in the chain, and resolutely eliminate death.

, there must be rules and continue to update the site

may be a lot of new friends want to through the site a little income to their own as soon as possible, many more friends will add a lot of advertising in the absence of traffic and user groups for this case, the user experience is not good, especially on pop and brightly coloured advertisement, so much will let users off to causes the next not browsing on to your site, and spiders do not love the new advertising, not to mention the popups.

said last weekend, because the updated article that Yantai Shanghai Longfeng afternoon (before every day in the morning at about 10, Shanghai love to update the article) now also not included in this article, a little depressed. Looks like spiders have regular life was really true, and she also love new things, because yesterday and the day before the release of a collection. I stand on the line of a month’s time, the snapshot is updated every day. This combination of their own how to let the spider love on your

two, must be original or false original height

because search engines every day sent a large number of spider crawling to collect user required content, the spider is hungry, and we update the article is their best food. Everybody wants to have three meals a day, every meal to eat eat. The reason is simple. If you climb to the station every day did not eat, perhaps for a long time will not come again, so there must be regularity and continued.

spiders love to eat fresh new things, so the original thing is undoubtedly the biggest bright spot to attract them. You imagine, if they have collected, in others it has enough to eat, but also eat it in you? The height of pseudo original may spiders eat very happy, because it is not the same as different people do different meals taste, ha ha.

must have tough execution


five, the website internal smooth


do stand need to update their website content and pay attention to the news every day.

three, must do well the user experience

website both for the user or spiders are very important, especially the novice webmaster do not covet cheap to buy cheap space, leading to late not normal use and access. Because it is to control the gate button when users and spiders visit, not open the site, eat a cold-shoulder treatment, I want to change who, who is not willing to.

The overall browsing speed of station?

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