Xining health system set off to learn from Comrade Yang Yong to do the people’s good health guard ca

in accordance with the "notice" of the CPC Qinghai provincial health department in the province party on medical and health system to carry out in-depth learning activities to the spirit of Comrade Yang Yong, the municipal health bureau Party committee quickly arrangements in the city’s health system has carried out to learn from Comrade Yang Yong, "people’s health Guardian" boom, combined with the determination to excel. Learn the advanced deeds of Yang Yong, to promote health care reform carry out.
in learning activities, the health system of cadres and workers serious reflection, positive writing learning speech, expressed with Comrade Yang Yong as its working model, at the same time to medical workers around the outstanding communist party member, the satisfaction of the masses as an example, learning their dedication and selfless dedication, learning lofty quality they wholeheartedly to serve the people, and take practical action to make contributions to the development of the city’s health.


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