J.C. Penney became the most noble baby shop search results first

is not a New York Times article, perhaps the noble baby never punish J.C. Penney, but J.C. Penney have achieved the goal, to complete a perfect Shanghai dragon.


their Shanghai Dragon technology is very terrible? Online search expert Doug Pierce said the noble baby to draw the bottom line of Shanghai Longfeng area is very broad, there are hundreds of consultants can increase the ranking of a website through legal means, which is also called the Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization), but he thinks J.C. Penney do so far, this is the first time he saw such a large and successful Shanghai dragon.

source: 贵族宝贝guao.hk/posts/how-j-c-penney-illegally-became-the-number-one-search-result-in-many- -searches.html (Austrian aristocrat Valley baby please indicate the source link)

J.C. Penney in New York Times revealed the nobility baby search in the first story in many words. When you search for Dresses, bedding, area, Rugs, skinny, jeans, tablecloths (clothing, bedding, carpets, skinny jeans, tablecloths) when the keyword, will find that the first is not the Amazon, nor the Messi department store, but a small shop J.C. Penney.

J.C. Penney does not consider themselves through money, so that a large number of sites placed in various key link to their own website, to let the baby that noble these keywords link to the J.C. Penney website is the choice of the masses. The baby has to J.C. Penney noble made the punishment, their keyword ranking has dropped to 70 after. J.C. Penney also fired to help them get high ranking in the SearchDex natural search results.



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