TV ten brands list

TV in the current can be said to have become an essential household electrical appliances, and because of this demand, will allow the birth of the industry a number of big brands. High definition, large screen, ultra-thin ultra light, intelligent, more high-end entertainment and interactivity has become the first choice for people to buy tv. So what are the most popular TV brands? Let Xiaobian for everyone to reveal the top ten TV brands list.

TV’s top ten brands NO.01, Samsung LCD TV, to bring users a broader vision, high-resolution resolution to create rich natural images, support USB interface and HDMI port.

TV’s top ten brands NO.02, SKYWORTH LCD TV, online viewing, Blu ray decoding, watch the screen more convenient.

TV’s top ten brands NO.03, TCL LCD TV, TCL natural light TV will be converted to natural light light, soft, natural eye injury. More to protect the child’s eyes.

TV ten brands list NO.04, music as LCD tv. Clear, bright 3D image, showing fine fine quality, more stable, comfortable viewing experience.

TV ten brands list NO.05, Hisense LCD TV, with Android open market operation, the application has massive resources to download and install, Hisense smart TV quality is good, at the same time, Hisense TV is committed to creating a unified experience, realize the linkage plate and TV mobile phone.

TV ten brands list NO.06, Changhong LCD TV, Changhong TV is the television industry veteran, has always been the leading brand in the domestic color TV, Changhong smart TV 880IX series, the smart TV coverage 40, 46, 50, 55 and four dimensions.

TV’s top ten brands NO.07, SONY LCD TV, KLV-32EX310 Hyun thin LED backlight, intelligent image adjustment, full screen color, good display, cost-effective.

TV ten brands list NO.08, Konka LCD TV, including a series of models, the OMi system can be loaded and run freely based on SDK (Software Development Kit) issued by the development tool of the software application software and third party applications.

TV ten brands list NO.09, Haier LCD TV, the details are clear; crystal clear sound effects make the sound very clear, ultra wide surround sound but also can enjoy the rich layers of stereo play >;

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