People voted to choose Lake Wetland pedestrian bridge

For the

bridge without Backstays cable-stayed bridge, embodies the vitality of the Huangshui River.

full bridge with the flying swallow type, smart and lively atmosphere.

bridge layout for hollow slab bridge, simple and generous, and Ning Lake "peace and harmony," the meaning of the agreement.


bridge is a double rib arch bridge, and the end of the bridge is carved with animal shape, and the design water flows out of the animal sculpture to form an artificial waterfall.


bridge is a steel pipe truss suspension bridge, and the water pump is arranged at the bridge head.

this year, the city plans to start in the east exit to build a harmonious landscape with a large bird can get together – ning Lake wetland! The convenience of the public travel, to experience the wetland landscape, the municipal government decided to build a pedestrian bridge in Ning Lake wetland landscape, not only is the bridge to combine with the surrounding environment is perfect, but also reflects the local culture, so the bridge what is best? Today, the Municipal Water Authority official publicity 5 recommended bridge type program, please vote from the public to produce the most popular type of bridge.

Ning Lake wetland landscape renovation project is the city’s "number one" project, sub project comprehensive renovation of high-speed airport environment, Ning Lake wetland construction content mainly includes three parts: one is the construction of Wetland Park, two is the construction of flood control system, the three is to set up a sewage treatment plant in a water treatment system. By construction, the Ning Lake wetland not only beautiful environment, but also has the "Huangshui water purifier" function, it can prevent soil erosion, improve climate, water conservation, and ultimately to improve the Huangshui River Basin water environment quality plays an exemplary role.

The design principle of

bridge: pedestrian bridge as an important node of the channel, it should be based on the design concept of the park, from the Chinese garden venue planning ideas, the bridge can be assigned to different changes in the shape and structure of decoration, will be a king, but in harmony with the landscape in the park.


: Huangshui River Bridge is Xining people’s "mother river". Ning Lake wetland is located in the Huangshui River, bridge type Ning Lake Wetland footbridge to reflect the vitality and vigor of the Huangshui River and the movement of air surging.

vote: call 4926788 (city water authority), 18609719586 (Xining Evening News), or send mail to [email protected] Welcome to the general public to vote for the construction of the lake wetland suggestions. (author: Xiao Yan)



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