Shops need to clear the classification of investment

as a result of the entire housing market changes, many people now think of the purchase of a shop. However, if you even buy their own shops in the end what kind of classification is not clear, such an investment can really bring their own profit return? Therefore, the shops need to clear the classification of investment.

investors choose to invest in shops mainly in three areas: small shops investment, professional market investment and investment in the campus surrounding shops. There are research and analysis, the total investment in community shops is low, the risk is small, stable return on income, and is located in a large mature community shops are a long-term investment value.

and street shops, community shops consumers mainly come from within the community, therefore depends on the whole area of the living atmosphere is relatively strong, which is a large mature community shops become hot demand.

under normal circumstances, people say that the shops will be closely combined with the rate of return on investment, the rate of return has become the most important standard for many people to invest in shops. However, as a professional investor to watch a certain shops, shops investment return rate is not the most concern, investors are more concerned about the shops where the flow of people, consumption and development prospects.

because the shops have long-term investment returns, bought from a shop to recover the investment may take several years or even longer time, during which the shops investment return will be increased or decreased with the passage of time, the rate of return was not representative.

for developers, the shop selling cooked can sell a good price, but for investors, at a time when prices are high, therefore, some unique vision and business investment will look at some long good scale retail sales began to bait.

coupled with the number of mature communities have a large number of people, therefore, the investment community shops began to become more and more people choose. Of course, no matter what kind of investment shops, the premise is clearly classified, so you can know the value of the future investment shops.

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