District Chong City Leading Group inspectors twenty mile town Chong City work

September 1st morning, the district CPPCC Chairman Zhao Shengzhu and his party, accompanied by the director of the office of the Political Consultative Conference of the District, accompanied by the supervision of the city of twenty in the town of work in the town of Lu Lirong.

then line depth inspection team Biological Park community, Spring Bay community, carefully check the public facilities, roads clean and tidy, roadside green belt and traffic order, Jeeves, private pull random construction, vehicles can not be placed neatly and tying blind phenomenon of field investigation, the two communities software data of strict examination, Zhao chairman pointed out that environmental remediation work in two communities in place, software material preparation is complete, but the Biological Park community dead garbage and construction waste are still piling up phenomenon; Spring Bay Community "in front of three" reform efforts is not enough, the focus of the next phase of a city to work in the rectification and improvement, corrective measures to be effective, the implementation of the implementation of re implementation, to consolidate the existing achievements, overcome difficulties, to ensure the success of a city. Finally, the chairman of the town of Zhao Chong City Leading Group put forward three requirements, one is to clear the responsibility of the responsibility to clear their supervisory responsibilities; two is the town of supervision and inspection teams to be fine, for a city evaluation system standards so that point, face to face; three is the inspection team found the problem, within a time limit rectification, timely reporting of progress of a city.


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