What are the ways to join

to join in the form of entrepreneurship have a certain understanding of the people know that the general form of franchise is differentiated, find out the form to find their own suitable for this kind of business is very important.

join is the organization of the enterprise, or to join the chain between the franchise company and the franchise contract between the two relations. Under the contract, it is necessary to provide a unique business franchise, plus the unconditional assistance (personnel training, organizational structure, management, commodity supply and marketing). The stores also required the relative reward. Now join the market has been a lot of people’s choice, then join the way to have what?.

What are the ways of


a, voluntary join:

refers to individual stores voluntarily using the same brand operation mode and the burden of all operating expenses, this way is usually individual operators (franchisees) pay a fixed amount of guidance fee (commonly known as gold, joined by the headquarters of the business) to teach knowledge to open shop, or operator of the original shop into a chain guide by headquarters the provisions of the headquarters management.

is usually voluntary each year must also pay a fixed fee to guide, the headquarters will send personnel to guide, but also have not received this part of the cost, the cost of opening a store by joining the main burden; because the franchisee is voluntary to join headquarters, only charge a fixed fee to give guidance, because of this the profit and loss with the headquarters irrelevant.

has the advantages of voluntary franchisees can obtain all most of the profits without headquarters and share, no obligation to obey the one hundred percent headquarters, but the drawback is that the headquarters can therefore be irresponsible, often guide is also loose, in addition to store management quality is not easy to control.

two, commissioned to join:

In contrast with the

franchise, franchise fee business owners to join, store equipment and management techniques are provided by the headquarters, so the store ownership belongs to the headquarters, the franchisee only has management rights, and share profits must be based, must also follow the one hundred percent headquarters.

three, franchise:

between the two, and usually join the main headquarters to share the cost of setting up shop, the shop’s rent by the franchisee is responsible for the decoration, equipment by the headquarters responsible, the franchisee also need to share the profits with the headquarters, headquarters of the franchisees also have control, but also for franchisees out a lot of money, so the higher profits, there is a suggestion and decided to shop in the form of power. Most of Japan’s convenience store system

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