Love Shanghai search the implementation of nternet security, nternet companies should assume corre


network security law, but also to the people to provide a healthy and civilized Internet environment, and to promote and improve the social awareness and the level of network security. Love Shanghai make an important entrance for the Internet search, has been committed to the research and development of better products, better service to explore the implementation of network security escort. In recent years, Shanghai love the search when dealing with bad information, Internet fraud, Internet rumors rumor, anti hijacking anti user information disclosure aspects have made many efforts to purify the Internet environment.

network security law forty-sixth stipulates that any individual or organization shall be responsible for the use of network behavior, shall be established for the implementation of fraud, teach criminal methods, may issue involved in the implementation of fraud and criminal activities by using network information.

love in search of Shanghai has repeatedly and government departments linkage to eradicate the false information of Internet, dedicated to provide users with safe and effective information services, in order to maintain the network market in Beijing good economic order, coordinated operations in Beijing recent Industrial and Commercial Bureau joint love Shanghai love Shanghai search, security and other departments, to carry out the "nominal Beijing shop identity verification special action" special action against illegal network subject, protect the legitimate interests of consumers and operators, the special activities, love Shanghai through technical investigation, active downline 1367 main illegal business behavior and illegal sites, mainly related to Feng Shui superstition, easy to breed more than 10 gambling fraud industry.

"People’s Republic of China network security law" is to ensure network security, safeguard cyberspace sovereignty and national security, social and public interests, the protection of citizens, legal persons and other organizations of the legitimate rights and interests, and promote the healthy development of economic and social information development. Issued by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on November 7, 2016, implemented since June 1, 2017.

[Internet counterfeiting, fraud had nowhere to hide]

[processing network bad information, so the user does not disturb]

love Shanghai search to identify and clean up the false information, each quarter will clean up billions of false information, through the comparison of the bad information, find some common features, and on the basis of these characteristics to clean up a lot of bad information. In 2016, the reactionary strategy in combating yellow content of the page number totaled 95 billion 40 million, involving 38 billion 400 million combat sites: involving pornography, accounts for about 30%, at the same time, the love you want users to be able to participate in the Shanghai search report adverse information actions, for the convenience of user feedback, added more than one report entrance, and jointly resist bad network users information.

network telephone fraud publicity, twenty million of the "black" and "white phone phone search" (black phone refers to the user labeled liar telephone harassment, etc.. White refers to the normal telephone telephone telephone and other convenience services such as express content), there are nearly 100 thousand people every day.

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