Shaanxi introduced measures to encourage institutions of higher learning and scientific research per

entrepreneurship is the need for innovation, innovation is the need for talent, therefore, the need for greater support for science and technology entrepreneurs. In order to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, Shaanxi province is actively encouraging colleges and universities and scientific research institutes of scientific and technological innovation, and introduced a series of measures to support!

this opinion clearly, technological achievements into gains by universities and scientific research institutes is an important contribution duty personnel, subordinate units agreed to share. Did not agree, at least 80% of the conversion gain of the classified results of all completed and his team.

students back to the origin of business, be not higher than 20 thousand yuan one-time start-up subsidies. Encourage college teachers lead or counseling students, college students in school suspension entrepreneurship retained for 2 years. College graduates are difficult to recruit public record space of enterprises, to give a one-time subsidy.

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