Visit the people listening to the voice of the people to carry out solid solution victory road stree

according to the provisions of the 15 municipal government issued, victory Street, combined with the actual work, study hard, raise awareness, to develop specific programs of work, strict supervision and inspection, and carry out the service for the people.

hand feelings diary, to contact people

victory Street in order to make contact people implement, specially printed "sunshine victory" public records this, and developed a "five hour" system, ensure the masses of cadres and workers and community cadres organs every five hours a week in the homes of local residents to visit the people, listen to the voice of the people, the police opinion, Minyou, service people need.

convenience service team, Huimin policy warm people

with the jurisdiction of the initiative to contact the unit, make full use of the advantages of the jurisdiction of the unit, better service for the residents of the area. "Residents came to me into the office, I went out for the residents with a" Park Lane Community Hospital No. 54 of rental housing, no one is in charge of building homes, often broken pipes, causing residents drinking water is difficult, bring a lot of inconvenience to the life of the masses, recently by community cadres improve the work style of close ties with the masses of practical work, found in the visit, the building 3 unit 2 floor burst overflow serious, community cadres take the initiative to contact the unit floor length Fan Yongquan, please tap water company staff, maintenance of aging valves, destruction of the valve was completely replaced, but the original housing should bear the maintenance costs, because none of the residents of the home, investment difficult to bear, communities understand the actual situation of all bear the maintenance costs, so that this problem can be solved, the residents living at ease.

change style change method, cadres and the masses heart

victory Street judicial assistant staff in the community correction work to improve the original working method, the object of correction, in order to move. The area correction staff Sohn, only 17 years old, because of looting sentenced to eight months a year, 2 years of probation period, judicial staff according to Sohn study, impulsive mistakes, strong plasticity, poor family etc.. For its active contact with a vocational school, seriously accept re education, into the community, feel the warmth of society, it is understood that the sun in a good performance at school, the current group. Has become a glorious Chinese volunteer.

corrections officer Zhang was only 15 years old, because of buddy loyalty, with several classmates participated in the robbery, parents are disabled, mother of cerebral palsy, his studies by picking and subsistence of the father. The judicial staff according to Zhang family characteristics, regard him as the education channel their own children, and said to him, "you are a man in the home, you know, you need to have a sense of responsibility, must have played, first learn to behave in learning to do, only Study hard, have the new knowledge, to repay owe their parents" through education is helping to enlighten, Zhang has been in a vocational school to school. In addition, the staff is also actively to correct the family’s positive guidance, think of ways to carry out twinning help, as far as possible to eliminate the psychological shadow. <;

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