Xining city traffic police detachment will carry out centralized regulation of road traffic order ac

from August 20th to October 31st, Xining city traffic police detachment will focus on the development of road traffic order rectification action within the city, to prevent the occurrence of serious traffic accidents, for the public to create a safe, orderly, smooth traffic environment.

It is reported that

, the key sections of the renovation to the train station, bus station and the surrounding, South Gate Street, Changjiang Road, Lake Road in the wholesale market, victory road, Qaidam Road, Xigang to Xi Huang highway entrance road, Ning Lei stone to light warehouse, Xijiu highway Zongzhai section, Huangzhong Kumbum Monastery Huangyuan Chengguan Town, around the periphery, Datong Qiaotou town surrounding.

focus on remediation of traffic violations: drunk driving, driving without a license, undocumented unlicensed driving, overcrowding, overloading, fatigue driving, illegal manned trucks, overtaking and other serious traffic violations. Traffic police department will strengthen the focus of the period, sections of remediation, make full use of scientific and technological means to improve the efficiency of artificial video capture, play the role of vehicle radar speed measurement, the establishment of fixed velocity and flow velocity point. The traffic management will be in three years of driving experience, the driver of a major accident or record of 12 points in the driver in a scoring cycle to organize training examination, strict training and examination. (author: Xiao Gang)


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