The province’s work conference held in Wang Jianjun work requirements

1 24, the province’s business conference held in Xining. Before the meeting, Wang Jianjun governor to do business work this year. The meeting concluded in 2016 the province’s business work, arrangements for the deployment of key tasks this year. Vice governor Tian Jinchen attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

the meeting pointed out that over the past year, in the provincial government under the strong leadership, in the province at all levels of government and relevant departments attach importance to support the province’s business system, actively respond to the severe and complicated economic situation at home and abroad and continue to increase the downward pressure and difficulties, innovation, enterprising, with big business the development and progress of.

meeting stressed the need to correctly analyze, carefully judge, accurately grasp the basic situation of the business situation. All localities and departments in the face of opportunities and challenges, we must attach great importance to careful planning, to further enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, focus on innovation, optimization services, regulatory norms, and promote the reform and opening up innovation, healthy development and lay a solid foundation for sustainable business.

meeting stressed the need to focus, strengthen measures, and constantly open up new business situation. To stabilize the domestic consumption, and actively promote the supply side structural reform; the promotion of foreign trade, and promote the healthy and stable development of export-oriented economy; to improve circulation, strengthen circulation infrastructure construction; the development of new formats, and vigorously promote the healthy and rapid development of electronic commerce; to strengthen self construction, improve business execution department.


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