Xining City, the establishment of a risk pool loan mechanism political and banking cooperation with

Xining city to develop "Xining city improve the small and micro enterprises and the determination of the risk pool fund loan work Supplementary Provisions", established to encourage and guide the district (county) to invest in the risk pool, and the risk sharing mechanism in accordance with the local pool, asked the district (county) investment of not less than 2 million yuan, when the risk of loans when, according to the city, district (county), guarantee institutions, cooperative banks 3 more than 1 more than 4 to 2 ratio of risk.

it is reported that in accordance with the "reasonable layout, distinctive, intensive and efficient, ecological and environmental protection" principle, Xining city to encourage and guide various types of investors to actively participate in Small and micro businesses venture, relying on Xining city two or three investment and financing platform to support the advantages of industrial clustering development financing. The implementation of the "cultivation project of high growth enterprises, the annual dynamic selection of 30 households industry high level, strong innovation ability, good economic benefit, a new development model, the market potential of high growth enterprises, to give priority in support of elements and special funds, and guide enterprises to expand the scale of industry. To this end, the financing guarantee institutions, cooperative banks also said it will actively support the development of small and micro enterprises, transformation and upgrading, increase the risk pool fund loan business, to ensure that the stock, expand the incremental.  

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