The three important revolution in the history of the development of clusters of fragrant

Sichuan Chuanchuan Xiang after years of development, from the street snacks into the high-end shopping malls opened a chain, occurred three times in the middle of the revolutionary history. Let Chuanchuan Xiang was coming to today’s position.

The development of

string of incense is a grassroots delicacy from life, which originated in the Yangtze River, created by two trackers, due to be profitable to the hawker marketplace, became a street snack. String of fragrant spicy tone, taste delicious. At the same time, cold dampness. So the spread of Yunnan Guizhou, because Chuanchuan Xiang appears to have been in the form of street snacks, and the dining environment and the whole level is low, so it is difficult for the rapid development, in this context, Chuanchuan Xiang first revolution appeared, led by the old brand to form clusters of incense store, then entered a string of incense a period of rapid development, in a short period of one year in Sichuan opened nearly 300 stores Chuanchuan xiang.

Chuanchuan Xiang second revolution background

the mass Chuanchuan Xiang traditional method and modern technology combine to create the disposable materials at the end of the beginning, from the source to solve the problem of the old oil recovery, and embarked on a string of incenses join to join the national trend, quickly opened in the country around 500.

At the same time to sign

every change, every progress, the regional characteristics of Chuanchuan Xiang delicacy from the real to the country.

Chuanchuan Xiang third revolution background

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