By 2018, the province will promote the application of new energy vehicles will reach more than 8000

In recent years, with the warming and energy crisis intensified, the global development of new energy industry especially lithium industry development more attention, our province has proven reserves of lithium resources accounted for about 1/3 of the global total, at present, the initial formation of a more mature industrial chain of lithium, copper foil, aluminum foil and so on the development of lithium lithium industry supporting industries. The cluster is rapidly rising. Expected by the end of 2018, to promote the application of new energy vehicles will reach more than 8000.

at present, our province build around billion lithium industry, speed up the power and energy storage application of lithium battery, has developed a lithium industry development plan, is expected by the end of 2018, the application of new energy vehicles more than 8000 vehicles. By 2020, energy storage applications reached 4.50GWh, 3C reached 4.11GWh. The battery output value reached 58 billion yuan or more.

to further extend the industrial chain of lithium resources, increase the share of high-end products, to create the Saline Lake lithium battery industry chain, and actively introduce BYD, An Yongtai, Czech Republic, Suzhou Automotive Group and other domestic enterprises has an important influence on the lithium, widely participate in our province, lithium battery anode material, lithium battery separator, and electric vehicle project construction, the main battlefield in Nanchuan Industrial Park, ahead of the land reserve and infrastructure construction, prepare the ground for the project construction.

continue to increase financial support, "12th Five-Year" since the cumulative lithium assigned to support the upstream and downstream enterprise development funds 261 million 200 thousand yuan, at present, Aomi Taitoyo first built 5000 tons of production capacity, products have been in Dongguan new energy, Wan Xiang group, Tianjin Lishen battery company and other large, modern BMW electric car on the scale of application, and exported to France, Canada, three 5000 tons is expected to start by the end of 2016, will become the world’s largest lithium iron phosphate production enterprises. Is expected to "13th Five-Year" at the end, the province’s industrial lithium carbonate production capacity will reach 100 thousand tons, then, Chinese lithium industry "Qinghai" will pop out.  

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